DCC track layout

Tom’s been in touch with his DCC track layout:

“Heres a few of my stage 1 almost finish track is 6.2 mtrs long each side x 3.2 mtrs wide

5 mainlines and 15 branch lines ..

all dcc controlled trains, points etc

with all trains having dcc sound cards to their own proper sounds…………….thanks


DCC track layout

DCC track layout

DCC track layout

DCC track layout

DCC track layout

DCC track layout

DCC track layout

DCC model train track plan

A wonderful layout from Tom – but the question begs – is there any video? I know I’d love to see one.

And I’m quite sure they’ll be a fair few questions for Tom too. Just post below!

That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And if today is the day you get started on your layout, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

PPS More HO scale train layouts here if that’s your thing.

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46 Responses to DCC track layout

  1. Simon says:

    That is a fantastic looking layout, thank you for sharing it.

    This may sound a stupid question, but what happens if something goes wrong at the back that requires ‘intervention’, how do you go about reaching it? would it be some sort of hidden access panel, or very carefully leaning over?

    P.s. The ads look fine and make perfect sense.

  2. D.B. Lewis says:

    Hey, Al, the new format with ads looks great!

  3. Donald F. Wick says:

    Great layout! I don’t think any video would be required. The workmanship speaks for itself. The layout plan is very good.
    Don Wick
    West Bend, WI USA

  4. Anthony Morris says:

    Tom. I am Very Impressed. One of the best this year..

  5. tom says:

    gday simon yes mate there are 3 hidden panels underneath with lighting..

    thanks for all your comments ..this is my first large layout..most of the layout ive made before were 2.4mtrs x 1.2mtrs…still a bit of work to do (which i hope will take awhile) as when i finish this..am starting a larger layout 12mtr x 6mtrs (ideas are building)…… thanks all ..tom

  6. tom says:

    YES AL ..In the process now making one ..video…..thanks tom

  7. Seth Veith says:

    I’ll even click your ads alΓ­

  8. Dave G says:

    Nice one!

    Ads don’t intrude so hope you can carry on.

    All the best.

    Dave G

  9. Paul Prohaska says:

    Thank you for the post! The ads are no bother. If ads are what it takes to keep this beast on the rails, so be it! I’m an “old” modeler, and really enjoy learning new tricks, and in some cases, what not to do, from the layouts and models you post. Again, thanks! Oh, and this is a neat layout!

  10. Pete Evangel says:

    Love the layout. Wondering how you got the water to “ripple and chop”. Nice effect.

    Ads are just fine.

  11. Paul Prohaska says:

    I am sorry I fogot to ask, how does Tom access the way back sections of his layout in case of derailment? Looks like a long reach! Also, I am interested in how he keeps everything so tidy. I have two Newfoundland Dogs and a Golden Retriever. Dust and hair are a constant battle, more so than track cleaning! Thank you!

  12. KenS says:

    Nice layout!! The ads are not popping up in your face, not bad at all. Thanks Al!

  13. Paco Gayon says:

    It is beautiful, but I agree. it deserves a video.
    Paco gayon.

  14. Kerry says:

    Very nice layout. I don’t think anyone minds the ads Alister, if you get some model Railway related ones I’m sure it would generate revenue for them, and of course for you. Great work man!

  15. StJohn says:

    excellent move on the posting Al !! and what a great layout…the pix are priceless!!

  16. Jim says:

    The ads are not disturbing to the content of the post.

  17. Toni says:

    For Tom,
    I can say without a doubt, you have mastered the layout and you have me in envy.

    For Al,
    The balance of article and ads is working well. I am in hopes that this addition will bring in much need revenue. Only suggestions that I would offer is not to have the ads clutter the blog and have them related to model railroading.

  18. Peter says:

    Hi to you all; I posted a request for help, on Trevor’s great testing station posting. My request was about an inherited 0 gauge brown 4-4-2 tank engine with L B & S C R on the sides and a label with Wurenberg. I have now found out that is a Bing but made after the Marklin takeover about 1931 ish. as it has the Marklin couplings. Now for my problem the few tracks I have are like a metal girder shape (I) and Marklin tracks are different and expensive being from the USA with postage to the UK. My question is Hornby track Ok as the curves seem to have a very tight radius. Can any one help please.

  19. Chris says:

    Very nice layout. I agree, the ads are not an issue & don’t keep popping up in your face.

  20. a good detailed layout seeing some trains running would finish it off. all go with the ads AL thanks for the posting.

  21. tom says:

    gday Pete Evangely its a buchs water sheet cut to size painted mixed blue underneath (cheats i know)…same as the pond at the back with fish in it ..Paul Prohaska answer to question one is there is 3 hidden panels underneath with lighting… 2 for track cleaning i use a dapol dcc fitted track cleaner/vacuum…the hardest thing is keeping my 3 yr old away from it apart from being constructed in a 6.3 x 3.4mtr site office which are air and water tight i ran a vacuum over it every now and then…..this layout is about 4 weeks off being finished ..there plans for a larger layout on the drawing board……thanks tom…from downunder

  22. Tom says:

    Hey Tom, wonderful layout …well done. I was debating a road through the center of my town. Was not sure the way I wanted to go. Your road through the city has helped me make up my mind. Thank you for that.
    Again, Tom, job well done.

    Thanks Al for bringing it to us. Thanks for all you do!!

    best regards,


  23. Carl says:

    Wonderful layout Tom; look forward to your vid and good luck with your new layout.
    Alastair, the ads are just fine but as others have already suggested, train ads might be better if you can get them. Always enjoy your emails; keep up the good work. From Canada, best regards.

  24. Ed Clark says:

    I’m happy with the ads and the still photos. I usually pick up something in the way of modeling techniques. The videos are cute, maybe charge for seeing them or require them to include your ads in their presentation.
    Ed C

  25. tom says:

    just uploaded a trail video hope it works ok ..thanks tom

  26. Ron says:

    Really pleased to see the site still going, as has already been said, “No problem with the ad’s” I thought you’ve worked them quite well. Long may the site continue.
    Now on to Tom’s layout, that is the sort of layout I would love to have, if only I had the room and space. Well done Tom, keep up the good work!

  27. James says:

    Ads are fine with me. Hardly noticeable. Try some that are MRR related! Then I will try to notice them and make your advertisers happy!

    Cool layout from the west side of the pond! I like what you do with the space you have.

  28. peter says:

    Thanks for continuing with the posts. The ads are unobtrusive and the layouts and info are wonderful.
    Great to be seeing other enthusiasts excellent layouts and the usual unmissable hints and tips again.

  29. charles says:

    Tom – The layout looks fantastic πŸ™‚ ! I read your locos are all sound chipped, so look forward to seeing the video where I can then say ‘I hear you locos are all sound chipped’ πŸ™‚ !!!

    Al – The ads did little to distract me from the post – apart from “hey, here’s an advert” which you get on so many websites anyway that you kind of ‘glide over’ them, just settling on those that interest you. If some of them could be rail related then great, but if you have to use others such as you have then fine πŸ™‚

    Charles πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  30. tom mc says:

    first off thank you Al for posting these layouts ..have many ideas from other layouts running through the mind ..i envy daves layout top marks dave.and those who have commented on my layout thank you ..hope the video helped as well…ads dont worry me a bit job well done Al and all ….tom from downunder

  31. Gwyn says:


    Thought you had gone forever. Great to have you back. Tom’s layout is a good restart. I particularly like his greenery


  32. THOMAS says:


  33. tom mc says:

    thank you all finally the layout is finished (3 weeks ago)…..now hold your self down ive begun dismantling it …ive had a few more ideas so its off to start again ..tom

    its true what they say ..it never ends

  34. a boulter says:

    fantastic layout.hope to see soon

  35. Brian T says:

    No problem with the ads Al. Keep it going.


  36. Peter Stilts says:

    Regarding the request concerning 0 gauge brown 4-4-2 tank engine with L B & S C R on the sides and a label with Wurenberg. I posted a help request on the same item. It insn’t O gauge but 1 gauge. Marklin HQ in Germany were most helpful. Because of the cost in their track I found that the “garden (G) scale track is also the right gauge but on curves you need the larger radius. contact me via Al as I have some info on it’s value

  37. George Ross says:

    Your email plans are as always most welcome With Or With Out Ads.

  38. John Reynolds says:

    Nice work…
    The ads are acceptable and not intrusive and the layout is fantastic!
    On the whole; it works!

  39. Steve says:

    What is the scale of Tom’s layout?

    The ads are fine with me.

  40. Kevin Blake says:

    Just one thing I would like to say is it looks good but a bit of weathering would make it so much better and less like a train set

  41. Curtis says:

    Very Nice Tom!

  42. Colin Smith says:

    Brilliant idea, you should have been doing the ads right from the start.
    Regards, Colin.

  43. RAY G says:

    great layout love your pics keep them coming.

  44. phil says:

    Looking Good

  45. Ken Hillyard says:

    Hi Tom,
    I find your layout beautiful, the only thing I would say is that some of your photos make your layout look toooo good. I know, that being a builder I have to get my son to do some things for me so they don’t look tooo perfect. Not a criticism at all but maybe a little weeds at the bottom of the walls, and some’ moss on the walls etc just to make a little more real.
    Thanks Ken

  46. John says:

    Ken Hilliard,
    Too late my friend. It’s already coming down. Perhaps he can use that great suggestion on his new layout!

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