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Ed’s been in touch with is Atlas model railroad:

“I have been reading your blog for several years. I find that it has inspired me to resurrect my interest in model railroading. The photos and stories shared by your followers have provided valuable inspiration and information.

As a child I had a Lionel train set but never had the room or money to do anything more than a simple oval. But, I spent many enjoyable hours watching that train run.

When my son was about 6 we bought him a Lionel Chessie System H O train set and I mounted the track which was nothing more than an oval with a siding on a 4×8 board on hinges in out garage. As we lived in Florida is was too hot on most day to do much wit it. We made several moves and hung that board in the garage every time with the same result.

As I was nearing retirement, I was working out of a home office and my wife encouraged me to start a layout. We were living in a small condo and I researched small track plans in an Atlas publication. I laid Atlas model railroad code 100 track following Atlas’ Twice Around in 4×6 plan.

I collected several locos and cars from the late steam and early diesel era and ran these trains for several years. At a model railroad show in Fort Lauderdale I met an aged (to me then) man who was selling Tillig code 83 track and we became friends. I decided to take down the code 100 track and invested in the Tillig track.

I laid the track following that layout plan with some modification. I wired a few blocks but before I could run trains we moved and bought a motor home and started traveling. The layout was encase in plywood and stored in my daughters backyard she from 2003 to 2019.

Last winter I unboxed the layout and was surprised to find it was in decent shape. I spent some time cleaning track before closing it up and moving it to our small villa in North Carolina. I managed to wire the main line and can run trains around the layout.

Sadly I was not able to install and wire the Lemaco point motors I bought over 20 years ago before returning to Florida. This will have to wait a few months for us to get back. I may need help with the switch motors.

I am attaching photos of the layout after I unboxed it in Florida last winter, and where it currently sits on fold up benchwork in our spare bedroom in North Carolina. Again thank for the inspiration.


atlas model railroad layout

A big thanks to Ed for sharing his Atlas model railroad.

Atlas layouts always remind me of Ernie’s Atlas N scale post – he left his trains running for two days by mistake.

Richard’s 4×6 Atlas model railroad layout is a very worthwhile viewing too.

“Hi Al,

just posted this video, its just to let all know I found out how to enter new Loco in to the ECOS controller, and a BIG new sidings for my trains (a shelf under the layout).

Also showing a few of my trains running, some I have not shown in a long time, I shall not be posting for a few weeks now, so hope you all can enjoy this running video.



Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

“Hi Al, my name is Tony.

I live in New York City in the US.

I have a 10’-10’ with a cutout in the middle for accessibility. Here are some pictures of it.

I used 1by 3’s for the frame and 2 by 2’s for the legs.

Then I used 2’-2’ Pink foam insulation for my base. I glued wheels on it so I can move it if needed.

I’m wiring in in DCC Digitrax. I am using Kato track for ease ability.

I’m not a professional so I hope to get feedback on my little world.

Thank you so much


 n scale

n scale model train

n scale model railroad

N scale railway

A huge thanks to Ed and Tony.

It’s wonderful to see all of these layout slowly come to life.

If anyone has any suggestions for Tony, please do leave a comment below.

That’s all for today folks, please do keep ’em coming.

And if today is the day you press the button on your very own layout, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



28 Responses to Atlas model railroad – Ed’s

  1. Dwight in Toronto says:

    Tony … wow! A 10′ x 10′ layout in N-scale … magnificent. You are going to be able to operate some wonderfully long consists. Looks really good so far.

  2. Eric Rayner says:

    Tony, good sized layout you have there, with plenty of room for growing both the rail network and scenery. You don’t need to be a professional to build a layout, I doubt very many out there are true professionals. Most of us are happy amateurs doing what we love best, building the railroads to our own liking. Keep up the good work.

  3. Andrew Dale says:

    Another great video from Dave, I did wonder if he would ever have a completed layout. When mine’s complete that will be it maybe just tweeks.
    Thanks for all the enjoyment I’ve had from looking at all the wonderful layouts modellers have posted.
    I did feel as though I was under some degree of pressure to go DCC, but when talking to the experts, they said it’s your layout so do what you want so I’m sticking to analogue.
    Still having problems with the link

  4. Tony, Kitty Hawk NC says:

    Great Job Ed and Tony! I hope you both keep us updated as your layouts progress.

  5. Charles says:

    Tony, great layout. I am at the planning stages and will be starting my build in a few months. I’m still cleaning out an “empty nester” room, painting and such.

    I had the option of building in the basement of the house. I see that you are in your basement. Do you have any concern over moisture effecting the tracks and the electrical equipment over time?
    I’d love to hear from others in this. I plan to wire DC, in the methods that I knew 40 years ago before DCC.

  6. Robert Brady says:

    Dangerous I watched your show this morning while eating breakfast loved it And commercial free no less. BRAVO DAVE! I’ll tune in next week. same time same station.

  7. Robert Brady says:

    AY Tony Keep us updated with pics. landscaping,towns and the Hudson river,lol
    We’ll be watchin!
    from Westchester

  8. george zaky says:

    Many thanx for your input and videos.
    You may not be a professional but your layout is professional so far and VERY ambitious. You have a lot to do and I hope you keep at it with vigor and enthusiasm. Keep us all updated.
    George from NY


    Much better speed. Most train don’t run at ninety miles an hou


    Much better speed. Most train don’t run at ninety miles an hour.

  11. Lawrence O Mercier says:

    I really do like this layout, nice job. thanks

  12. Bob Richards says:

    Tony, it appears you have a great plan and start on your layout. Adding scenery and detail will add to your fun.

  13. Dave

    Saw your last video and i was finally impressed that you SLOWED down your trains as in the past they seemed like they were flying around your layout. This looks more realistic
    I run “G” series outside and inside and i thought i had alot of rolling stock…GEEZ

  14. Marklin ed says:

    Thanks to all for the layouts and the stories. Now on to Dave, maybe you could run some more of your steam loco. I’m a freight car guy, like all the different kinds of freight cars. Dave is those freight car you ran are new or current cars in England

  15. Gary says:

    Nice to see the US Flag in the pictures. However, it is hanging wrong. When the flag is hanging down, the blue field must be on the left.

  16. Ed Lustigman says:

    Thanks ,Will do Tony can’t wait to get back, been finding lots of great ideas

  17. Joe Saunders says:

    I have my setup in my basement. In order to keep the humidity down, I run a dehumidifier set to 35% humidity (I’m in Maine and it can get humid here) and it runs whenever the humidity gets over that. I also have a fan positioned so that it blows air around the basement and past the dehumidifier. My equipment hasn’t incurred any problems so far due to humidity.

  18. Tony, your layout is already looking great, in NYC Wow I used to work on water Street Downtown and apartments are not much bigger.

    Keep us in the loop on your progress, I am just starting my HO 14×6 pictures will be following.

  19. Ed, great little Atlas layout. I’m glad to see you were able to reserect it after so many years in storage. I started a little Christmas layout 22 years ago and your story and Al’s blog has inspired me to finally get back to work on it. I’ll try to post some photos when I get a chance.

    Tony, that looks like it’s going to be a great N scale layout. Keep up the good work!

  20. Lee Hirsch says:

    Hi Tony. Great start on your layout! Looking good. I, too, reccomend using a localized dehumidifier. Put a door on your layout room to reduce the workload on the unit. Can be one of those vynal folding ones.
    If you have a floor drain in the room, set up a direct drain line to prevent overflows of the collection pan.
    Also, to easily and quickly give your layout a more finished look, 1) paint your walls and ceiling (even unfinished) a pale sky blue. If you use a paint sprayer, highly recommended, make sure you cover your layout well.
    2) paint your layout a pale grass green or a pale dirt color. (I prefer green). Use a foam brush, its easier to maneuver around existing stuff, and no masking is required. It’s just a rough coat of paint you need to put down.
    You will be amazed at what a difference a couple weekends work will make. Keep up your great work. Lee. N scale, too.

  21. TOM SAWYER says:

    Tony, excellent! Keep up the great work.

    Dave much better slower. would like to see more stops for on/off loading passengers! as ALWAYS, SUPERB.


  22. john thorogood says:

    Just love watching your trains run and the changes to make to both track and scenery. How about turning one of your telephone call boxes into a police call box and then move it around. Doctor WHO would love that.

  23. DJfromNJ says:

    Tony, you are off to a great start. Love the size of your cut-out. Before going too far, I’d recommend some “bumper” material to the unforgiving wooden frame (keep unsightly bruises, blood, etc. to a minimum).
    Good luck with your large layout: very ambitious!

  24. Thank you all for Comments re my video ..Dave’s …I will try and run more steam next time and slow again , had to speed up with the Deltics though to get that sound Blasting out ….John I do have the old Blue Police Box ion the layout , just outside the small platforms Stig Halt ….and Marklin Ed I think those freight cars went out of use back in the middle 70’s …I have . good few of them , I did initially start this layout as a 60’s era layout , but with so many great Loco`s being made these days I could not hold back from buying more modern stock …Thanks again all for your comments ..Dangerous Dave

  25. Ed Lustigmab says:

    Hi again Tony, really big undertaking, do you plan to run trains from the lower level to the upper level? Great to have center access

  26. Rod Mackay says:

    Old colleague of mine was once Pilotman for a long stretch of temporary single-line working west from Bristol, with trains either way using the same track without signalling during engineering work on the other track. He climbed onto the first train, gave the driver his briefing and they set off, winding up to about 80mph, at which my mate felt obliged to remind the driver he was to travel “at caution” and the driver (from the big London depot) replied “I’m an Old Oak man, mate, we go everywhere at 125, this IS bl**ding ‘caution’!”

  27. Richard Chapple Sr says:

    I concur with all the great comments for these 3 layouts.
    Tony our basements look alike. I did G scale in mine. I found that dust was my big culprit until I covered the ceiling joists with 4 by 8 sheets of material. And I used luminescent paint to paint stars and a moon etc on the ceiling. It really looks neat with the lights off.

    Dave a please request……..would you mind doing a video on how you did your your backdrop paintings? They are so darn good. I have over 70 feet of backdrops to make come alive. I am at a crossroads as to what height to set my horizons.

  28. John Hauser says:

    Dave: You inspire all of us. Your videos are so well done and provide the motivation to improve our own layouts.

    Tony: Nice layout and it looks like it is coming along nicely, keep us in the loop.

    John Hauser

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