HO train industries

Don’s been in touch with his display which has a whole collection of HO train industries going on:

“Good morning Al,

I enjoy seeing all of the emails about trains displays and figured I would share my train display.

I’ve been playing with trains since I was very young, my Father put up a large Christmas display every year.

It was shaped in a letter u 12ft x 24ft x 5ft.

One year we had fifteen trains running on his display. I somewhere have pictures of his display, I’ll have to look for them and see if I can post them.

Since my Fathers passing, I have taken on the challenge to put up displays. I change them every year. 2 months to assemble,

Leave up for 4 months and 3 weeks to tear down only to start over again.

These pictures are from 2 years ago, I was able to find numerous steel buildings, blast furnace (2), rolling mill, coke ovens (4), electric furnace (2), lots of bottle cars, hot metal cars.

And even scratch built some before assembly of the kits for dimensions.

Layout is only 8ft x 11ft. would love to have a larger space, have many more buildings to use.

I learned many tricks from this site, and will continue to follow for more information.

Thank you

Don G”

HO train industries steel mill

model train caboose steel

model railroad

 HO train industries steel mill

HO train industries

HO train industries

HO train industries

model railroad locomotive

model railroad loading trains

 HO train industries

 model train gantry bridge

HO scale factory

Ho scale factory

 HO train industries

HO train industries crane

model railroad factory

 model train coal wagon

model train coal wagon

HO train industries

A big thanks to Don and his HO train industries. It reminded me of Carlos’s layout: HO scale industrial layout.

Now on to Jim:

“Hi Al,

I just finished adding some new lighting and thought that I would send some nighttime pictures.

HO train lighting

HO model railroad lighting

HO scale lighting

 ho scale lighting

HO model train LED lighting

HO scale model railroad LED lighting

Thank You,


(You can see Jim’s previous post at the bottom of this one: N scale diorama.)

Next up, Dave. He sent this in which I found interesting:

“Hi Alastair.

While not a model train, I thought you might be interested in these photos I took here in Shelton, Washington, the other Washington (lol).

This town around south Puget Sound has always been a timber town. Many mills, one of the biggest was Simpson Timber. They had their own railroad, like many timber and mining companies.

Tollie was one of their first. She, and her load of logs and caboose are permanently positioned in front of the town’s post office.

Hope you enjoy.


caboose car

steam engine

steam engine

steam engine

train log car

Now on to another Al:

“Attached are photos of 3 of your buildings constructed with basswood.

I consider them as kitbashed as they are exact.

Perfect for the Altoma & Tide Creek.

Thanks again for all you do


HO model train timber store

HO model train timber store

model train siding shed

HO train industries

 HO scale train sidings shed

(You can see more of Al’s stunning layout here: HO model train log cars.

That’s all for today folks. It’s been quite a mixed bag today: HO train industries, a bit if real steam, and a whole load of buildings.

I never know what is going to turn up in my inbox – I hope you all find it as interesting as I do.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And if today is the day you join in the fun, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

PPS More HO scale train layouts here if that’s your thing.

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9 Responses to HO train industries

  1. Don says:

    love the steel factory well done & the city in lights is awesome, extremely well done setups

  2. Brian Olson says:

    Layouts celebrating the working man. Love it.

  3. Stephen Hill says:

    It’s awesome that you have all of your father’s trains and wonderful memories of them . Interesting that you reconstruct them periodically, that must be a lot of effort as there’s a lot going on there. Your current layout is very nice , very unique buildings and very unique trains .
    Have you considered a more permanent layout , one where you can lay ground covers and other scenery to add to the effects ?
    Glad you are enjoying them nonetheless, especially with the family connection and history .. all that matters is what you’re getting out of it . They are very well maintained and nostalgic , thank you for posting .

  4. robert dale tiemann says:

    an eye opener. very nice job.

  5. Greg Marples says:

    I’ve seen those big rolls of steel pass through here on the UP main line, loaded just like yours. Interesting to see them being made right on your layout. Nice job!

  6. Matt says:

    I work at a steel mill in PA. I appreciate that you have sub covers on your subs.

  7. Tom Williams in Altus, OK says:

    Having once worked in the steel industry, I think your rendition of a steel mill is pretty darned good. I’m impressed by the loads in the scrap cars. Looks real. Also the pig iron molds and such. I intend to add one to my layout as it gets done. I’m on hold due to a ceiling collapse in my hobby room which I’m trying to repair, but I have models of a blast furnace, ore bridge, and casting house to do. Hope the Good Lord gives me time to complete it all. My mill was the now defunct McLouth Steel mill in Trenton, Michigan. It was a basic iron ore to finished product mill, specializing in sheet steel. Lots of business with General Motors.

  8. Tom Williams in Altus, OK says:

    Oh, sorry… Also have an old time iron ore freighter in HO scale.

  9. John F Herman says:

    From the now dismantled Homestead Works of US Steel I must compliment you on the authentic look and “atmosphere” of your steel mill layout. You’ve done us old guys proud to have captured that industry in miniature.

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