Hornby Dublo 3 Rail Layout

Andrew has been in touch with his Hornby Dublo 3 Rail Layout:

“Dear Alistair,

Please find attached the fourth and my best Hornby Dublo 3 Rail Layout built in my shed. You have kindly posted the previous 3 versions which when completed have not quite satisfied my ideal.

This layout is of no particular time with 1950’s original locomotives and rolling stock given to me as a child mixed into scenery containing buildings and vehicles from the 50’s to date.

To allow main line running as well as branch and shunting of goods trains I have a fictional place. It starts at a terminus station called Tankerton with an Inter-City express service, local passenger trains as well as coal, grain and assorted freight. A small roundhouse and turntable are located here to service tender locomotives together with coaling and bespoke water tower.

A single line winds through embankments, cuttings and rural landscapes to arrive at Central Station with run-around loop sidings, oil, cattle and freight shed. Coal and water to replenish locomotives are available.

The single line continues to North Junction branch station with factory, loading dock and freight dock.

In addition to a track plan, I have included an ordinance survey type map showing the single-track main line as it leaves Tankerton passing through to Central Station and the branch line to North Junction. The main line continues to the return loop to bring intercity express trains back through Central and to terminate at Tankerton.

Please find attached some photos and I have a short video of the layout with some trains operating that I hope may be of interest.

The video – my first effort of filming with my mobile phone while driving the train as well as stopping to change the points/switches – all are manual.

Yours sincerely,

Andrew in Oz”

 Hornby Dublo 3 Rail LayoutTrack Plan

Hornby Dublo 3 Rail Layout Ordinance Survey

control panel ho scale

oo scale oil car

oo scale steam locomotive

 Hornby Dublo 3 Rail Layout 1 Central Station

Hornby Dublo 3 Rail Layout Central Goods Yard

north station model railway

Hornby Dublo 3 Rail Layout North Junction Factory

model railway junction

oo scale steam passenger

Hornby Dublo 3 Rail Layout Tankerton Roundhouse Coal

Tankerton Goods Yard

tankerton roundhouse

tankerton silos

oo scale water tower

model railway steam train

model railway crossing

model railway steam loco

model railway church

Hornby Dublo 3 Rail Layout Church Hill Construction

A huge big thanks to Andew for sharing his Hornby Dublo 3 Rail Layout.

That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And if today is the day you stop dreaming and start doing, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

PPS More HO scale train layouts here if that’s your thing.

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14 Responses to Hornby Dublo 3 Rail Layout

  1. Alan Rhead says:

    Dear Andrew of Oz

    Congratulations on your recent layout. I too am resurrecting my boyhood 3-rail and I would like to know about your DCC. What or how have you set it up?

  2. Stephen Hill says:

    Very nice layout , great scenes , really like the buildings you have , but what is the most cool are those trains themselves , we don’t get to see those enough . Thank you for keeping them running and sharing your display . Very nicely done indeed !

  3. Corrado says:

    What an interesting mix of American track plan design and British outline Hornby Dublo rolling stock. Only for the discerning few!

  4. Arthur Romano says:

    I really like Hornby trains. This layout brings out all their glory. I have a couple of clockworks that always bring smiles. Great job.

  5. George Zaky says:

    You know this submission is a great one when one has to go back & check out the pics a few times so you dont miss anything. The layout is super and very interesting and a joy to read all about it. The engines are fantastic and in a very well done scenery look incredible. Much thanks for the time & effort to show us your talents.
    Now what? Cant stop here.
    Big Al
    Nice one. Lots of talent in this blog. Gracie

  6. Brian Olson says:

    Very nice work here, small scenes, backdrop and more. Well done.

  7. Stephen says:

    Excellent work. I love to see the old Tyco power pack still working. I like the use of buildings. Nice detail!!!!

  8. Steve Ruple says:

    Awesome three rail layout Andrew, very nice scenes, well done !!!!!

  9. Bill Hartenstine says:

    Totally awesome. I am also very interested in the conversion to RCC please. I love the details that you included. Well done. Bill

  10. Dan Piccolo says:

    Great track plan.

  11. robert dale tiemann says:

    very nice layout. really nice job.

  12. Robert Burke says:

    Thongs, flip-flops… here in New Zealand they’re jandals (from Japanese sandals).
    Seriously, a wonderful layout with purpose and much of interest. The video is completed by a great commentary bringing it all to life and giving it its raison d’etre.
    Brilliant, and an inspiration. I’ve just downloaded your layout plan which is along the lines of what I’m just starting on. Nga mihi (thank you)

  13. Andrew Aves says:

    Apologies for any confusion, not sure where DCC was mentioned – this is DC only layout.
    Andrew in Oz

  14. Trevor Maytum says:

    At last, a Hornby Dublo layout that doesn’t look like a toy. Full of charm and atmosphere. Nicely done Andrew in Oz, really enjoyed the pics and video too. Thanks for sharing.

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