HO scale railroad workers

Dan’s been in touch with a collection of pics on HO scale railroad workers.

I do love the scenes he creates on his layout – they really do bring it to life:

“I call this set ‘workers on the layout’.

Some may have been posted before. These should be a slightly different view, I think if they are.

Also, I have noticed, when reading the comments, there are new readers or others just looked in for the first time.

model train warehouse platform

Let’s see who is working today around the layout. The loading dock looks busy.

 HO scale railroad workers

The foreman looks to be giving orders.

HO scale workman

Looks heavy.

 HO scale railroad workers

Someone has to “clean up.”

HO railroad figure

Working at the wheel repair shop.

ho scale railroad workers

Workers at the wheel repair shop.

HO scale railroad workers:

model railroad worker

Getting ready for the next locos to be serviced.

HO scale maintenance

Here’s one now.

model train workers hut

A worker at Burnt Lake.

HO scale painters

The painters are sill at work.

HO scale car

Probably not a worker. He is just waiting around.

HO scale gas station

Service station attendant.

HO scale railroad workers:

HO scale car

At another service station on the layout.

HO scale railroad workers cliff face

The new sign at Sharon Springs getting the finishing touch.

model railroad building window

A welder inside the wheel shop.

HO scale railroad workers

At the oil depot.

ho scale railroad workers

At Burnt Lake. Getting the luggage ready.

HO scale road crossing

The all important crossing guard.

HO scale railroad workers

The town of Almost is having a boom. The local coal mine is producing low sulfur coal and the station is needing an expansion.

model railroad factory

Another view about who has to pay for the mistake in the sign.

ho scale figure

A lineman working at the turntable at Burnt lake.

 ho scale work hut

Section workers at Ruth. That is a station that leads to Burnt Lake.

model railroad freight hopper

Worker at the Chromite mine.

model train cola factory

Loading the cola.

 engine house

A peek in the engine house.

HO scale diesel locomotive

Al, there are a few more folks around the layout. When I find them I will post if you want them. I am getting close to running out of interesting things on my layout. However, either good or bad, three other layouts I have done that might be of interest. Here is a sample.

Sample photo is from the Inland Pacific a fictional railroad from Indiana to points west and north west.


A huge big thanks to Hall of Fame Dan – he really is the gift that keeps giving.

I really enjoyed his collection of HO scale railroad workers pics.

I do love the posts with captions for the pictures – these ones spring to mind:

Model train people.

HO scale people.

That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And if today is the day you get started on your layout, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

PPS More HO scale train layouts here if that’s your thing.

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13 Responses to HO scale railroad workers

  1. santafedan says:

    I am busy getting some videos ready. My computer time is limited as to how long I can sit during my back fusion recovery.

  2. Rich B. says:

    All excellent submittals as always. Am not in any position to criticize such perfection, just noted is all:

    A) People all really look great, fit every scene exact. They just have shiny clothing.
    B) Buildings, nothing out there done better. Just look too new and a bit like plastic.
    C) The immensity, rocks, stratifications, RR itself just lends to such realism and detail these things actually stand out from normal in this world…

    A very light sandblasting adds 100 years of actual real weathering to any building and removes any place “overglued”, just emulsifies mistakes. Has to be very fine sand thought to begin with. Even can turn out opaque window glazings. I’ve yet to use my new home sandblaster, it’s ready. How time stands still with such things these days, everything else flies by now for some reason?


  3. Rob McCrain says:

    such wonderful and imaginative vignettes. I really enjoy seeing the little scenes that are represented here. Very nice, Dan. Rob

  4. TJK says:

    Excellent photos. My Favorites: workers painting on suspended scaffold.
    Misspelled sign on building. Awesome job!
    Here I await the photos from Rich B’s layout.

  5. George Zaky says:

    Great job. People & details make the scene.
    Wish you the best and hope you keep creating so we can be kept in awe.
    Big Al

  6. Pete from Michigan says:

    I love the detail and the story behind it. I was wondering if the scenes change. For example, the sign on the building is being repaired. Does that scene change to a completed repair? In other scenes I have seen on other submissions, sidewalks are filled with people and streets have cars on them. Do the people on the street get moved; do the cars get placed in a different location to show progression of a scene.
    I have seen the Faller system in operation, but I was thinking more of a static scene that advanced the story of the scene statically.
    Just wondering.

  7. Jim AZ says:

    Nice. Great scenes with details telling a story. They show that there’s something always going on. Really like that painting of the wall of the grain silos scene. And the construction of the new addition to the station is unique. Some great thought and modeling going on here.

    Jim AZ

  8. Don says:

    the rail yard is outstanding

  9. Steve Ruple says:

    Great photos of different scenes, looks great !!!

  10. robert dale tiemann says:

    nothing like a walk through tiime, very nice.

  11. santafedan says:

    Pete, they stay the same. I tell visitors who do not understand models, the layout is a single point in time and the trains run thru that time.
    I have modified some scenes over time.

  12. Will in NM says:

    Great work Santa Fe Dan! Your vignettes add so much life to your model railroad. I hope when my layout gets farther along, I can be as creative as you are.

    My favorite scenes were the lineman working on the power pole and the station addition under construction. One minor point: the workers at the wheel repair shop would probably not be pushing or pulling that set of trucks by hand. I think they’d normally use something like a peavey (pole) or a dolly to move a set of trucks.

  13. santafedan says:

    My crews are extra strong!

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