Marklin 3 rail layout

Harry has been in touch with his Marklin 3 rail layout:

“Hi from Harry in Australia.

The layout I constructed is with Märklin 3 rail some of it 50 years old track .

Digital mfx locos running ,with steam and sound and turnouts and signals switched by reed switches for the block system to work.

Have fun with the pictures .

Greetings Harry”

Marklin 3 rail

Marklin 3 rail

Marklin 3 rail

Marklin 3 rail

Marklin 3 rail

Marklin 3 rail track plan

model train scenery

model railroad scenery

model train scenery

Wow! A big thank you to Harry for sharing his Marklin 3 rail layout. It’s impressive, but, Harry, we want to know more about it. Please tell!

That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And if today is the day you get started on your layout, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

73 Responses to Marklin 3 rail layout

  1. jim says:

    it looks great, thenx for sharing

  2. Tom Oliver says:

    Great layout Harry. Wish I was that close to finished!

  3. john creasey says:

    great layout, how about a video?

  4. Wow as you say , that is some layout , well done Harry

  5. Bob says:


  6. Ray Noble says:

    Great Job Harry, I love the detail and time you put into the layout. It show’s true craftsmanship and the love for model railroading. These are the thing’s I hope my grandson comes to learn over the years of modeling with me.

    Keep up the great work!

  7. Sheila says:

    WOW. Very impressive layout. How big is it? What scale? Not knowing much about the Marklin track, where is the 3rd rail? Excellent job.

  8. Harry.

    Great stuff,what a fantastic layout.

    Let`s see some more pictures of this layout

  9. Jim Cope says:

    Stunning. No one thing over another but my special interest at the moment is a backdrop for our layout and yours is what we hope for. Is it applied or painted on? Thanks for sharing you layout.

    Jim C

  10. Kenny Anderson says:

    Wow, A lot going on there. I spent a lot of time looking at each picture but I’m sure I didn’t notice all the details. I like the building on fire simulation and the fireman on the fire truck ladder is a nice touch. Great details, It looks like HO scale to me, that’s what mine is too. I wish I had the space that you have. I hope I get mine half as good as your’s. It’s Very impressive. I love the way your real mountains and scenery blend right into the painted backdrop on the back wall. A very good progression, especially where the span bridge is mounted. That must have been hard to matchup everything so it blended in. If I didn’t know better, I would say it was all a real place. You have a lot of talent. Well done, my friend. Well done. And yes, A video would be great to see it all in action.

  11. laura godwin says:

    it looks kool what scale is it the bulidings look like there are g scale great work

  12. John says:

    Fantastic, I used to drool over the Marklin catalogue when I was a kid. I can see a lot of the trains I wanted on this layout.

    Nice to see it all in such a great setting.
    John Yates

  13. Mike Purcell says:

    Great layout. This one deserves a video. Very busy, but it all seems to make sense.

  14. Eddie S. says:

    Fantastic. Lots of dedicated work!

  15. Very interesting layout. Nice of you to share with us all, Harry. Keep up the good works.

  16. paul Otway says:

    Wow neat

  17. Thom says:

    Loved the detail as much if not more than everyone else.
    I like how it all fits together, I think!!! I had trouble fitting some of the photos together. Specifically, (2nd to last in the series) there seems to be a very tight circle of track that dives under the approaching track. It seems to go around the mine itself. However, I couldn’t find it on the panaramic shot at the beginning of the series. It would be great if (as several here have suggested) you could do a video of the layout.

    Bottom line? Inspiring.


  18. Ralph says:

    What a marvelous time you must have had building all that layout. My cousin used to have a Marklin centre stud layout and I envied it for many years. I don’t see much Marklin for sale where I live so its great to see so much in one layout.Well done.

  19. Stemar, (Downunder) says:

    Very well done Harry, I was impressed with the reality you have placed into your layout, enjoy all your efforts for years to come.

  20. Tom says:

    Busy … Detailed … Awesome!


    Keep on Training!

    Tom N

  21. chris says:

    very nice layout, love the detail

  22. THOMAS says:


  23. Ian says:

    great layout the photos are great i could go back over and over for diffreent thingsto look at well done how old is the layout.

  24. raymond says:

    very good how long did it take to build it

  25. Sundaram says:

    A great job. Meticulously done. But I would personally like it to be less crowded.

  26. Joe says:

    Great layout I would like to see this on Video it would out do many on YouTube.People everywhere could enjoy it.
    Thanks Joe

  27. Charles E Adams Sr says:

    Harry I must say, man your layout is the greatest I’ve ever seen. You must lie at night and dream of such layouts…well keep on dreaming. I think everyone get lots of ideas from your layouts…the way to go Harry

    Thanks …keep them coming…Chas Sr

  28. Ben Hawkins says:

    That is a GREAT Layout, Great Job

  29. Dennis says:

    There is LOTS going on in that layout. Looks like lots of fun.

  30. Keep up the good work, I enjoy looking at your work .

  31. kimo says:

    really great layout for small area

  32. billy says:

    cool lay out

  33. Timothy says:

    Awesome layout

  34. Dale says:

    Harry: I add my acclaim to the others. Perhaps you could share with us those items that are scratch built? I suspect that wonderful building next to the roundhouse might be ‘your’s?
    AL: Thanks for this forum. I, too, am impressed with large (well done) layouts, but I submit we would all be better served if we viewed them as a collection of scenes. I believe those with small layouts might feel more free to share their ‘collection of scenes’. My point is I am certain there are a host of small, beautifully created model railroad ‘out there’ that we all need to see. Would the creators of those please share. Every well done scene is worth viewing.

  35. Joe says:

    Wow Harry, this is great work, time and patience you have put into the layout. How big is the layout, looks like a big room. I love your background sceneries and the buildings which I’m looking for my layout. Had to dismantle mine since we moved houses. It was a 10′ x 5′ layout. Thank you for sharing your layout.

  36. KK says:

    I am in the process of building some electric utility lines, poles etc for my layout. Does anyone know where I can get some transformers & other pole items? Thanks.

  37. George Ross says:

    OUTSTANDING LAYOUT. What Size is the Layout or the room it is in.??

  38. John Reynolds says:


  39. jim morris says:


  40. Curtis says:


  41. ‘Fasinating layout….Gives me the hunger to get back in after being out of model railroading for 40 years…………..Love the trestles & photo # 10 & 11 with the train facilities & the shell tanker……………….Awesome!’

  42. Roy Pachkowski says:

    Dedication brings satisfaction.

  43. Great layout – Nice to see a Marklin layout with M tracks, Makes me more determined to start my layout, still got my set that I got for my 6 th birthday in 1958. Once I startup will post photos of the progress.
    Louis, Cape Town, SA

  44. Dave Whatley says:

    The guy who posted at 8:46 pm says it all for me to. What a realy great job yOu have done. Dave in Savannah Ga. USA

  45. David says:

    Hi Harry:

    I am in the States and do mostly Lionel O gauge. However, I have some pre W Marklin items stached away. It is my inent to soon do a second Marklin layout when I get to it. Yours is absolutely GREAT. Thank you for sharing. Wish my O gauge was as good. Later, David in SC

  46. Victor Heffern says:

    Beautiful layout—great detail —and a lot of love !!!

  47. Ken Lindberg says:

    Fantastic Märklin layout that warms my heart. Since I moved I have not built a new layout yet; however plan to do so soon. I have a lot (and I mean a lot) of Märklin M-track, signals, catenary, Steam and Electric Engines and many passenger and freight cars. All 45-60 years old.

    Ken (USA)

  48. Rick D says:

    Holy Kamoly,
    Unreal Harry, a museum piece for sure. Don’t let up, we want more.
    snowy and freezing here in southern Ontario.

  49. Great layout! I would love to see video of your trains in action!

  50. Bob Henley says:

    Several weeks ago, you had an article about an N gauge devotee who use a CD to create a turntable. Unfortunately, I have lost the article and would very much appreciate it if you could reprint it or email it to me.

    Also, do you have any information on the minimum diameter that will handle a 4-6-2 stream locomotive.

    My very sincere thank you for your assistance.

    Bob Henley

  51. Mark says:

    Great layout very well done lots going on nicely detailed how big is the layout and what gauge

  52. Burch Ouellette says:

    You have created one of the most beautiful, and complex layouts I’ve seen on this site. The attention to detail and workmanship that went into this layout is nothing short of amazing.
    Thanks for sharing your layout pictures with us.
    Butch, Danvers, Massachusetts

  53. Mike says:

    Awesome layout, highly detailed, I can appreciate all your hard work. Thanks for sharing.

  54. In 1970s, I saw a Marklin layout for sale at now defunct Frederick&Nelson dept. store. It cost about $1,800 and couldn’t afford. I was young then. It had centenary and M track with signals. No train included, of course. German stuff is now so expensive but so nicely made. I’m now in Oscale 2rail but still couldn’t afford that nice Marklin layout even if l wanted to. My most expensive item is a N&W, J611. I still like German kits like Faller and Vollmer but Walthers got it cornered and costs too much. I got a sawmill that cost $34.98 that now Costa about $120. last I looked. So, your layout must be worth a barrel of money.Thanks sharing.

  55. Kim Childs says:

    Wow!! The detail is as good as a Norman Rockwell painting. Great stuff. Thanks for sharing!

  56. Love it. Certainly a fantastic layout. Would love to have one like that.

  57. Marr says:

    Harry , You have to be working 24 7 on your layouts, , Realey awe
    som, Thanks for sharing.Makes my layout furhuddled

  58. Dennis Koppo says:

    Nice layout, GREAT photography!

  59. Larry says:

    Nice! Wish the pictures were a bit higher resolution…

  60. James Sulkosky says:

    Very nice layout you have, I like it very much keep up the great work.

  61. John Hauser says:

    Stunning! Very nice layout. I’m especially drawn to the European style trains, I think they are just perfect.

    We don’t have access to any of these models in the US. If we were to purchase then from abroad will the work from our electrical system?

  62. To Bob Henley, I’m in HO gauge and I have three 4-6-2. The one made by Mantua has a blind middle driver and operates on 15″ radius but not very well. Another Mantua I have has all 6 drivers flanged and operates on 18″ curves. The third is a IHC, all drivers flanged and also operates ok on 18″ curves

  63. S scale George says:

    unbelievable! awesome!
    videos, more data, and some history Please, Please

  64. Don Poitras says:

    Like your different levels with bridges,tunnels and retaining walls.#1don p

  65. Joe says:

    wow, very intense ! awesome layout !!! every time I see layouts on here, I start revamping my ideas, I am thinking train yard into country and a small town down line, having a hard time figuring where to start ! I love looking at these layouts, they make me feel small with my ideas !

  66. Could you possibly provide a diagrammatic layout of the track arrangement? There is so much going on here that singular photos don’t capture it all and it seems so complex I can’t get my head around it. HELP!

  67. Danny Marso says:

    Wow,great layout, vert entertaining! Great job,thanks for sharing.

  68. Keith wheatley says:

    Hi Harry. Love the layout, you have a lot going on. Do you single handle this yourself when running trains ,or is there a second person? I would like to know the make of the arch bridge that has the tunnel mouth below one end its what I’ve been looking for. Thanks for sharing Keith

  69. Thanks. Very helpful as I struggle with scratch building an oil loading area. Great stuff.

  70. Bill Kennedy says:

    Looking at the responses to your layout tell it all. GREAT WORK!! At this point there is not much I can add that hasn’t already been said except thanks for sharing.

  71. Beautiful!!

  72. David S McElwain says:

    Greetings from Huntley, Illinois.
    Since a young lad I have always admired the European style model railroad layouts and yours is very fine.
    Had I not made such an investment in North American trains I may just make the leap.
    You have a beautiful layout that looks to be a joy to operate.
    Regards Dave

  73. Richard Boles says:

    Wonderful layout!! As others have stated, a video would be great! Thanks for sharing.

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