Denny’s layout

Denny’s been in touch.

It’s a joy to post his layout because it’s easy to see he’s had fun.

And frankly, that’s all that matters:

“Good Morning Alastair,

Spent two years during the pandemic and fighting an incurable cancer and my amateur train platform doesn’t come close to the professional looking job that others have posted but thought, what the heck, here are some evening pics of my platform.


model railroad

model train loco

model train curve

model train football field

model train LED lights

model train LED lights

Now on to Arnie:

“HI Al,

Arnie here from across the pond in hot sunny Florida working on starting again on a layout.

Fell 2 yrs ago and broke my femur and using a walker. Makes it hard to get close to the table. Anyway decided to downsize from 60 x 72 to 30 x 72 and work on a new layout.

Enclosed is a copy of the plans with pictures to come in the future.

The layout is done on SCARM and is 69×31.

Have several different routes on the layout and can go from the outer to the inner and back again. The table is 30 x 72. I have foam on it and it extends the table a bit.

The track is Bachmann N scale e-z track and it has 15 points of which several move depending on the path of the trains. We can run two trains around and switch them back and forth between routes.

Based on no era I decided to just put it together. The switches are wired and powered up and the engines do run over the layout over different routes.

The control is Digitrax DCC.

I want to thank you and all your readers for being there and sharing tips and tricks for your blog.

I do belong to a club in the community I live in and we run both N and HO scale.

Please keep up the good work as I look forward to your blog each morning as I read my E-Mails.

Attached are two different versions of the layout. I haven’t decided which way to go yet. Maybe your readers can help.


model railroad track plan

model railroad track plan

“Hi Al…

Been back up in North Yorkshire again, with a visit to Goathlands better knows as Aidensfield in Heartbeat, with of course a ride on the Railway, being hauled along by the Big 9 F Steam Loco, and at last it had cooled down enough to just spend a bit of time in the loft and run a few of my own Trains for a change.



daves model railway

daves modelrailway

A big thanks to Denny, Arnie and Dave.

And please do comment below on which track plan Arnie should use.

That’s all for today folks.

Keep ’em coming.

And if today is the day you stop dreaming and start doing, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

26 Responses to Denny’s layout

  1. Don says:

    beautifully done

  2. Stephen Hill says:

    Denny , I like what you’ve done , I especially like the old trains you’ve chosen . Looks like you simply had fun . Great job

  3. Mark E. James says:

    Arnie, my vote would be for Mod 2

  4. Andrew Ball says:

    Your layout looks great, no need to put yourself down by saying it’s not up to the standard of others!

  5. Andrew Ball says:

    Go with the turntable every time!

  6. Andrew Ball says:

    NYM stunning as ever, who doesn’t love a ride o a steam train

  7. David Howarth says:

    Hi Arnie , sorry to hear you had a fal and put you on to a walker , my wife broke er femur and leg 8 years ago now and after 12 months walked with a limp but manages very well , good luck with the new layout, th e 2nd one looks more interesting , but could be harder to control and set up …but you are a master in the hobby ….Denny looks a great job you have done th4re , hope the cancer can be cured and may you have many years enjoying the hobby

  8. Scott says:

    Good for you Denny –
    I’m in Florida too – I’d be happy to stop by and help if we are close by each other – I’m near Cape Canaveral.

    Arnie – the turn table option is always a good choice I’d go that way for sure!

  9. george zaky says:

    You’re my kind of guy. Maybe the artistry aint Mona Lisa quality but its full of character. If you love it then I love it. Most important is that you get over the big C and work like hell on your layout because they’re never done you know.
    God Bless you and keep us up to date on you & your trains.
    The trolley gets my nod. IMHO I would parallel the outer loop, which I would designate the passenger line, with the inner loop which I would call the freight line. Go with what makes you happy & Get crackin’ with the tracks! LOL
    Much thanks for the morning ride both in & out. So good to hear from you. Best to you & the boss.
    Big Al
    Great start this AM! Cheers!

  10. James M Uhlig says:

    Don’t put yourself down, it looks great! As long as you enjoy it, you did it by yourself, be proud of the accomplishment. Remember “Its my Railroad”.

  11. Harold says:

    Denny…Great work. I will be incorporating some of your ideas once I get my setup started. Thanks for sharing.

  12. craig a loughery says:

    Overall layout size can be challenging…consider a second level? Gives you an excuse for tunnels and overhead bridges… Also, on a layoujt this size, turntables/roundhouses take up a lot of room; and become the focal point…if that’s what you want, makes sense…Otherwise, maybe not. Good Luck and happy RR-ing!

  13. robert dale tiemann says:

    very nice lighting set up. nice set up for the trollies too.

  14. Bob R says:

    I would forget the turntable as it takes to much room and you you can use the sidings to store different locomotives, etc.

  15. Rich Rudolph says:

    Love all.

  16. matiSon says:

    I like mod 1. Depending upon your era, a turntable may or may not be suitable. I also like the flow of the first one, as well as the additional sidings.

  17. Jim AZ says:

    Arnie, previously from Staten Island? With that great and highly detailed layout? If so, I can’t wait to see this one. But if not I’m sure you will make your decision and it’ll be great. But I too would opt for the trolley version.

    Jim AZ

  18. Jim AZ says:

    Denny’s layout has a lot going on. I love the sports complexes. No home run derby on that baseball field.

    Jim AZ

  19. Chuck Holsclaw says:

    Arnie, I hope you are doing OK. I loved your layout. I have a turntable on my ho scale so my vote is for the turntable layout. Rest and get better my friend. Look forward to your new layout.

  20. Orvan G Hatfield says:

    I vote for the first one. The trolly down the middle sold me, great use of space. Roundhouses are a pain to deal with, way to much trouble for the effect you get. Hat

  21. Ray Martin says:

    Denny, you can run trains and your scenery is more than basic plywood. Your lights remind me of the Christmas layouts from decades ago with lights everywhere when the room lights were turned out.

    Arnie, if you like big steam then the turntable and roundhouse tracks will be put to good use. My last two layouts took their lead from Age of Steam in Sugarcreek Ohio where they have several large steamers and many smaller engines. I noticed the trolley on your first layout and given more space for roads and houses it may be better for general modeling and giving the trolley something to do. Tough choices when space is at a premium! Good Luck!

    Dave’s videos are always appreciated and remind me that I really need to get after my track workers to actually lay track. Ray

  22. Ms Heather Logan says:

    Danny that is one hell of a effort mate, we have not tried half what you have done & most likely won’t get there it’s just a fun set for the both of us & the grand children & visitors here. This is something we have never done before & as Jason has to do 97% of it because I am in a wheel chair & can only do some things we thought we would just do our best this time for fun & training for maybe the next go at it for I can see things now I want to change but don’t want to upset him so for now I keep quite ha ha ha ha, Loved your layout mate keep up the great work Heather.

  23. Wayne Rybak says:

    I vote for the trolley. The other is good but I think it has too much track. Too messy.

  24. Bob B says:

    Arnie I prefer model 2 because I’m not a fan of a roundhouse unless you got lots of layout room. I would consider 2 changes to model 2. First make the trolley track follow the line established by the switches . It more enjoyable to watch than a simple straight. The I’d consider making the layout on 2 levels . Let the track rise over the remaining at around sw6 and bring it back down on the far right of the outside loop and even better make it cross again to an extended piece at that end. In short make the layout assymetrical as opposed to a rectangle

  25. Roderick Mackay says:

    I love trams/trolleys but basically you turn it on and it runs up, down, up… and so on. By comparison, taking a loco off shed, coaling it, watering and shunting it onto a train is great play value, changing power was a big part of railroading and most modellers end up with more locos than trains, so the roundhouse makes sense.

  26. william j plmer says:

    love the night lights

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