David’s latest model railroad video update

David’s model railroad is really taking shape – again!

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38 Responses to David’s latest model railroad video update

  1. James Stewart Taylor says:

    Well done, David. A mammoth task and i am very impressed with your eye for detail. Lucky you to have such a big space for the layout.


  2. Ed Reiffer says:

    Nice info John -I like your ideas – Ed Lincoln,NE USA

  3. Peter Jones says:

    Congratulations dave a wonderful layout. Over the months you have inspired me to make a huge effoer in geeting my own layout up to scratch but no where near you. Thank you for sharing your work, I have learnt a lot from you.
    Peter, Sunderland, UK

  4. Paul Herman says:

    Beautiful layout, scenery, lighting, track plan, buildings, etc. Most important: It runs well.

    Great job, thanks for the building tips from scrap materials.

  5. Dick C says:

    Hi Dave – Very impressive layout. Lots of action and scenery. My O-gauge layout is in progress and I have also included backdrop paneling. Where did you get your backdrop photos? Are the buildings photos or did you fabricate the fronts only? I have completed all the bench work and am installing the wiring for track feeds and accessories.


  6. David Roston says:

    John’s video above – he mentions twice the thickness of plastic as .4mm.
    Surely he means 4mm.

    Dave’s layout is certainly something to aspire to, fantastic.
    Dave Roston

  7. Mark says:

    Wow! Im impressed. You must have had so many happy hours working on your layout, but as you said, you’re never finished! Mark Conner, Ohio,USA

  8. Larry says:

    Wow! Dave is surely a legitimate successor to the late John Allen (of USA fame).

    Larry Schwartz, Maryland, USA

  9. Erik Kimbrough says:

    Fantastic Dave!
    Good show ol’ boy!

  10. john says:

    Dave fantastic well done! I have a similar amount of space, which I am covering the eaves with plasterboard at this moment, but due to knee problems, would be unable to crawl into your operating spaces, it looks like you have three in the video, is there any other way to get an all round layout like yours without crawling underneath . cheers John.

  11. TOM says:


  12. A great layout Dave, I am very impressed with your attention to detail and the overall effect is fab!! Could we possibly see a long shot of the overall layout and a track plan PLEASE!!

  13. Bob says:


    You have done great. I always enjoy seeing your work. I look forward to you showing us the next alteration or addition you decide on. If you make chanes, please be sure you show us the “before” Thank you for sharing.

  14. Bob says:

    Again John, great ideas. You’re a man after my own heart. I’ve been saving the contents of my electric razor. My beard, finely ground, makes for great ashes for backyard firepits, burned out buildings, and hobos’ fires on my 50’s HO layout.

  15. mark andrews says:


  16. Richard Meyer says:


    Beautiful! So real. Why arn’t the people moving?

    Dick Meyer
    Iberia, MO

  17. Richard Meyer says:

    One more thing – your presentation was great. Very professional. A “long” shot and track plan would be nice.


  18. Richard Meyer says:


    I know the feeling. I was told I should live to 102. Another 18 years on these knees? I don’t think so. How about a bascule (lift) bridge across the operating space? It raises for people instead of ships!


  19. Lawrence Phipps says:

    Well done Dave, like the new music AND THE LAYOUT

  20. Tom says:

    Really enjoy the videos- just one problem- you have the cars on the wrong side of the road!

  21. Steve Mittan says:

    Dave your lay out is the best I have ever seen. Thanks for letting us wqatch you finish it off.

  22. John Popp says:

    Hey Dave, Sure wished I had just a fraction of your talent. Your layout is fantastic. I print out all the tips your Fellow hobbyist give and will try to use some of them on my o gauge layout. I enjoy reading everyone of your e-mails. John

  23. Ben Taul says:

    nice job, still to crowded for me,
    merna ne usa

  24. Awesome!!! Thank you so very much for sharing!!!

  25. KEVIN HERON says:

    Fantastic layout! tell me, It is obvious from your voice, that you are no Teenager, how do you get from cockpit to cockpit? without collapsing in a lump, I have a similar layout (no-where near as good) with one cockpit, and get down on my knees to get in, then the good wife feeds me for a week until I get energy to crawl out…LOL
    Regards from Australia

  26. Dick Walter says:

    Dave: Great layout! PLEASE provide us with the source of those excellant backdrop bldgs. that line the walls of your layout. I especially like the many row houses. Who manufactures them and from whom can they be ordered?

  27. Trevor Hutton says:

    Hi Dave, thanks for all the hard work and enjoyably video clips. Do you have a track plan and what system of DCC do you use?
    Trev on Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada.

  28. Ian says:

    Hello Dave, Fantastic layout and near the end of video there is that great wide shot which shows the size of layout and gives the true perspective. Now….where do I get some board and track from?

    Ian PS Retired electrician and born again train enthusiast!

  29. jim morris says:


  30. Kevin Blake says:

    Great to see it nearly finished.
    only one concern thow whats happend to the video every thing is wide and flat.
    It just spoils it a little bit,Please go back to your old format screen

  31. Peter says:

    Hello there,
    What a fantastic layout. It includes everything that I wanted but didn’t have the room to fitt. I only have a 6x4ft layout and am trying my best, but looking at layouts like this makes me want to give up the ghost. I mean, just look at it; not a crooked chimney in sight nor an unseemly crack between houses. Everything perfect!
    Yours aye
    Peter Feiler

  32. Methuselah says:

    WOW!!! A fantastic layout, and the detail is great. Thank you for showing it to us. I like the way you have got around the structural supports intruding into your layout. They appear to “belong” there as part of the scenery.

    And I like Richard Meyer’s suggestion for a Bascule (lift) bridge over the viewer’s entrance, for the convenience of us poor old souls with bad knees and bad backs.

  33. tim roth says:

    Great layout, I’m just starting on an 8 x 4 n gauge with two levels. Not been in the hobby for 20 odd years so watch this space. I keep getting bollockings for taking up space in dining room – hey ho|

  34. Denis (N gauge) says:

    Hi all,
    Please notice that I’ve added ‘N gauge’ to my name so that all will know in what scale I work. Good idea?? Incidentally it’s British ‘N’ 1:148. The guy building his layout in a 35ft shed, as it occured that that is just under a mile in British N, just over in Continental N (1:160) and exactly in Japanese N (1:150)

    Just the smallest of comments on Dave’s video: What a superb layout, my only concern is that I’m not sure as to how passengers get on and off the trains ’cause the platforms seem to come half-way up the doors, or is that just me? Still shouldn’t say anything I’ve not even started building my retirement project.

    Cheers all Denis (N gauge)

  35. Bumper says:

    Very impressive layout Dave, wish you at least 20 more years to enjoy your play time.

    Bumper. “0” Guage

  36. Colin Kisko says:

    Nice job Dave love to see the progress. I did notice one thing wrong though. The cars are all on the wrong side of the road. ha ha A little humour from Canada my son noticed it and I told him why but I think its funny>

  37. ken says:

    You have done a very, very nice and realistic job. I love it.

  38. Louie says:

    Fantastic layout, Dave. Is there a place to see details of the construction such as size and layout diagram? Amazing work and thanks for sharing!

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