Simple HO scale layout

Jose isn’t a man of many words, but he’s made a start and that’s what this hobby is all about. He’s shared his simple HO scale layout:

“Wanted to share my HO layout that I have been working on. I built everything by hand, except the track and electrical power station.


Simple HO scale layout

Simple HO scale layout

Simple HO scale layout

Simple HO scale layout

HO scratch build

HO scratch build

And now on to Dangerous Dave:

“HI Al. Just uploaded this video, shows a few items I bought at a local Model Railway show in York.

The lamp is a magnifier LED lamp, which I have found very useful, think a lot of modellers could use one of these.

A few other items which go well on the layout, except some light flashing cones which I made a for-far with, but replacement have now been ordered so hopefully next time I should be showing full set of flashing cones.



Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

A big thanks to Jose for sharing his simple HO scale layout, and to Dave.

I know some of express your dismay about posts with ‘half finished layouts’. But for me, getting started and beginning the journey is where the fun is, which is why I’ll continue to post them.
That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And if today is the day you get started on your layout, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

PPS More HO scale train layouts here if that’s your thing.

16 Responses to Simple HO scale layout

  1. jacques zanin says:

    what I like is the passion that people show in their train sets finished or not it is always a labor of love I know since I put a lot of work into mine and had to move I am now starting over.

  2. colin says:

    I think that we must be so thankful to all contributors to this blog. The information that is passed on and the inspiration to both experienced and new comers to the hobby must be appreciated. Its always nice to see a finished layout but as Dangerous Dave has done many are pulled down and rebuilt where in full or part many times.
    Colin Scotland

  3. Cody Harris says:

    Showing half finished layouts help us beginners……Keep posting them !!!

  4. John Birch says:

    Always interesting to see how various people approach the hobby and the variations on the basic theme. There are common elements but they are all done for enjoyment and to express creativity. Personally, I enjoy seeing the journey of others and I don’t believe that a layout is ever finished – there is always more to do and new things to learn.
    A good start, Jose.

  5. Jack A. Olley says:

    I am a newbie, appreciate the half finished layouts posting

  6. Brian Messenger says:

    Well done Al in posting both layouts in progress as well as the “finished” ones. Keep posting them all. Great job. Brian, the HOn3 guy 🇿🇦

  7. Per Peterson says:

    Need more N- Gauge sets!

  8. Don Stine says:

    I’ve seen a lot of layouts, on these posts, in DVD’s, magazines, shows, and clubs, and I have yet to see one that the person or persons who are involved in the layout has called “Finished”. The only layouts that I think could be called finished, are the ones that are about to be kissed with the wrecking ball.
    I love to see them all. A layout with everything in place (for the moment) is a fine thing to see for spectators, but to me, if you are a true enthusiast, it’s great to see “under the hood” as a layout is taking shape. We get to see the materials, the mistakes and successes, and most importantly the thought process that goes into making a truly fine layout, large, small, finished or unfinished.

    Don of the Desert

  9. Alain says:

    Showing layouts in all stages of construction is more interesting than just finished layouts, at least in my opinion. Keep up the good work.

  10. Don Brown says:

    Hey Jose, Nice start, shows lots of promise (and FUN for you). I love pics of starts – leads to creativity for Al’s viewers. Best! DJ from NJ

  11. I leave the “finished” layouts to the magazines….
    Works in progress are best to help those who have more excuses than ambition reverse that equation. Specifically, seeing someone else begin and progress helps build ambition and reduces the excuses…
    Just a point of view….
    John from California…

  12. Stephen White says:

    Hi Dave. Always love your video efforts. You are very good at scenery and it has turned out well. The flashing cones are just ‘flashing LED’s’. All electronics stores will have them (5mm red $1.45 in AUS). You can probably replace the dead ones. Longest lead is positive. You can also make up your own cones by using a resistor in series with the LED. Resistor=volts/current. LED’s like about 10mA so 5v..500 ohms….12v…1200 ohms etc. Regards Steve (Sydney). PS. At last ..a desk as messy as mine!

  13. Rod Mackay says:

    Dave, much as I agree the view is nicer over the countryside, that signalbox by the mill/factory building appears the wrong way round? The management generally wanted us to be looking at the trains! By the way, the double-armed stop signal seen in the low angle shot of the Pullman isn’t just stop or go, it tells the driver whether he’s going straight on or turning onto a secondary route to the left, so only one arm should be showing an ‘off’ (proceed) indication. At the moment, it says ‘you’re going both ways at once’ which is usually painful.
    I like the bloke busy leaning on his pneumatic drill, he’s going to get such an earful off the foreman when he realises there’s no compressor!

  14. Ron Nelson says:

    Dave, really enjoy ALL your videos they truly are great Thanks Again Ron from sunny Florida..

  15. Without a doubt, half-finished layouts are a big part of how great this blog is. Keep ’em coming!

  16. George Michael Steffens says:

    Dave, thank you for sharing your hobby with the rest of us. I find what you do very creative and enjoyable. I, for one, have been very inspired by your work. I have a small (6X8) HO sectional layout that I built in my daughter’s old bedroom. Being retired, I now have plenty of time to work on it.

    Thanks again from Plano, Illinois, USA.

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