HO scale flatbed

Dick’s been in touch with a HO scale flatbed build:

“Hi AL,

I love Roger’s HO scale flatbed ideas. It got me thinking about making a car hauler out of one of my HO flatbeds. We have a few “Matchbox” type cars from when our Grandson was young. I built a second level from toothpicks, glued it all together using JB weld, and painted the whole thing to match the flatbed. Here’s how it came out. What do you think?

Tricky Dick in California

ps. JB weld is an epoxy.. MIx equal parts and it dries hard over night”


If you’re wondering which post Tricky is referrin too, it’s here.

“My favorite scenery tip.

I use older ceiling tiles to make rock walls. I tear off small pieces and glue them together to make a wall that looks very realistic. I will glue them together to make overhangs, cliffs, indentations and then use water colors accent coloring. A small piece of lichen hear or there simulates small shrubbery growing from the natural cracks. The pieces will be less than an inch deep to maximize space on the layout.


Thanks for all the comments and emails on the post featuring the abandoned trains – there was one common theme with them all: sad, but beatiful.

That’s all I got today. It’s getting a bit thin on the ground this end, so if there’s anything you’d like to share please do get in touch. Emailing me is easy – just hit reply to any of my mails.

That’s all this time folks – apart from if you’re heading over to ebay, have a look at the latest ebay cheat sheet. Some really nice stuff on there at the mo.



PS Looking for the Beginner’s Guide? It’s here.

12 Responses to HO scale flatbed

  1. Pete says:

    I have a question. I live in suburban Detroit and will be making a layout in me garage. I currently dont have the funding to insulate and heat the garage. Will this ba an issue if I start building my layout now and running trains?

    Thank you all and have a great day!

  2. tom says:

    Great job on the car hauler, just goes to show you once again what we can do with a little time and household items. reguards Tom AZ

  3. Willard Turnbow says:

    That’s a nice idea with awesome results. I would use care in using some old building materials as one might encounter asbestos. I can’t believe it was a product of choice (for floor, ceiling, etc.) by the building industry many years ago. I know a lot of us modelers utilize Styrofoam which is more than plentiful in supply–modeling is also great means to recycle the product.

    Thanks again for the tip and please keep up the awesome work!

  4. Chuck Bartunek says:

    Nicely done

  5. Herbert Williams says:

    I would like to see some pictures from Terry, maybe a step-by-step.

  6. Rod Mackay says:

    Gets pretty cold in the winters in Detroit I should think, remember you’ll have a lot of rail expansion from winter to summer temperatures, so I should think unless laying track in the height of summer, leave expansion gaps between the rail-ends in the rail joiners.


  7. mickael macht says:

    Nice job on the car carrier!!!

    I would also like to see some of those pictures step by step.

    I also have use tree bark to make rocks on my layout.

  8. Donald Lango says:

    nice tips on all scenery , i like to know all these tips and the different materials you all use , it makes me think about things i’ve used in the past , if you use your head most anything can be used to make something on your layouts , gravel makes good boulders, branches off a crate myrtle bush make good trees , and so on

  9. Perry says:

    From everything I have been told and read, it is best to do the insulation and finish the ceiling first, that is what I am doing.

  10. David says:

    Great job with the road hauler and the strews to make pipes. I dont send in many comments but i do read all of them and would like to thank John for his card print outs i enjoy making them( but more English buildings please.), Alastair lee and all you guys sending in all these brilliant ideas.
    Thanks much appreciated.
    Dave .

  11. old trainman says:

    Dear Pete ( with the cold garage)
    Rather than insulate and heat you could consider using a dehumidifier. This will keep the air moisture in control and prevent deterioration of things. I use one in an outside store which has no heating, but keeps paperwork and sleeping bags along with lots of other things in good condition. As you are in Detroit you should use a dessicant type which work better in cold weather. It will use about 500W of electricity- so much cheaper than heating.

  12. Jim says:

    I too have used ceiling tile to model the southwest. After applying hydro cal then washes of layered colors and the a dusting with scenic express products, the effect is quite effective. Would like to show some photos but don’t know how. BTW. This is a great site. Great tips. Great layouts. Great pics.

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