Dave’s railroad incline video

The talented Dave has been busy again – this time he’s put together a video on how to get your loco pulling weight up an incline.

Here you go!

Click here for the latest ‘ebay cheat sheet’. Thank you all for your comments on it.



PS Looking for the Beginner’s Guide? It’s here.

34 Responses to Dave’s railroad incline video

  1. Ian Short says:

    Awesome layout ! with lots of inspiration !
    Thank you

  2. Martin Wood says:

    Dave you are blessed! What most of us would give to have your resources. Fantastic layout – fantastic range of locomotives and your garden is stunning.
    Thank you for sharing it all with us.

  3. Paul says:

    Wow what a great layout ill give you some pics of the layout im building if you tell me how it will have 11 trains running on it at the same time and no dcc

    thanks for shareing paul

  4. John says:

    Nice video…please record your voice at a higher level than the back ground sounds as it is very difficult to hear what you are saying.

    If you did explain how to get the loco to pull more I missed it as the sound from the loco drowned out your voice.

    Very cool layout, Dave.


  5. Ray Surapine says:

    Man, what a layout. no wonder I can’t get started. I couldn’t come close to something like that. That is great Dave, really great…

  6. Larry Roma says:

    Amazing, simply amazing layout.

    A modeler’s dream.

    Thanks for sharing.

  7. PETER says:

    hi dave
    im retired now and am starting to fulfill my childhood dream of building a model railway.
    i pull a lot of ideas and inspiration from your work
    thanks a lot
    keep giveing us less talented modelers more great tips and advice

  8. Chris says:

    Very nice I like the sound effects from Chris in Canada

  9. Ralph says:

    A splendid video.
    That loco sounds great.

  10. david says:

    Thank you all for your kind remarks

  11. mike says:

    Dave, have you a track plan for your wonderfull layout

  12. Michael Chartres says:

    Hello David
    Great layout and video but as someone else said I could not hear your voice very well. I heard 3.5 inches but over what distance? In other words what is the % of the incline. I am just about to start on one and look forward to your answer.
    Thanks. Michael

  13. Tom Pollock says:

    Dave – Awesome layout anf impressive pulling power. Important point to your videos – my fish speak clearer and LOUDER than you. Your audio is totally muffled to the, being umintelligible. I get as mush or more from the comments than from your audio. Sorry. – Tom

  14. Lawrence Phipps says:

    Hi Dave, very impressed with your layout and with a lot of tips you have given.
    Can I presume that you layout is in the attic ? If it is can you you or anybody else advise about insulation to the roof especially against heat build up during summer and the cheapest way to do it

    Thanks Lawrence

  15. Matthew says:

    Hey Lawrence I’m about as cheep as they get and I had the same attic heat problem, I after lots of investigating decided to try something some would call crazy but never the less it worked. What I did was I bought lots and lots of the heavy cooking aluminum foil and I papered the roof and rafters, then I added another layer just on the outside of the rafters to give it an air gap, I then cut two openings at each end of the attic high points facing from front to back and put two 12″ fans in, one in and one blowing out with louvers. this dropped the heat conseridabely and I can sit up there all day even on hot days. I bet if I had put two layers each on the roof walls it would have worked even better. I figured this out baking potatoes. if you wrap them more then once they dont cook very well. Just a thought. you can buy this pre made stuff at hardware store with bubble wrap in the middle of the foil if you have the cash.

  16. Jerry says:

    What a fantastic layout, but I also could not hear what was being said for the engine noise. Is it possible that there is a written transcript of what was said? I have a 4.5% grade that kills my locomotives with even a few cars.

  17. John Coffey says:


    that is realy a nice setup you have


  18. Jay Nadkarni says:

    One of the best set-ups I have seen so far. This is what I call true imagination and ability to perform. Thanks Al for sharing. Looks like Dave is using two transformers in phase for power. Jay Nadkarni.

  19. Richard says:


  20. What a fantastic layout, you have really inspired me to get cracking on mine again. Great assortment and variety of locos. I like all your street scenes and the attention to detail.
    Well done,

  21. George Ross says:

    Well Done as Always.

  22. Rick says:

    My curiosity is, how can/do you afford the costs of all this.

  23. Rod Mackay says:

    Cost shouldn’t be a problem Rick, although rolling stock is dear when new there’s lots of stuff going cheap on Ebay and the modelling takes time, you probably spend less on modelling per wek than most folk do drinking or smoking.

  24. Brenda Knighton says:


  25. Geoff Chowles says:

    Hi Al, Please pass on to Dave that the volume on his video clips are a bit low. The Loco sound on this one almost drowned out his commentary. The last few have been like that.

    Geoff, from New Zealand

  26. John says:

    Thank you as per usual Dave!

    John E

  27. Jimmy STORRIE says:

    Great layout and tips Dave

  28. Gary Stewart says:

    Others have said it. The background sound drowned out the narration. Suggestions: set the Cv on the loco to mute, or put subtitles on the picture. Your system can obviously do it. Or record the narration separately and add it over the picture in your movie editing software.

  29. Ron says:

    Dave, simply beautiful. Couple of questions. How much electric power are you using. My layout is 3 levels. The first level is flat. The cecond and third levels have steep inclines. 2 transformers, an 80 watt and a 100 watt just can’t handle all 3 trains at one time. When I attach third 80 watt, I got a big mess. At least one of the trains is moving so fast that it jumps the track. Got any suggestions?

  30. NormD says:

    I agree that the sound balance between the voice and loco in the background could be better. I appreciate that he posted the info but I really couldn’t make out what he was saying because of all the rumbling in the “background.” please re-try!

  31. David McCrossan says:

    What a good layout what are the dimensions of this layout? I am a novice so just starting so who knows!

  32. Mike Baguley says:

    Help !!!! how do i turn a analog,into DC ?DCC
    I have build small models, this a large one.
    BUT I can’t get my head around these DC/DCC .
    Thank you for the great tips an showing other’s model

    Kind regards

  33. Mike Baguley says:

    i am building a model railway not my first.
    I’m 60 an cant get my head around this dc/dcc
    Kind regards

  34. John says:

    To Lawrence
    As stated before,,,The biggest heat reliever in the attic would be an exhaust fan at one end of the house as close to the top as possible. “usually in the gable end” this exhaust fan needs an automatic vent that will open when the fan comes on and close when it goes off. At the other end you will need another automatic vent and it will be more efficient if you install a intake fan here as well but is not a must. You also need to install a thermal cut on switch so that when the temp gets to that temp ” I would say” 80 f ,,it will come on then when it drops below the 80 it cuts back off. this will help tremendously on your cooling bill for any houses, even if you don’t use the attic space. this thermal cut on is only a few dollars and well worth it. It will save you in cooling bill enough to pay for it in one summer day. the whole 2 fan setup will probably pay for itself in one summer.

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