Dave’s railway changes

Dave is relentless – he just doesn’t stop. And it’s an excellent video.

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  1. Paco Gayon says:

    Dave, you are an artist. Congratulations.

  2. ken sharman says:

    a very good end result, I know that I will try and copy that way, you make it looks so very easy Kenny “S”

  3. Glenn Roach says:

    Thank you Dave for the very informative “how to”. Keep up the good work on showing us “Youngsters” getting started on having a layout.

  4. Mike says:

    If I can get my layout to look even a fraction as good as yours I’ll be a happy man! Please PLEASE keep these posts coming!!

  5. aLex says:

    Interesting to see two ballasting methods “in action”, along with the other items you are using. Very informative.
    The layout looks great Dave, keep up the good work. By the way, adding a second resistor in parallel with the first will brighten a LED that is too dim, but its life may be shorter.

  6. Gordon Robinson says:

    Doing my first layout..small….this is brillant. Like having Dave in the room talking you through the actions.

  7. THOMAS says:


  8. Thanks all for your comments , just glad it can be of some help to some of you

  9. K Cunningham says:

    job well done ….. even here in americas we can understand you,

    thanks for the class

  10. Rob says:

    Very good work, and very informative. I have a problem with the sound so i miss a lot of what you are saying, more so when you move away from the mike. Keep it up.

  11. Dennis says:

    Dave, you are such an inspiration

  12. Jeff McNeal says:

    The highlighting of the ballast with burnt grass is a superb touch.

  13. Warren says:

    Dave, your work is an inspiration. I stumbled across your site quite by chance and have been transfixed since. It has made we want to dust my old Hornby trains off in the attic and crack on where I left off 30 years ago. Keep up the good work.

  14. Gama Bedolla says:

    Thank you very much for posting this beautiful layout!
    I’m very new on this, and I like to know, how to you do guys to keep track clean after the application of scene material, glue and the other stuff?
    After applying scene material, trains are loosing electric connectivity.
    And thanks again for your reply.

  15. John Reynolds says:

    Very clear. Very nice techniques.
    Two questions…
    What is the tape you are using under the track?
    What is Copydex and is it available in the states?
    Thank you for sharing your amazing work,
    John Reynolds

  16. Dave says:

    Hi John Reynolds
    Copydex ( also CopyTex ) ( brand-names for )
    a Rubber-based white adhesive, very similar to inner-tube glue – Dries opaque but never totally hard. Can be ‘peeled-off’ in the manner of dried Silicon.
    That a $1., or an invitation to holiday ! #¦;¬})

    SoS. Any TT modellers [possibly N’s] reading Al’s superb site – particularly one located in {old} South Wales, Want to take on a grey apprentice ? Excellent scenic modeller but a ‘chuffer-virgin’ since @1958 would like his hand held while he gets his feet wet !

  17. Good work Dave; keep it coming. YOU are doing wonders for many of us old timers too. Working on my 3rd official layout and many of your tactics are just great. When working on a certain item-make certain the camera can see your work-not your hand ONLY. Seeing the end result is the main thing and you are doing just fine. Keep up the great works-my friend.

    Harold Jr.

  18. Chris Hughes says:

    I note you said not to make the bus wire a continuous circuit but to leave it as an open spur. Why is that ?

  19. Michael C says:

    Does any one have or know where I might locate. Athearn 60 foot lumber loads. If so please PM me. Thanks. Michael C.

  20. TJ says:

    Thank you Dave, for another interesting episode, full of hints and tips. I noticed what looked like a nice gypsy caravan on your layout. Can you possibly tell me where you got it from?

  21. Roy Tibbles says:

    Well done again Dave, grand job, I have n gauge and have to be careful with lose bits from track getting into the gears on loco. Well keep good work up. Roy

  22. Scott says:

    Watching Dave’s videos have helped me tremendously. Thank you! Thanks to everyone that sends in tips! Keep them coming!

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