Canadian canyons N scale – Fred’s

Fred’s been in touch with his Canadian canyons N scale layout:

“Hi Al,

These picture have been a long time in coming and my friends and I are nowhere close to being finished. We are in the process of an N gauge layout on a very large scale probably not to be finished in the near future but to be done with a lot of love and a sense of accomplishment. The layout is under a two car garage with lots of room. This is a Canadian layout “Canadian Union Rail Road—CURR the Dog Line” located just north of Port Perry Ontario Canada.

We are not rivet counters nor are we using any fancy power systems. There are three separate lines and a yard with transformers for each. We just like to watch the train go round especially when they tend to pass each other. Although tracks are powered they tend to be set up as static scenes (our choice). My friends, who deserve a lot of credit are John Stainton and Joe Harmum. We get together once a week when possible and “play trains”. John has done most of the work on Johnstown and Joe has spent valuable hours on the prison called “Joeville Arrest Haven” I have been responsible for the ravine, the park, the campsite, the nursery, the storage area and the parts of the farm that have been completed.

The city will be called Frederickton and every one will be making a contribution. The hills you see are made from cans of insulating foam covered with plaster cloth and paint and of course scenic materials. We are trying to use as little bought material as possible. That is why your web site has been a gold mine. At then end of the pictures I have included a set of Christmas led “white” lights; cheap and easy to setup and work on batteries that will last quite a long time if you were only using then for sometime night effects (I will supply more information if any wants it).


N scale prison

N scale layout

N scale layout

N scale layout

N scale tunnel

model train town

Canadian canyons N scale:








Canadian canyons N scale

Canadian canyons N scale

Canadian canyons N scale

Canadian canyons N scale

Canadian canyons N scale

Canadian canyons N scale

Canadian canyons N scale








model train construction

model train construction

Big thanks to Fred for sharing his Canadian canyons N scale layout. Do you know, I’ve been sitting on this one since November. I get sent so many emails some do fall through the cracks – like this one. So if you’ve mailed me, and not heard from me, please bear with me.

That’s all today folks, I’m having one of those days where nothing goes right. Feeling proper miserable.

Keep ’em coming.

Beginner’s guide is here if you haven’t taken the plunge yet.



PS Ebay cheat sheet still going strong!

30 Responses to Canadian canyons N scale – Fred’s

  1. John Bigham says:

    Hi Al,
    Sorry you are feeling down, you cheer me up no end with the layouts you put on line I promise I will get around to sending mine.

  2. Dave Cook says:

    looks great but would you please show some panarama shots as the single scenes don’t show us the real entireity of the layout.

  3. eric7 says:

    Nice effort you three, particularly like the fact that you show it is a work in progress so all I can say is keep up the good work, N scale is time consuming and fiddly but worth the effort, from my point of view I love to lay the rails and then build up the scenery as that way you know what space you have to fit things in, building the scenery and then finding you need to move things because the rails need adjusting is annoying. The ravine looks good. Well done.

    Eric (Leeds) UK

  4. eric7 says:

    Oh and Cheer up Al we all have days like that 🙂

    Eric. again

  5. Steve Hudacko says:

    Nice job guys. You are lucky to have each other. It is fun to work on a layout but to have friends to share it with is special. Enjoy
    Steve from Toms River

  6. david howarth says:

    Nice work you have done there Fred , makes for a great layout ..Dave

  7. Hi Al
    Your work is fantastic and keep the hints and ideas coming. I have been using lots of them on my layout and will eventually send you some pics and maybe a video too. In this series the gentleman talked about buying and using local stuff to build their layout. I would like to know more from them on how they set up the Christmas LED lights for their layout. I have been trying different things, but none seem to work. thank You in advance for any help with this subject.
    Larry from Johnston Iowa, USA

  8. steve says:

    very impressive lay out , love the ravine and mountians

  9. Jon Fourre says:

    Great job! I am also building in N scale and I love it. When I get further along I’ll be sending pics too.
    More information on using Christmas lights would be immensely appreciated. My grandkids love the railroad so far but have said “Why don’t the buildings and train stations light up, Pop-Pop?” The commercial lighting systems are way too expensive for a pensioner like me! You gave me a ray of light to my problem. Thanks so.much for sharing your railroad -!fabulous job and look forward to seeing more.

    Jon from Green Brook, NJ

  10. Ovadia says:

    The USA have the highest percentage of jailed persons in the world. Jails have become so much a part of the US-American culture that they show up even in models of US-American railroads.

  11. Ian Schoeman says:

    Very very nice! I like this. I have some N-scale engines and stock and if this doesn’t get me started then nothing will. Thank You

  12. Ken Stramel says:

    Nice job, everything looks great, and some good ideas too. Keep it up.

  13. Frank Mucciolo says:

    Damn nice layout, not to over state your layout, I have yet to see a layout that I would love to have set up some where, anywhere in my pad. All that I have seen is giving me some great ideas and I really appreciate all the input from all the members of this great organization.

  14. Pete Evangel says:

    Looking very nice. You say your still working on your layout and not nearly finished. hate to break the news, but you’re never finished! That’s what is so great about this hobby. There will always be something to add or change. It keeps the brain moving as well as the body. In the mean time, you get run the trains, see how everything is turning out and think about the next project. Your “table” shows great planning and skill. “N” scale is difficult as it’s so small but you show that it all can be done. Keep it up and send in more pictures. Would really like to see engines and cars too.

    Pete-Sunny Calif.

  15. wow a great BIG layout…!!
    3 different layouts in one..!!..and lots of detail work….
    and I dont see how you guys have the patience to work in N scale…
    beats the heck outta my eyes….
    and getting together and ‘playing trains’ is good fun…
    nice …and its a Canuck Railroad…eh?…
    keep em runnin’ fellas!!
    stjohn in long beach calif

  16. tom says:

    Love your work especially the river and bridges. you guys are doing great. I also do N gage I am retired and do not have deep pockets. As for the gentleman in NJ with the light problem it`s really not to expensive or difficult to do lights, look on line there are alot of inexpensive parts out there. Tom in AZ

  17. Phil Saruk says:

    Great Layout!! Very Creative! Love the Nursery and all of the Agriculture scenes!
    Loved the Camp Sites; Boy Scouts?
    Beautiful Work!!

  18. Paul Wienold says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how inventive rail fans can be. I too like building or adapting as opposed to buying. (Love making my own trees) Keep up the good work. BTW, r u far from the Railway Inn? I was playing w/google maps. … Paul in CA, USA

  19. I find the n scale layout very well done so far. Except for cars parking lot (very small for turn-around). I also used Xmas lights under the table to light up my buildings. Toilet paper rolls (just cardboard) and foam from packing to create my mountains and hills. Walking my yard for twigs and using lichen for foliage. Plus pebbles for boulders. Anything to cut cost! Well done Fred and company.

  20. Bob Lowes says:

    Beautiful! The detail you’ve taken really shows up in the photos. I can picture sending a freight down the main line and passing all the farms and industry you have created. Well done-5 STARS!

    On another note-Is there anyone from the Frankfurt Germany area. If so, please PM ( me about a layout that needs someone to visit for my wife’s 80+ year old sister who just lost her husband. It’s an HO Layout.
    Thanks Al!

  21. Gavin says:

    I would appreciate more info on the Christmas led lights as well. I am working on a n-scale layout as well. I really like seeing the “in progress” photos. One can learn a great deal from them and your explanation is great. Thank you!

  22. Joe says:

    Love these guys. I look at the workmanship and expertise that goes into some of the layouts that you see here and in mags. like MRR etc. and know that I will never be able to do anything like those. Then I see a layout like this and think to myself that these fellows don’t profess to be bolt counters, but they do a nice job on their layout. The thing I like is that they are obviously having fun doing it. Not that the experts aren’t having fun, it’s just that we are not all that talented. Kudos to you guys, keep it up and please keep us posted as your work progresses. Thank you.

  23. George Ross says:

    Great Photos. Keep up the good work. Wish My Vision was good enough to do a N Gauge Layout. Just getting by doing HO.

  24. Jim says:

    Great start on your layout. You are lucky to have friends to work with you. One suggestion for all who post comments, pictures and videos. How about letting us know where you live? I love that our hobby has such a worldwide following.

  25. Bob says:

    Al, if you are feeling down all you have to do is change your mind and tell yourself everything is fine. I was told I have a negative personality until I began to understand I have the power to control how I feel. You have given so much that you deserve to feel great because seeing all the layouts you posted has made me feel better.

  26. Des Cole says:

    I am in the process of setting up an N gauge layout. I recently found a set of 20 battery operated Christmas tree lights reduced to half price. They were powered by 2 AA batteries. I found a mains adapter which gave 3 volts dc from mains power. With the correct polarity these work fine. Thanks for all your tips.

  27. Tom says:

    Nice job guys … keep up the great work! Good Looking railroad.!!!

    Tom North Central Maryland USA

  28. Larry Johnson says:

    THis is a really great looking layout Thanks for sharing Keep em comming

  29. Thomas Murphy says:

    Valued photos are really appreciated no matter which scale you model, thanks for sharing fellows.

  30. Bob says:

    Nice work on a great looking layout. A realistic looking mountains!

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