Dave’s steam trip

The talented Dave sent this in.

I was in two minds whether to post it or not. But I was ten minutes in to the video before I knew it, so I thought if I’d enjoyed it, maybe you would too.

Hope you like it.



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“Hi Al , I know your usual is model railways , but if any of your viewers like the real steam trips , this is one I took on Saturday, most enjoyable


Don’t forget to look at the latest ‘ebay cheat sheet’.

84 Responses to Dave’s steam trip

  1. Anthony Prior says:

    Really enjoyed Dave’s steam trip Pickering to Whitby and back. Excellent! Many thanks!

  2. Dave says:

    Hope you all enjoy the ride , we did




  4. Bob A. says:

    Excellent video! Thanks for sharing your trip. It is important that we all do what Dave has done here if we are going to make our own layouts come alive. The rolling hills, buildings, tracks, trains, people and sounds can only be fully appreciated if we all do what Dave has done here. Since I started almost two years ago I have tried to take my Grandson to as many places as possible to experience the “Real” thing. Our layout has benefited from these trips immensely! The impact that the railroads have had on the building and everyday operation of our countries throughout history are brought to life by talented people like Dave.
    Bob & Samy
    North Carolina, USA

  5. Dave in Ontario says:

    Fantastic photography – a real modeller’s dream ride. I was initially misled into thinking I’d missed the opportunity for a ‘stream ride’ from Pickering to Whitby, before I soon realized this was the original ‘Pickering’ and original ‘Whitby’, and not ours in Ontario. LOL !

  6. Mike Knierim says:

    Great video… thanks!

  7. Richard Maxwell says:

    I loved the trip and enjoyed the views. Most of us in the United states will never get the chance to see England as you do, everyday. Being there, and seeing life in England on a daily basis, you come to overlook the beauty of it, it’s majesty and uniqueness. We all do it. I live in a very historical portion of Maryland. The Star Spangled Banner was written just a few hundred yards from my shore front home, but it takes an outsider to remind me of that fact. Dave really has shown me the true beauty of England, and I appreciate it, very much. You should be proud to display your country for all to see. Now, may I have my passport stamped please?

    If only I could get the people on my station platform to move as Dave did, I’d be a happy man.

  8. Keith says:

    What a great video, I know where I am heading on my September UK trip. The video also showed a vast amount of modelling potential , thanks Dave. Keith Canada

  9. Al Ballok, Waukegan, IL says:

    Great video, especially with the sound!! It give ideas for trackside scenes.

  10. Stanley says:

    WOW !
    A modelers dream. Great bridges & retaining walls & track work.
    Worth the price of admission. Please keep them coming.

  11. Richard H chapple Sr says:

    Well Al you picked the correct mind to show this video. This is among the best that I have ever seen. It is easy to visualize this whole video as being one taken of a mature model railroad. Wonderfully done, a steady camera during shooting increases the value of this one tremendously. Perhaps you should list all of Daves video handiwork if he would be willing.

    A great big WOW from Hardin Mt USA
    Thanks again.

  12. Don says:

    Thnak you Dave for the video. Enjoyed it very much. Wish I could make the trip in person.

  13. Bernie Trudell says:

    Dave and Al,
    Hello from Canada!
    Great video! It reminds me of the beautiful countryside I saw when my family visited England, Scotland, France and Belgium two years ago. We took the train from London to Edinburgh and back as well as the Eurostar to Paris and return. Both were fantastic train trips showing a lot of the British railways and great scenery!
    Dave, keep up the gtreat videos!


  14. Robert Arnold says:

    Living here in Canada, it is wonderful to see all this British Railway history.
    This video is amazing.
    Keep up the great work.

  15. T Crump says:

    Add me to the list of “thank yous” to Dave….thoroughly enjoyed the video….quite a relaxing trip through some beautiful countryside.

  16. Bonny aka Grannytoot says:

    Although most of the scenery didn’t reflect what we have in the US, I found it to be an enjoyable look into what you find at trackside and can use some of that info for my two train layouts. Also, I hope to go to the area in England (Rochdale) where my ancestor was from…might find a train there that I can ride on!
    Thank you, Bonny aka Grannytoot

  17. Andrew says:

    Great video! The only way to travel, on a proper train pulled by a proper engine!

  18. Peter Jacobs says:

    I live in Whitby next door to Pickering in Ontario Canada, no steam trains here.

  19. Cord says:

    Just lovely. Always very much enjoy Dave’s videos. Now I REALLY want to go back to England!

  20. Ben Zalewski says:

    Thanks, Dave for the great video of “live steam.” Could you provide a map showing the location of Whitby and the river? Some of us on this side of the Atlantic might get a chace to travel over there and take a ride.
    There are several former railroads of the slate quarries in Wales that have been revived for tourists. Wish I could visit such a beautiful landscape and see rolling stock with only 4 wheels.
    –Ben Z

  21. Dave says:

    Thank you all for your kind comments, I hope this can give a few idea`s to use when model railwaying, I always enjoy the feel of riding along with real steam , which of course inspired me to start with a model railway

    thanks again , and to Al for posting my video`s

  22. Derek Roddis says:

    Thanks for posting a very interesting video. I’ve wanted to visit NYMR for some time and this confirms it as a ‘must try harder’ ambition to be fulfilled. A run on the KWVR last year behind a Black 5 has spurred me on in my determination to get my own model railway off the doodle pad and into something tangible. There is so much information in the video alone before even visiting the line; I don’t know where to put it all!

    Been reading your items for a while now, Al, and hope to offer some thoughts, tips, pics or whatever of my own at some point. In the meantime, keep them coming, please.

  23. Roland says:

    That was great. The train and the trip.
    I really enjoy the train stations.
    Thank you again.

  24. Pops says:

    Thanks so much !!!

    I’ve just added a new item to my “bucket list”.
    Great video.

  25. paul Otway says:

    I like it. Is there a way to download it?

  26. Ian says:

    just a great video thankyou for sharing it with us. the scenery the big brick bridge you dont see those sort things sitting at home.loved it send more. Ian Australia.

  27. TOM says:


  28. maurice wildish says:

    Gosh so real and took me back 60 years, l even moved back in my seat as the smoke blew past me, thankyou for taking the time to present this very preciious piece of relived history, hope the younger generation getas much as a thrill as l did!! thanks maurice

  29. Paco Gayon says:

    Thank you Dave. It is great of you to share your experience and film. I enjoy every second.

  30. Derek Fellows says:

    Hello Dave. Thank you for this video, it’s great. My layout build has been on the back burner for while now. Your presentation has jet propelled my enthusiasm again. Many thanks.

  31. Margarita Frias says:

    Hi Dave
    Thank you very much for sharing with us this nice video

  32. Larry Schwartz says:

    Considering that this was filmed from a moving train, it is INCREDIBLY steady. Dave, did you use a steadicam, and if so, what one? Thanks for sharing.

  33. Dave says:

    In answer to Larry , no there was noi steadycam (I believe they are good) I just held the camera as steady as I could, I use the Panasonic sd900 camcorder , Glad you all enjoyed and got some idea`s from this

  34. Ken G (Australia) says:

    I have some commercial DVD’s of the NYMR and this is as good as any of them. So much beautiful scenery well video’d. I visit to the NYMR was already on my bucket list but its just moved up a couple of notches. Thanks Dave – and Al for posting it!

  35. Erik says:

    Even though I prefer to be on the outside looking in….that video was excellente!
    That was beautiful!

  36. Max D says:

    What a wonderful way to preserve history. Here in Australia we rip up the country railways and scrap almost all of the loco’s etc. The most famous streamlined “Spirit of Progress” were all (4) scrapped. Here in Victoria we only have about 5 preserved (sort of) railways, the most famous being the narrow gauge (2’6″) railway in the Dandenong Ranges 30km from Melbourne. Our outdated Navy vessels are sunk as diving wrecks for skin divers.
    I have been lucky to have visited the UK three times ( my family emigrated from East Yorks in 1860.) and finally in 2010 was finally able to ride the NYMR from Pickering to Grossmont. You are so fortunate to have so many railways to explore.

  37. TC says:

    What a wonderful way to spend a day: On the rails!

  38. michael says:


    The Aqueduct that is seen after leaving Whitby, what does it carry ,if it is still in use,that is if you know,

    Fantastic journey well dode you.

    Thanks Mike

  39. 'nother grandpa says:

    Very nicely done! Enjoyed the trip– certainly different views than here in Wyoming, USA. And- thank you to Al for posting this for us.

  40. ROLAND A JACKSON says:

    Thanks for sharing that Dave, it was most enjoyable. Being born in Whitney, 60 years ago, and having not been back since I was 12, it really gives me a real incentive, to make a huge effort, on my part, to come back for a long visit. I remember taking the train with my Granny to visit the Sea shore. I did not realize, they were still using steam even now. Would enjoy a trip on one or more for my bucket list. I even got ideas watching your video, for my hopefully upcoming garden rail way,that I want to start soon. Thanks again, and a hello from Florida.

  41. Paul Wilson says:

    great video great journey and very entertaining

    can I take this opportunity to thank you
    keep sending in your videos Dave it is so so entertaining and so useful for ideas and tips and tricks and so very professional in all that you do

  42. Mike Sheppy says:

    Most enjoyable. Some great scenery and plenty of line-side ‘clutter’ to inspire creative modelling.

  43. Laura Ewald says:

    Thanks so much for sharing, Dave. I *love* the steam railways of Britain! Way back in early 1982 I was blessed with the opportunity to volunteer for an entire week on the Bluebell Railway in Sussex. Oh, to ride on that 4-4-0 Adams’ Radial Tank loco on my last day, a locomotive I first saw in the Atlas of World Railways I received for Christmas that year. I was in heaven!!!

  44. Jim says:

    Many thanks Dave, Great video. Nice to see the subtitles keeping the veiwer informed during the ride, a lot of really nice videos forget to show this information, but it does make such a difference. Once again many thanks, take care Jim.

  45. John says:

    Great movie direction, so much inspiration for a model train lover. Sometimes I got the feeling you where playing around with your mini cam in a mini world. So much detail, especially the tracks and the scenery along the road, Thank you.

  46. Jim says:

    Great video. We’ve been talking about visiting England and I think this just put me over the top. Thanks for all the great videos.
    Jim in Arizona

  47. James H says:

    It was a great idea to post the video. A relaxing and informative day away in the country. I loved the trains, stations, scenery and seeing people enjoying themselves doing something different and getting so much from lovingly maintained, living history. As a new railway modeller; daunting but how do I get all of Dave’s video content on to a 4′ x 8′ ’00’ scale board? Thanks to all, James H, Scotland

  48. Martin says:

    To Bonny aka Grannytoot
    On your forthcoming trip across the “pond” to Rochdale try the Keighley & Worth Valley Steam Railway starting at Keighley (a short trip by car or rail from Rochdale) for a sample of the workings of these old lines now run by enthusiasts. Also alight at Howarth for a look at the Brontes lovely village and kept as it was in their days ( at least the Main St. – if you turn a blind eye to the odd car etc.) Brontes sisters wrote the classic “Wuthering Heights” and lived and died here in the 19th century.

  49. John Coffey says:

    Looked like a real fun and enjoyable trip.

  50. Ralph (Eureka, MO USA) says:

    Wonderful. Dave. Gives me goosebumps to see the old steamers in action!

    Al, I’m pretty sure we spotted what could have been the trackside prototype for your “broken down shack” paper model.

  51. Harry Victoria BC Canada says:

    Hello Dave
    Did this same trip last year. Absolutely amazed at the many volunteers who make this railroad a reality. Was a fantastic day for me and the high light of my trip. Travelled through out Britain by train, even to the Isles of Wight and Mann. The enthusiasm for steam is alive and well in Britain. Was back again this year riding the rails and have next years holiday all but planned.

  52. graeme says:

    Very good, well done Dave.

  53. Great video Dave. I went on that trip a few years ago, but I only went as far as Goathland as I wanted to visit ‘Heartbeat country’. When I went back to Pickering the carriages were being pulled by the ‘Sir Nigel Gresley’. What can I say, but Wow! Wow! Wow!

  54. Bud Holzman says:

    Dave gave us a real treat on a Steam Train tour. I know that it was not a ride in the USA, but in another country. Curiosity question. Where was it filmed?

  55. frogstomper says:

    Nice video, Dave. How do you manage to make all those figurine people move and walk around in HO scale? (dunce cap on)

  56. tony says:

    have to say stunning dave such an eye for detail no wonder your layouts look so real thank you both dave and al for sharing

  57. George Ross says:

    Great Trip wish I could Take it.

    I like Frogstompers Comment.

  58. Steve Rowe says:

    It is a scale railroad, albeit 1:1. Thanks for sharing. I’m jealous.

  59. Tom Montgomery says:

    Thanks Dave, really enjoyed it. It’s 10 years since I rode from Pickering to Goathland and back, so the trip up to Whitby was a great ride!
    I enjoy all of your work, and have used so much as I build the Arden Valley RR in HO,

  60. John Reynolds says:

    To both Dave and Al,
    Thank you for a truly amazing video. I assume this was taken on a “Preservation Line”, am I correct on that? I know the Germans occasionally have what they call a Plandampf (If I remember correctly) where they use preserved steam on regular mainline trains. I do not know if you do anything similar there in the British Isles.
    Here in the States, we have not been quite as bright. While our own scenery can be majestic, there is something more “human scale” and intimate about what I see “across the pond”.
    I do have one question and I hope that it will not be interpreted as “Yankee cheek”: Given Brunel and his 6 (or is it 6.5) foot gauge ideal railway, how was it decided to have such a small accepted loading gauge? Did it have anything to do with London Transport (the tube) back when it was operated in steam? I am truly curious and would very much appreciate an answer.
    Thank You,
    John Reynolds,
    California, USA

  61. Methuselah says:

    Here I was, wishing I could be in the UK again, and along comes Al to show Dave’s wonderful video! So now I’ve been on a day-trip from Pickering to Whitby and back (on a steam train yet!), and I feel refreshed, ready to plan a real voyage over there, and a trip on that train, perhaps next year. Thanks, guys.

  62. Larry Foster says:

    Thanks for a great ride, Dave. I loved the trip

    Larry in Sioux City, IA.

  63. Stephen Hudacko says:

    Like the video. I learn a lot every time I look at a train video or the real thing. I just got back unto Lionel trains after I unpacked my 50 year + Lionel stuff that my mother bought me for Christmas. Love the stuff. One of the things with Lionel is, I think the track sits high on the layout. In real live the track is lower in a lot of places and in rail yards you don’t even see the ties. I am trying to notch out the foam to keep the rails lower. Since I got back into trains I find I am looking at trees, telephone pols, train track runs and more. I am more aware of the things around me and loving it. Thank you for all the tips
    Steve from Jersey

  64. George Funderburk says:

    Wow. A free train ride in jolly old England. Wonderful trip. Lots of beautiful views.I don’t have to travel there though to find a lot of the same at home in the good ole U.S.A. Thanks it was good to see. George p

  65. David Tuson says:

    Brilliant, I.ve saved the link so to watch it many more times. Great inspiration for our modelling. Thanks a bunch, Dave

  66. Angus Geddes says:

    Brilliant little film; brings back some happy memories on that line. Thanks.

  67. Paul O says:

    I’m in the States and this is the first time I’ve seen “Catch Points” (at 2:40); a tower-controlled derail. I’ll have to model that on my rail road.

    Thanks Dave for the video, very enjoyable, Paul O, Livonia, MI

  68. manfred leimgardt says:

    thank you for showing us in Canada the links to all the railroad videos

  69. Steve Dutcher says:

    Dave. What a great video. I attended the 50th World Scouting Jamboree in 1957 and that brought back so many memories. We traveled all over England and the continent by train. We never out of steam until we got to Switzerland. The English countryside is ALWAYS very beautiful. After nearly 60 years I still got excited. Steve

  70. Roy Tibbles says:

    Hi Dave, my wife and I enjoyed that trip too, we done it twice Pickering to Whitby and best part was great fish and chips at Whitby. You can’t miss it just over the road from Whitby station. You try it next time you go again. Roy

  71. Roy Tibbles says:

    By the way the video is great better then the one I did. Roy

  72. Roy Tibbles says:

    Should have said fish pie and chips Dave. Roy

  73. Steve Madhat says:

    What a remarkable video! It gave a great perception of not only the train but the surrounding countryside. It looked so laid back and peaceful. I see where the famous Thomas the tank engine series originated. Excellent job!

  74. Darrell Smith says:

    Incredible Dave !! Brought back many memories of England for me. I loved the video and also noticed some great ideas for my scenery on my layout. Really enjoyed this video.

  75. darrel says:

    Loved it! I was transported back near 30years to when I moved to hants and travelled on the “Bluebell line”?, Alton to Alresford? (I stands to be corrected on this).
    It’s strange that back then I enjoyed the nostalgia side of things not having had the opportunity to ride these engines before and considered joining the volunteers, but I saw this video in a totally different light and noticed the details more all those little things that get forgotten or simply neglected in transposing the real into a scaled down version.
    I recommend that if love railways and have a line near you, you join them, the skills to keep these lines running must be fading now.
    I personally help out at an airfield in hooton, but my loves are railways and aquariums, I have thought of a railway IN an aquarium, but probably the best I can hope for is one UNDER the tank.
    Hmm, now theres an idea.

  76. Jack Eyster says:

    Thanks Al for going with your instinct and showing Dave’s video. Dave, you are truly a talented man, not only with your model railway, but your excellent camera work and post production work in this video. Being that I have lived my whole life in the deserts of the Southwestern part of the U.S., it is most enjoyable to see the trains and scenery of England. If I ever make it to that side of the pond, this line will have to be on my itinerary.

    Jack – Southern California, USA

  77. malcolm cairns says:

    Stunning .I worked with the late Kevin Hudspith on NYMR in 1979 at Grosmount sheds on loco 6619.Happy days.R.I.P Kevin.

  78. Edward says:

    GREAT video…can almost smell the steam! LOL Great layout too…keep up the great work!!!

    ED from DE USA

  79. rich says:

    Beautiful country views, wish I was on that trip, just more inspiration for me to start my new layout.

  80. Marlin L. Stevens,Sr. says:

    A Big Thanks

  81. Dave Whatley says:

    Every thing was so green and very clean, made me want to be on the train for that great trip. Thanks Dave from a Dave, Savannah Ga. USA .

  82. Nathan says:

    Thank you Al for posting this video I can see why you liked it. Dave you did a great job on video taping this train ride. It makes one feels that they were there with you.

  83. Neil White says:

    Thanks. I have traveled this line numerous times before and last year the first time since the line had been extended into Whitby. A stunning preservation line and scenery. Stations on route are so picturesque and a reminder of times gone by. Grosmont I have always found so captivating with the village in the valley and of course the extensive engine sheds. Those of you who are BBC TV series Heartbeat followers and the filming of Harry Potter will recognise Goathland as the station setting in both aforementioned. Thanks again, brought back many happy memories. Neil White, Kent.

  84. Bill Oikle says:

    I wish we had as many operating steam engines here in the States. There doesn’t seem to be much interest in preserving any in running conditions. We have the steam operated Cog Railway up Mt Washington in New Hampshire and a few short line excursion points but that’s about it. I think there are some efforts to restore some of the Great large old 4-6-6-4’s and some of the 4-8-8-4’s out in the western states.

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