How to add loco liveries

Peter’s been in touch with a very slick way to make your own liveries:

“Locomotive Liveries:

Having tried for many years to find a suitable method…

Firstly trying transfers that one dipped in water and slid on…(Like the old ‘AIrfix’ kits)

Using A4 transfer paper and printing out the logo on the computer (using Corel Draw)

Then using 2/3 coats of waterproof varnish to keep the colours from running (Epson photo printer)

Not very successful as the varnish destroyed the integrity of the transfer paper…

Recently, I came across some A4 transparent self adhesive glossy vinyl printing paper (E-Bay)

Again making the logo’s in Corel Draw and printing out on the paper…peeling the backing paper off and sticking to the loco…..This was by far more successful..

A coat of matt water based varnish took the gloss shine off the gloss vinyl..(Air brushed on)

Some of my recent work…

A search on the internet, soon finds the company logo’s that I can use…

The text is done with the text tool in Corel in most cases and produces a much better result..

Some pictures:

(All images are clickable.)

loco livery

loco livery

loco livery

engine livery

engine livery

locomotive livery

locomotive livery

loco livery


A big thanks to Peter – clever stuff indeed.

That’s all for today folks. Please do keep ’em coming.

And don’t forget the Beginner’s Guide if want to make your day dreams spring to life.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

16 Responses to How to add loco liveries

  1. Robert Mize says:

    I really like your site. It has given me a lot of ideas.

  2. Robert Brady says:

    well Peter you’ve go my attention.I’m thinking of doing on some of my box cars and maybe buying undecorated diesel or two..Thank yo sir.

  3. Peter Bayley-Bligh says:

    Look very good – potentially useful tip

  4. Phillip says:

    Very nice idea, thanks for posting.

  5. Hi Peter, thank you for this marvelous tip. Buying generic commercial decals is a waste of money, in most cases. You can never seem to find the exact look that you want. Now with your system, it’s only a matter of searching the internet for what you desire and printing it on the self=adhesive sheet ~ no fuss; no muss.

  6. Rob says:

    Those locos look to have corrugated sides. How did you get the decals to sit in the grooves and did your computer generated masters take account of the extra ‘signage’ for the grooves.

  7. Minnesota Dan says:

    Very nice look, like right from the paint booth. Thanks for the tip.
    If anyone has access to a Brother Scan and Cut, vinyl letters can be cut with that machine, and for kit bashers, the new machine may be able to cut balsa wood sheets.

    D&H Dan

  8. Joe Wright says:

    Thank you Peter for sharing that useful information.

  9. Appookta says:

    Very impressive!

  10. Appookta says:

    Very impressive! (Didn’t show usual statement saying post required moderation before appearing, so I’m entering it again – please don’t include this parenthetical comment.)

  11. Peter Evangel says:

    Looks outstanding. But I have a question of Peter. If this is a stick on sort of vinyl type “paper”, isnt it a little thicker than regular water applied decals? Wouldnt you see the raised paper on the loco (or any other unit you use it on)? Could you possibly take a sharp close up photo to show us how this this stuff is? If it ends up being the same as water applied decals, then this would be fantastic!!!!

    Pete in Sunny Silicon Valley CA.

  12. Peter Evangel says:

    Have never heard of this stuff. Thank you to Peter for the wonderful find. I found it on Amazon also. According to the advert it works only on InkJet printers and only with DYE ink, not pigment ink.

    Pete in Silicon Valley CA.

  13. David Bielawski says:

    These are really well done!
    As an FYI, the Marklin (and Roco or Fleischman) european models are very similar… if you want to see some others that are of this quality, check out ebay and you will get more ideas… you will see a range of models, including some baseline chasses as well as other “commercials” that are painted on the loco’s…

    (go to ebay, and search for “marklin sbb 4/4 460”)

    This is the first time I have seen professional quality done on a one-of a kind basis. Very nice, and very well done.

    Dave in Stafford VA.

  14. Malcolm Hodgson says:

    That has come out really awesome!

    Found the sheets on a popular auction site for less than 2 quid.

    Thanks for the info. Professional results.


  15. Keith Bowman says:

    Testers Dullcote seals the water based inks used in most printers.Once dry they can be glossed over if needed.

  16. Cary Price says:

    Excellent method Peter! Decals are so difficult to get right, storing your post for future reference. Your models look really awesome! Cary in KY

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