HO scale mine

Wayne’s been back in touch again with his HO scale mine.

If you missed his last missive, it’s here.

“Well I going to post a couple of pics to see if my neminis the critic has to say.

It started a couple of post ago when I showed my hills after I had placed my rocks on them. His comment was like a metor shower had hit the hills. He was right it did.

As time passed I keep thinking about the metors. Another post said the bolders were too heavy, another idea.

Now I will start my story about metors. Yes the town and all the focks that lived there suffered from that metor shower.

Like most people they reached down tightend their boot straps and went on living.

The old gravel HO scale mine was up for sale, and was going to close down. About that time the goverment found that these metors had some very strange propertys when refined down to their basic elements.

These metors were very light, very strong, and would float in the air when refind.

As you can see we now have the COMET MINE, owned by goverment.

To my critic, yes the gate over the tracks does open, and the gate over the road opens also.

I want to thank you all for your coments. I would never have thought of this without your comments.

HO scale mine

HO scale mine

HO scale mine

HO scale mine

I have a little yard work left, weather the power shed/ water flushing pumps. A 16 cyl. Diesel cat powers the 10,000 volt generator.

The flushing pump has its own power . A 8 cyl. Cat powers the 1,000 gpm pump.

In kit bashing this shed I brought in a fuel line, water line in and out plus shut off valves on both.

HO scale mine

HO scale mine

When I finish this I can continue the mountins around to the coal mine.



Next on to Dangerous Dave:

“Hi Al… Just running a few trains, not gardening weather yet, so what better than to spend a few hours in the loft running a few trains.



Next, Heather and her son, Jason.

It always get a kick when I see people making a start, and that’s exactly what Heather and Jason have done.

They are both train lovers and Jason has designed the track plan and table height so Heather can help in her wheelchair. Brilliant!

I also love what Wayne has done – I know I go on about making a start, but once you have, make your layout your own: it’s yours, your rules, your imagination. Want a meteor shower? No problem!

That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And if today is the day you get started on your layout, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

PPS More HO scale train layouts here if that’s your thing.

27 Responses to HO scale mine

  1. Train hobbyists should offer each other compliments and suggestions. Never criticism!

  2. paul says:

    Hi Wayne i think the comet mine looks amazing the detail is astounding wish i could work to that level keep the pics coming

  3. Wayne… awesome display of realism… love the night scenes with the truck lights…. My only “suggestion ” would be to maybe soften the brightness of the chainlink fence… looking forward to seeing the mountains around the mine… great job…
    Richard from Oklahoma

  4. Robert Brady says:

    Wayne ; love the fencing / gates. The Erie night view. The comet mine at area 53.
    Kool Wayne .Might there be an underground base ?
    The critic

  5. Robert Brady says:

    Robert E Colwell ; Criticism makes this hobby flourish.. It’s called constructive criticism.
    The Critic

  6. Richard Wyatt says:

    Love it. I do have one suggestion though…….keep doing what you’re doing!!

  7. Rod says:

    Heather and Jason, the gradient on the right hand track up to the overpass looks like it may be too steep. You could perhaps raise the track coming out from under the overpass to meet the descending one, then reduce the two lines beyond the junction to baseboard level. Keep the point work level, though.

  8. george zaky says:

    Awesome. Love the creativity and craftsmanship. Thanks for sharing and keep it up.
    George from LI, NY

  9. Colin Edinburgh says:

    Heather & Jason Jason well done with the design looks really good and Heather should be able to cope with access. I particularly like the elevated section then dropping down to the fiddle yard. I think it will look great once you both have got the elevated track finished.
    Criticism. The Critic. I think people “commenting” on a railway is very different from criticism. I often make comments on railway layouts but hope it is taken as a gentle comment. Some enthusiasts may be put off by “constructive criticism” and no longer submit articles and that would be a great pity. We all need to remember that any model railway is a triumph to the developer of that railway and they should be viewed as such.

  10. Honest Doug says:

    Since you invited in the nemesis, here’s my two cents:
    Nice modeling, but ye gods! Learn some geology and find a spelling checker.

  11. David Schaffner says:

    Wow! is the only word I can think of, watching Dangerous Dave’s layout come to life. Spectacular comes to mind as I view the many engines and new houses and the fleet of chemical cars as they roll in unison to the fabulous landscapes..
    I can not even imagine the cost of that wonderful layout. I would like to know where Dave gets all these cool looking European looking houses and old cars.
    Not only being artistic, but the most awesome video photographer as he captures the moment in time revealing realism…Bravo’ my man and a tip of my engineers cap….

  12. Erick says:

    I am going to do something like that to mine.

  13. Macbear says:

    So many admirable contributors with an array of inspiring layouts. Those who have the courage to open the doors to their miniature worlds deserve utmost respect. Dave’s regular contributions are always welcome and whatever the outdoor weather is doing, or lockdowns challenge us with the escape to… if not God’s Own County but Dave’s is a tonic. Many thanks.

  14. Ruben Simon says:

    Love it! How to take tiny lemons and make lemonade! Way to go, Wayne!

  15. Bill McCourt says:

    Wayne, nice way to turn sour grapes into grape jelly! Nice work!

  16. Jim AZ says:

    Nicely done. The mine entryway especially when lighted looks great. Good job.

    Jim AZ

  17. Mike Balog says:

    And at the Comet Mine, That the Govt bought out, They are Mining for “UPSADAYSEUM” ( The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show ).

    Great Mine Area, like the set up,, suggestion, for the fence, spray or use a brush on “Dulcoat” or a “Flat Clear Spray” to cut down the shine….Like the idea of the sliding “gates”… or a “double gate” over the RR Tracks, that would meet in a center post. A Nice Guard Shack there or a Camera on a Pole would allow the plant crew to monitor and open the gates when needed.

    The Planned Layout for Heather’s wheel chair is very well done. Guess you would have to scratch built curved bridges for the track going over the yard tracks… ALSO, if you ran out of room, you could have another higher 2nd level connected to the lower level, which would require more area for a grade to meet the lower level. Like making a Shelf layout around the room,.with one track gradually dropping down to meet the first level instead of a Helix. And another track level for that area. You could use background flats for buildings. Just a thought. Just a thought. Not being a “CRITIC”… ~ Mike in N.H. USA.

  18. Jan says:

    Wayne: Might want to check “Governmnt” unless this is intended.
    Heather and Jason: Might want to consider changing what goes over what. The slope seems way steeper than 2 (and even 3%) and you risk ending up with trains stalling on the slope.
    The set of 3 tracks would look very nice on top of a little rise and you have a much more gradual slope.

    Enjoy your trains 🙂

  19. I love the way Dave really enjoys running his trains, and his video technics are great!

  20. Al, Thanks again for what you do. As to your posts…..I believe in the power of
    positive thinking. Especially around creative works. Nit picking servers no
    purpose except to stifull the creative process. I realize we all should be able to
    express our views, however it should be done with a thought about the listener.
    It’s like my mom always said ” If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything
    at all”. Thanks for letting me put in my pennys worth…RJL Waterville Ohio USA

  21. Ken Doll says:

    Love the govermnt sign leave it that way ,conversation peace could be Gover’ mnt Ha Ha love thefence like the whole idea , jason and heather looks like a go start nice track plan i’m shure you will work out any kinks very good start!! Ken Iowa,USA

  22. Ms Heather Logan says:

    Hi there everyone it’s Heather here & I would like to say first thankyou for the in put from you all for with out a comment on things you would not know if you had missed things or not so we thank you all for comments. I had only tried to do his layout for him for when he came up again he had a bit of a head start on the track & as he is the one building it the over pass was just put in to give it some height for him to work with so yes it could be to high but that is for brains to do I am only the helper ha ha ha but I don’t think I did to bad just getting his design laid out from the wheel chair & a pair of those tongs you use to pick up stuff you drop on the floor just to reach the far side, we will get some more photo’s put together for you so you can help us with things we can’t see but with Jason living in Brisbane we have to wait till he comes up all the time so keep doing what you do so well & enjoy it too till our next email. We love reading about things & That ww2 chap sorry I forgot your name sir but thankyou for your service & to come back & do such a great layout I take my hat off to you sir best wishes & thankyou, I only wish we can do something close to being like a lot of the displays you have here but I think that will be a big wish but as long as we get a HO set display I will be happy with that but I don’t think Jason will he will want to go one better as he has just told me not to do anything with the end because he wants to put a container port or something in the bottom & the trains will go off to the left but he has to make that area bigger than planed, I wish he would go to sleep & stop dreaming thing up to do & lets just get some of it built, he is so much like his father it’s not funny he went the extra mile so to speak when he did thing, well keep tracking & having fun I am going for another ride with Dave ( love running round the tracks) have fun Heather & Jason God Bless & be Safe to all.

  23. Wayne Watts says:

    Robert colwel, I want to thank you and every one else that has come to my defence with that nasty critic. I will be 77 next mo. A long time ago I learned to use criticsm as a tool to improve myself. Now without my critic’s joke about my rocks looking like rocks, I would never came up with the mine and rock ideas. If you have any comments on what I am doing, please let me know. Now I have a name for my metors ( upsadayseum) thanks Mike.
    Honest Doug: geology has never been much intrest to me. Kind of a dry dusty subject. Now spellcheck on my phone, you have to understand that at my age, and with a finger three times the size of the letters on the phone, Iam doing all right for computer skills of two rocks and a stick. I have heard of it but thats all I know of it. As far as the spelling of goverment I jest missed it. The nice thing is this is Wayne’s World, so I think I will leave it. It gives every one something to think about.
    Robert: a under ground base? I have seen a diorama that was a mine. Who ever did it was an artist. Not me. I don’t think I have enought time to do that. I would like to get this layout done enought to watch the trains go around.

  24. robert dale tiemann says:

    nice layout. i like the lighting.

  25. Jim says:

    Enjoy all the comments, both ways. Good reads.
    My 4×8 is always under,construction. At 84 it is a little
    Slower process, but any derail Not! Is a reward

  26. Steve Ruple says:

    God Bless you Heather, your doing a great job keep up the excellent work and don’t pay any attention to the critic.
    Wayne, for a 77 year young man your doing just fine.

  27. Rich B. says:

    How can any RR with coal mine/refinery ever be bad, no matter what else? Some of these I’ve already commented on at sometime or other, would write about the same today.

    Something about DD’s attic empire that draws you in. Not using any of the usable footprint (spend more time than I should in basement). Thought of loft over garage but storage up there. Hope he stays around for very long time. No, not life story here about me and way too many posts about me, me, me. There needs direction towards contributor and items pointed out there “good and bad”.

    And then the genius of a comment “he probably doesn’t even have RR, making derogatory statements”. Again, it’s the photos at hand, no if’s, ands or buts (worn-out cliche’). Smarten up, the world is not a bowl of cherries…

    And no again, never put Boss Mustang tail photo on here, was extracted with sign-up.


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