David’s Swiss Layout

“Hi Alastair,

I started my set in 1976 after a trip to Switzerland.

As you can see I was influenced by its mountains. It took about 3 years to get it as it is.

I only recently got back to it since I was busy with other things.

Also, my cats always interfered with it when I came to play with it. They liked the heat of the lights and the movement of the trains.

I am still trying to figure out how I wired it, although it runs its full coarse. And I am somewhat amazed that it does.



So I asked David to expand, and he came back with this:

“Hi Alastair,

I am happy for the interest and sharing.

The bricks on the viaducts are made from cut up balsa wood strips. After gluing the miniature bricks down I filled in the cracks with plaster and then slightly burt the whole surface with a blowtorch. I used screening , bulked up with newspaper to make some of the mountains.

I guess there is a philosophy behind the hobby of model railroading like there is behind any human endeavour. Obviously one of philosophical aspects behind it is the love of trains and locomotion. Another is a need to recreate a reality, often an idealistic or past reality. For some it is a form of escapism from the real world, like going to the movies. There is also a personal metaphysics and aesthetics involved.

I started my present train set after a trip to Switzerland. For me Switzerland represented a huge train set, with its many winding tracks, train viaducts and railway tunnels. It seemed so compact, like a train set. I wanted to recreate some of that in my basement. I loved the mountains and the valleys of Switzerland and how they contrasted with the train tracks and the rolling stock that ran on them. The contrast between the ruggedness of nature and the cultivated lines of the railroad tracks was mind-blowing.

I once asked a psychologist for an explanation as to why I was drawn to the parallel lines of railway track. She explained that it meant I was a futurist, peering into the future along railway tracks that go off into the distance. It is also emblematic of how I see the world’s development, in a parallel fashion.


Big thanks to David for sharing – and a wonderful narrative too. Just have a look at the comments below!

Don’t forget folks, this site is everyone. Your layout doesn’t have to look like David’s to be featured: if you’re tinkering in your loft, basement, or where ever, please share.

That’s today’s missive done and dusted.

Please do keep ’em coming so we all have something to look at over our morning coffee.

And if today is the day when your start your model railway journey, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

PPS More HO scale train layouts here if that’s your thing.

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137 Responses to David’s Swiss Layout

  1. Jimmy says:

    The ebay cheat sheet works for me.

  2. John Udics says:

    Hello. I model railroads in Alsace-Lorraine, next to Germany. The 3 low-relief bldgs I downloaded are excellent for the urban environment I plan to have as the industrial area of the town. I appreciate the quality of your downloadable offerings. They are not identifiable as US or UK backgrounds, so I can use them for my French town too. Please keep up the good work! I hope to find more of these background flats from you.
    Thank you again.

  3. Nice layout David, and Al the cheat sheet is working for me

  4. Corfu flyer says:

    It works well for me also with windows 8. Graham.

  5. Gideon says:

    Cheat sheet works well for me. Keep up the good work.
    Regards Gideon.

  6. Peter Hogg says:

    Well, what can one say, superb layout with great detail, very realistic mountains….just awsome.

  7. John Fuller says:

    Truly amazing work on the rocks and caverns. However I do not know of any railway that would store cars in a canyon. But, the work is very commendable. I love it.

  8. Cameron says:

    Stunning layout David.
    Cheat sheet worked for me also.

  9. Shaun Commerford says:

    I live in the Western Cape Province of South Africa, a mountainous region. To me Davids’ layout is the most spectacular I have yet seen. I have not commented here before but I am afraid I just cannot keep quiet after seeing this. “Well done David” does not sound adequate.

  10. Len says:

    Fantastic scenery – but he didn’t mention the gauge – photos really give a 3D impression – no matter what gauge the size of the mountains in relation to the trains is correct – it definitely gives a sense of mountainous grandeur. Excellent!!!

  11. robert coe says:

    I take my hat off to these people. I am both admiring of them and envious. However, these very talented modellers do spur amatuers on to show what can be
    done. I gave up on my first attempt after spending more money than I should have. But it did run and the models were well constructed I was told by the president of the model train club whom I donated it to. At least it went to a good cause and I learned a lot, enough to prepare me for another attempt based on what I have seen on this sight, – and spend less money.

  12. Kaustav says:

    A very nice layout indeed! I love the tall mountains and the detailed scenery. The lighting however, I think is an area of improvement (either the layout light, or the photographs – not sure).


  13. Tom Oliver says:

    Beautiful layout David. No wonder it took so long! And Al, yes, the cheat sheet works for me too.

  14. Bill says:

    Great looking layout, David. I would be interested in reviewing your overall track layout. Do you have something you can share?

  15. Skip says:

    Alastir, have been collecting my train equipment for over 30 years and just now getting down to doing something with it. Your site has given me a wealth of ideas! David, your mountains are most interesting and how you incorporated the bridge work has inspired me to give it a try! Thanks for the tip on the balsa wood

  16. Mark Allen says:

    At a loss for words. Incredible skill Dave, just beautiful!!

  17. Mike Street says:

    Another great looking layout from David, is it N scale? It looks very big, hard to get an idea how big from pics, more pics please if you can, with wider views. Once again the rocks/mountains look stunning. Mike

  18. Bud says:

    The stone/rock work done for mountains is of course extremely well done but what really sets it off is the very realistic use of trees on the mountains. This looks real.

    Also, the brick work for the stone archway bridges and supports is really well done.

    Very impressive layout!

  19. Robert Arnold says:

    Judging by the photos, the layout looks huge. Extremely well done. Fantastic detail. I would imagine this is an HO scale layout. What is the size of the layout?
    Keep up the amazing work.
    Robert from Winnipeg, Canada.

  20. bob russ says:

    All I can say is wow! Remarkable realism!

  21. Jim in NC says:

    Great layout! The scenery is among the two or three best I have ever seen.

  22. MIKE,Seattle WA says:

    That is a very nice layout David. The “cheat sheet” works in seattle wa AL

  23. Robert says:

    David Never seen anything quite it. It’s my dream layout. Enjoy all your hard work and thank you for sharing.

  24. Lewis says:

    These are by far the best pics I have seen on this site. This is not to say that the rest were not good. All the submittals are very good. But these are great. The detail is awesome. I think the shot of the yard with the long look down the track and the detail of the mountains and the scenery is just fantastic. David, you should be very proud of your work. Thank you for sharing.

  25. Jan says:

    WOW!!!! One of the best I’ve seen.
    Just marvelous. Which I could build such scenery.

  26. Lee Barry/ CEO L"Z"PMRR says:

    Superb scenery work! What is the size of your layout, and is it in HO or N scale.

  27. Dale Young says:

    Amazing Mountains! Overall track out?

    I work on HO scale trians becasue I like the beauthy of it and it calms me so I don’t strangle my kids, wife and the dog in that order! …… Just kidding, maby be not! Dale

  28. Bob says:

    I don’t usually comment since all of the pics on this site are great. These are awesome! The “stonework” on the bridges and the rock walls are as realistic As I have seen anywhere. Great job!

  29. John Gibson says:

    cheat sheet works for me ok

  30. Don Garner says:

    Your layout is outstanding–very real looking–nothing in it looks artificial.
    Love how the aging of the brickwork came out. Great Job. Show us more.
    Tried your Cheat Sheet link and it worked fine from my Macbook Pro/Safari portal.

  31. Roland Burch says:

    David, I have one word: WOW!

  32. kimo says:

    David, Super, this is beyond my wildest dreams.

  33. John says:

    Fantastic! If ever a layout begged for a video – including a miniature on-board video-cam, this is the one!!! Thanks David.

  34. Tommy B says:

    Exceptional scenery and layout. I was just wondering the size of the layout and if it’s possible to get an overhead pic or would you need a helicopter to be able to get it all in one shot! LOL!

    Tommy B

  35. builder Kim says:

    Hi robert coe .That is the reason for me building my own homes and such.Make signal lights work when they didn’t at first and was only a static model.You don’t realize how fast and how much you payed out for stuff till the end.I guess plastic houses isn’t what I like as they look so plastic.I bought a bungalow while back and didn’t like the color or how it was formed.I payed more for that plastic model than what it cost me to build my own.Not to mention I payed $12 just for the shipping cost to me.So in all I payed out $20 for a plastic multicolored house.If you need a bunch wow going to cost lots.Each home I built has cost me next to nothing as most of it is scrap.I like the cardboard cut outs but find they don’t have any open doors windows.If Al don’t mind I can send in a few designs ive done.I also done my own traffic signal lights from old telescoping antenna’s and credit cards and tie wraps.Cost price of leds.I don’t mind if Al gives out my email address to those who would like more info on building stuff.I will send them a how to.I regularly send to others who wanted more detail and info.I send to Al and am thankful for him publishing what I build.Thanks Al

  36. B.Clifton says:

    I don’t think you need a shrink to explain why one models railroads! It’s just FUN. Great layout…

  37. Joe Perry says:

    very impressive mountains.Great job!!
    Joe P. fromgraytown Ohio

  38. david says:

    well done, i love the mountains,they look so real,i also think the scenery is the best iv seen for a long time.

  39. Jr says:

    Fantastic sample of a model rr. Great artistic ability. If I didn’t know it was a model rr layout the photos could fool a person to think they were looking at the real thing. Great work!

  40. StJohn says:

    nice layout and the detail work on especially the bridges is brilliant!

  41. JR Gray says:

    What a wonderful layout and great pictures! Thanks for sharing these on this site..

  42. David A says:

    Thanks for all the great comments about my layout. It’s N gauge. The size of it is hard to estimate because it is not quite a rectangle room. I would say that overall it is about 12×6 +, about 74 square feet.

  43. MH_Switzerland says:

    Fantastic layout! So I have been collecting locos for some time but never had a layout (everything is in a display case). Finally I have just finished a house renovation and I have space for my first layout but I have no idea where to get plans for the area I have. Can anyone guide me as to where I might find some inspiration?

  44. Bryan Teel says:

    Link worked for me, went to both Rolling Stock and Locomotives no problem.

    Beautiful layout David! I love the scenery! If you could find a way to send in a video tour of your layout that would be amazing!

  45. anto says:

    brillant layout n1 dave

  46. anto says:

    keep it up a video be real nice

  47. Bill Brown says:

    Spectacular Views,Very well done great show David all the best.

  48. Hi David, What a great looking layout, it is truly inspiring to see the work you’ve put into getting it right, I hope your enjoying the seeds of your labor now that you’ve returned to the hobby again.

    Hi Al, I had no trouble following the “Cheat Sheets Link” it took me straight there, I even tried a few of the “Sub Links from the Home Page of the “Cheat Sheet” and they worked fine also. Thanks for all your work in supplying this newsletter I truely enjoy it.

    Stemar (Downunder)

  49. Ben Zalewski says:

    Fantastic mountains.
    Thanks for the idea of making brick-like panels.

  50. Kenny A. (Chicago) says:

    Amazing, strictly amazing. What scale is it? I was wondering though, Is this an outdoor layout? Looks very big and some areas would seem to be difficult to reach if indoors and one were to have a derailment between the mountains. but very good job on the rock formations and on the brick bridges.
    My layout is HO and still in the designing on paper stages but with winter approaching I hope to have something started soon to show everyone. It will have mountains and bridges so your pics here gave me some great ideas. Thanks.

  51. Ray Appenzeller says:

    Wow! Spectacular layout of my home country. Just kidding I am American but my ancestry is from Switzerland. Canton of Appenzell. Your layout is very very good, I really love the viaducts and the mountain passes. Great work on the detailing a truly admiral job well done and should be admired! Could you provide some sort of dimensional information, a video and a aerial shot of some sort? This is truly inspiring workmanship! Well done! Thank you for sharing it!

  52. Bruce says:

    1st Real nice layout from david. Would like to see some overall shots
    2nd cheat sheet stuck at n scale secenery refreshed screen loaded fine windows 7

  53. Herbroberson says:

    Nothing short of outstanding! A pleasure to look at and thanks for sharing!

  54. Willie Kerr (Glasgow) says:

    Absolutely spectacular, very talented. Cheat sheet works fine.

  55. Tom Strangeway says:

    Amazing rock features and realism.
    @ John Fuller. Try looking at South Africa as they store rolling stock in similar and even more bizare places.

  56. Bullfrog Eh! (Ontario) says:

    WOW! I am truly inspired by your fantastic modelling of mountain scenery. I will now ‘try’ to emulate your skill; but, somehow, I must first get beyond my own ‘holy cow, whatta layout’ reaction.

  57. Rod Mackay says:

    Fabulous mountains, real scale, so rare to see in a model. If anyone’s going that way I can recommend a visit to Miniaturwunderland in Hamburg, how did they do justice to the Alps? Knocked through to the next floor of course!

  58. Bob Miller says:

    I had assumed the layout was O or at least HO based on the level of detail. Knowing it’s N scale makes it one of the best I have seen. You have a real talent for design and construction and attention to detail.

  59. chris says:

    Really great layout, love the mountains, cheat sheet works well

  60. Brian says:

    Cheat sheet works OK for me too
    Keep up the good work


  61. Arnie Steiner says:

    Hi David, excellent job with the creation of the mountain scenes.

    And as a psychologist myself, I can tell you that there are endless interpretations that can be made of any piece of behavior. But that aside, your mountain-scapes have a somewhat eerie other worldly quality with the sharp contrast between the desert-like barren element and verdant vegetation; a setting that not for the trains is void of the pulse of humanity; especially enhanced by being drapped in the shadowy lighting . It creates a dream-like environment. Very artistic; what does it say about your personality?

    Keep up the artistic in you!

  62. Capt Jim says:

    An absolutely stunning piece of handi-work. We should all be working towards that kind of commitment and craft.

  63. dave says:

    Great work it does look authentic of the N&W in coal country just need a long string of hoppers behind that class A loco to look like the Va and WVA mountain lines they served .

  64. Joe Kincaid says:

    Stunning is the word that describes this layout. The use of scenery to make this work come alive is awesome. You should be VERY proud. I am modeling the Virginia & Truckee at my home in Lake Tahoe. I am blessed to have the space to create 3600 sq. feet to model it in. My only hope is that I can make my layout half as impressive as yours certainly is. I would love to see more of this layout.

  65. dionisis says:


  66. Terry jacks says:

    Real nice with beautifully done scenery.

  67. jim morris says:

    The best ever.

  68. Juan Peschiera says:

    This is the best I have seen. I just came back from a train trip across the Andes in Peru, from Lima to Huancayo, crossing a 15,200 feet above sea level, and this scenery that David is showing reminded me to the Andean scenery…..so much.

    Great job. Would love to see a video of the trains running and would like to know how big the display is.

  69. Dave Bower says:

    Wow what a great layout, I’ve never seen a layout with so much rock before & those bridges are so realistic, a real one off it’s a credit to you.
    Regards, Dave.

  70. Peter Martin says:

    Hi Al,
    Ebay cheat sheet works fine for me here in Dorset, UK

  71. Ben Dickmann says:

    Aside from God’s own work, I doubt that I have ever seen better mountain views. The use of lighting and resultant shadows is remarkable. I, too, am speechless. Wow! What amazing talent.!
    Note: The eBay cheat sheet loaded just fine here in the Midwestern U.S.

  72. Allan Clarke says:

    I am a beginner in modeling, and I thought that I had a bit of patience, but I did not realize just how little I know when I see layouts like Davids.
    I am always looking for how to do items, as I am fairly stupid when it comes to modeling. although it is a wonderful past time.
    Thanks to Alastair for his great site, have collected every item he has put up. keep up the good work people, and have a great day.
    South Australia.

  73. These guys have an ability that you don’t learn overnight, that’s if you can even ‘LEARN’ that. I have started really late in my life trying to figure -What’s next- in my layout, by the way I’m 73 and past my sell by date in terms of health. I have built loads of buildings, have loads of tracks and turnouts of every type, plus 36 Locos of my particular liking, but all of that doesn’t make a me a layout, I have to figure ‘where do I place the Loco sheds? and where does the coal loading buildings go. I have all of these questions and more to figure, and never thought it would be so complicated. I want it to be perfect because I have a purpose for all of this, so have purchased books on my subject and followed this internet page, I will get there, but have I enough time left? I Hope so!!

  74. Ian Brown says:

    This layout is just awesome, it must have taken ages to get it done right

    Well Done

  75. Harry Golberg says:

    Great layout. Really enjoy the daily emails. Cheat sheet worked on iphone

  76. Great layout, as others have said we want video. others have not said a track plan would be nice and professionally done pictures or at least someone who understands how to avoid the problems I observed in these pictures.

  77. Ray Lutz says:

    Davids scenery is amazing. Like it very much. What is the scale? I’m a Zscaler now.

  78. Perrry says:

    Great scenery. But I am having a hard time seeing it as Switzerland with all those North American engines and car running around the layout.

  79. Ken C says:

    Very nice layout. I especially like using a torch on the bridge. Never thought of that.

  80. Gerald says:

    Works on my iPhone.

  81. Warren Ferguson says:

    Wonderful work, David! Can you share an overall track plan?

  82. Chris Arnold says:

    David, beautiful scenery, boy have I got a lot to learn.
    Al, cheat sheet works fine from the wilds of West Sussex.

  83. lynn c says:

    There is an old saying, “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” 99% of the comments on Dave’s layout were positive. I can’t for the life of me figure out why someone would comment on storing rolling stock in a valley, or bother to say the lighting is inadequate.
    Why not just marvel at the quality of the layout and landscape, and move on ?
    I have to believe those who criticize Dave’s work in any fashion are jealous. I know that I am.
    Great work Dave. I’m jealous !!!!

  84. Timothy M Barr says:

    Wife and have rode the trains in Switzerland,Germany and Austria So beauitful in the mountains. We have also rode many trains here in the Us I showed pictures of your layout to a freind of mine He thought they were pictures we took while in Switzerland This inspires me to take my time to do better at landscaping Canton Ohio Profootball Hall of Fame Town

  85. Art Pease says:

    Al. I just checked. eBay cheat sheet worked fine for me. Art

  86. Harry Monokian says:

    Truelly spectacular. I too would love to see the overall track layout plan.

  87. Al says:

    This is really beautiful! A real work of art!

  88. Bill Chow says:

    I have been “tracking” Alastair’s website for at least a couple of years, and while there have been many gorgeous layouts featured, this is the first one to move me to write: Awe inspiring! The detail, realism and significant contributor is magnificant of the background. I would say you might start a new trend with that background and move people away from wall paintings as a background (though to you folks out there, I have seen very, very nice painted backgrounds, but I don’t have that painting talent!)

  89. george zaky says:

    There is nothing more powerful than mountains and trains running thru them. You have captured the awesomeness of mans intervention of nature in your layout and your talents of an artist came through for all of us to see. WOW.
    thank you
    George from NY

  90. Laurence Johnston says:

    Wonderful layout. Looks so realistic.


  91. Allan Jelinek says:

    WOW !
    What a fantastic layout. You truly are a talent sir. When I saw it was a Swiss layout, I almost passed. (No offence, not a fan of European model trains) I was pleasantly surprised. What a great layout.

  92. Don Poitras says:

    Looks real….BRILLIANT 10/10๐Ÿ‘

  93. Tony, Kitty Hawk NC says:

    Excellent layout but the photos raise so many questions. Tell us more about it!

  94. Simply gorgeous in all aspects.

  95. Dennis says:

    cheat sheet works on all 3 of my browsers…chrome, firefox and edge

  96. Dennis says:

    great layout, as well

  97. Ed L says:

    Absolutely stunning layout!

  98. Absolutely beautiful layout. Great mountain scenes. Very realistic. Keep up the great work.

  99. Allen says:

    Some of the best mountain work I Have every seen.

  100. Andrew Aves says:

    Fantastic model railway – Would love to see a track layout Andrew in Oz

  101. Daniel says:

    Amazing! Love the scenery!!

  102. David,

    Super work, and, yes, a bit ‘surrealistic,” “other-worldly.” I’m fascinated by the mood your scenery and photography creates.

    One word of caution to all — I’ve never seen brickwork “weathered” as you have done. But if anyone tries to imitate your approach — a blow torch, no less! — I suggest you do the weathering in the yard, next to a garden hose.



  103. Will in NM says:

    David, Yours is one of the most impressive layouts I’ve ever seen. Judging from the large number of comments on it, I am not alone in my appreciation of your work. The mountains and the lighting are very dramatic and properly proportioned like the prototype would be. How in the world do you work on some of those vast areas of the layout? It looks like you carved it out of actual rocks. Very well done!

    Like many others, I’d like more info. What scale is it and how big is the overall size of the layout? Could you post a track plan or overall photo to give us a better sense of where each of the detail photos was taken. And, of course, if you have video capabilities, we’d love to see your trains running.

  104. Jack says:

    Fantastic layout. The link worked for me.

  105. Franz Bruyere, Jr. says:

    All I have to say is ‘wow!’… awesome modeling ๐Ÿ™‚

    I didn’t see the scale mentioned but just from the pictures above it must be a pretty good-sized layout. Would love to see an overall picture of the layout and maybe a ‘track layout’ drawing.

    Having been to Switzerland myself (to the Matterhorn twice ๐Ÿ™‚ ) I definitely appreciate David’s love for the trains there. The whole region is beautiful.

    Keep up the good work, David ๐Ÿ™‚

  106. David Simmons says:

    What a fantastic layout, thanks David. Any chance you could send in a track plan too as i always find that helps understanding the layout and how the photos tie into each other?

  107. Big Al says:

    WOW…quite impressive!!

  108. Herbert Sussman , Leland, NC says:

    The cheat sheet worked fine for me, and continued thanks for operating this site. I am constantly amazed and encouraged to go on with my own efforts. I will submit some pictures soon.

  109. Thomas Busler says:

    I especially liked the mountain “cut”. Like an open tunnel. Excellent!

  110. Mackenzie Ranscombe says:

    @David Simmons
    Very good idea. I’m also interested!
    Mackenzie (Germany)

  111. Skip Maler says:

    Fantastic workmanship!
    So lifelike. I have just been starting on my layout this past year.
    Love the Mountains so many ideas.

  112. Ruben Simon says:


  113. Erick says:

    Fantastic layout. I hope mine turns out that good.

  114. wayne watts says:

    David your layout is awesome, the bridges with the brick is fantastic, and in n gauge WOW. I have never been to Switzerland, but I think there is a little green there. Three years Wow again. Very good job.

  115. Tom Osterdock says:

    Wow did not realize that the Union Pacific ran in Switzerland also.

  116. Richgard H Chapple Sr says:

    Al…the ebay cheat sheet works fine here in Montana. I use Linux and Windows.
    Al…QUESTION: Are the print percentages for Z and N correct for scaling down from OO for the printout buildings?

    Wow Dave: Anything I can mage to say has been said already. I love those mountains. Boy oh boy!! N scale to boot in 12 by 6 feet plus. I agree that videos and rides on this layout would be fabulous.
    I sure do hope you will have time to share with us your layout plan, how you maintain and access all the areas and how to’s on your methods of building those wonderful mountains. Man o man, I am resisting the temptation to redo my huge N scale layout. I like the appearance of long mainline runs. and having lots of places to train watch. Just wonderful work and enjoy your narratives.

    Dick (little r) form Hardin Mt USA

  117. The cheat sheet worked OK for Me.

  118. Neal Jeffrey Perry says:

    Great photography AND a great layout!



  119. Dpaul says:


  120. Torsten says:

    WOW! that is truely amazing! Fabulous job! Iยดll keep it for inspiration!

  121. Jim Landing says:

    Wow David, the detail is fabulous!

  122. John Ruetz says:

    FANTASTIC. Different. I LIKE it.

  123. william j plmer says:

    awesome rock work and bridges

  124. James says:

    That Swiss railroad looks Americanized? ๐Ÿ‘Œ

  125. Larry Schweitzer says:

    That’s some great mountain work. What scale? O.A. Layout size?

  126. Kenneth R Fox says:

    Nice detail on the rocks,, mountains, bridges, and cave entrances, but I wish that when these people are showing such a huge layout, that they would give the overall picture, and the size of the layout, so that I can get a perspective of how everything is situated.

  127. Rich B. says:

    And Arnie S. Sums it up exactly. Same thoughts here but sub-conscious and he put it into words. Think I saw one of these in โ€œZโ€ on 4×8 sheet, may of been in N.H. Huge mountain estate with these tiny trains running all over. This even huger of coarse lol.

  128. Tony, Kitty Hawk NC says:

    David- Wonderful! Thanks for sharing. Yours is possibly the first post ever to offer a psychological analysis of our hobby!

  129. jim says:

    great mountains. No Swiss trains!

  130. Al says:

    Wow! Thatโ€™s all I can say, just WOW!!!โ€™

  131. Steve Ruple says:

    Awesome mountain scenery, very well done. The layout of the track is really awesome also, wonderful job !!!!

  132. Christine says:

    Now that’s a layout. Wonderful job. I love it.

  133. John Philip Ruetz says:

    Nice layout. Love the mountains.

  134. Dan Piccolo says:

    Davidโ€™s layout is beautiful. It would be nice to see it without all the lighting effects.

  135. Ross Johnston says:

    Thankyou David for sharing your fantastic Swiss Layout with us, I was very impressed with your whole concept of the railway. Could you please send out your layout plans and more photos please. I didn’t go to anyway regarding my fascination with railways and the parallel lines and while it might be futuristic, I light the “stability” of the lines myself. Cheers Rossco Adelaide Australia

  136. robert dale tiemann says:

    love the stone bridgework, very nice.

  137. Andrew Aves says:

    Wow! Awesome layout David.
    Love to see more and a track plan
    Andrew in Oz

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