Locomotion museum

“OK Al,

Here are a few pictures of ‘Locomotion Museum’, Shildon in Durham England.

The museum last fall received delivery of two preserved A4 locoes which had been in North America. Dwite D, Eisenhower and Dominion of Canada (which was in a bit of a state on arrival) I have included a photo that I took of both locos when they arrived in October last year.

Then a picture of DOC part renovated and lastly as she is now which shows her in Garter blue as she was before the 2nd world war.

“Glory Hole (Patch Mine) History… A compilation of Information of Mines within a mile of my home in Central City, CO.

This is just a bunch of pictures and info I use to build my N scale 5’ X 6.5’ replica of Colorado Central Rail Road that ran to the mines from 1878 to 1947. I’m a scenery junkie so that is my focus.

If you’re modeling the Rocky Mountains maybe you can get some ideas.

The Glory Hole Mine today:


SAME MINE, CART USED TO DUMP TAILINGS….BY HAND (see my roof under the end of rail?)

Hope you get some useful info from this conglomeration of stuff.

Denny “Yoda” Lauritsen”

Denny also included some wonderful facts and history about the mine – I found it fascinating. I’ll post them if enough of you shout…

That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And if you want to get going on your own layout, Beginner’s Guide is here.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

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  1. Jim says:

    We just spent a week at the KOA in Central City! Wish I had known you were there. Would have loved to have seen your layout. Great job. How about some more pics?

  2. David C. Scott says:

    What lovely photos, although being a Great Western fan I love anything to do with steam, narrow gauge and mining etc. We visited a lovely railway in China 50 miles from my wifes home town in Yaan. Spent the whole day sharing the carrages with pigs, bits of furniture and an incredible ammount of dust from the local coal which is the real reason for the railway, probably the last non preserved steam railway in the world unless you know of another?
    Even my cousin who also has a Chinese wife went on it during a holiday.

    I once worked and lived in Exeter, but they moved the campus to Plymouth and everything went downhill. EX of EX2 Broadfields.

  3. Nice sets of pictures all round , both the A`4`Dwite D progress, and the idea`s for a Rocky Mine ing Scene ..

  4. Michael Ankerson says:

    Greater pictures!!!

    God Bless

  5. Robert Kirchhof says:


    I loved the pics and the layout. I live in Connecticut but I’ve been to Central City many times. Hope you can work “The Face on the Bar Room Floor” into your layout

  6. Ernie says:

    Great to see the two a4s back in good shape but I think they should have removed the bell from doc as it did not have one in ENGLAND.
    Keep up the good work.

  7. Benny says:

    Very nice pictures. Just post Dennis background on the mines. It could be interesting to read about the history of the mines.

  8. Rob says:

    I liked the pictures of the A4s. I saw the Dwight D. Eisenhower in a railway museum in Wisconsin a couple years ago and was a bit let down by it’s condition. From the pictures I’ve seen since at the National Railway Museum, they did a nice job with a new paint job. Any one know if they worked on the running gear or boiler?

    The mine photos are great. I live in Colorado, so can relate, although I model British Rail.

  9. PETER BENSON says:

    What great photos of these A4 .As a train spotter in the 6o” I used togo to Peterbrough station to see these A4 s on their way to London Kings Cross, good memories,thanks Peter norfolk UK.

  10. Denny says:

    Thanks guys for the interest!
    Hey Jim I can see the KOA from my place, you drove by it up the old Virginia Rd. the shaft mine in the photos is the one you saw on the right side of the road on your way up the hill. Nice view from up the huh?
    I’m going to forward an updated “History” page with more photos to Al so you may see them ( it’s getting awfully long)

    I enjoyed the A4’s too!

  11. Martin Wood says:

    Great to see the A4’s pictures on the page. Answer to Ernie; DOC did not have the bell when it arrived from Canada, it had a double chimney which was removed and replaced by a single chimney to make space for the bell to be fitted for it’s return back to Canada.
    In reply to Rob; Sadly the boiler was not worked upon as the renovation at Shildon museum was mainly cosmetic. The running gear did however get quite a lot of work done on it . I doubt if it would ever be in steam again.

  12. Darwin Bruce says:

    Hi there. Not to be too picky, but President Eisenhower’s first name is spelled, “Dwight”.

  13. Glenn Roach says:

    Both set of pictures are just GREAT. Both RR modeler and the Crew at the Restoration Shop are doing a wonderful jobs.

  14. paul Otway says:

    Loved the A4 photos

  15. Willie Kerr (Glasgow) says:

    The photies and all the comments are great and really inspirational to a novice like myself. Keep them coming.

  16. Chris says:

    consider this a shout for more details about the mine!

  17. THOMAS says:


  18. Ian says:

    all the photos just great keep them coming.a lot of good ideas

  19. Ben Kochenower says:

    I love to see restoration of old steam locomotives, tractors, engines, cars etc.
    They deserve to be kept up so our grandchildren’s grandchildren can enjoy seeing them also.
    Love the mining pictures. I was raised in Idaho and saw many “ghost” mining towns. I really miss feeling and looking for history there.
    Enjoy all as much as you can.

  20. John says:

    Thankyou for the arrival A4 pics, I shall add these to my memorabilia. It is so heartwarming to read such praise and admiration for the restoration and general effort that went into “doing up” the 6 globally surviving Gresleys last year.
    As the show was the last one that will occur in my (remaining) lifetime it became a default event for all rail-buffs from full-scale to Z gauge.
    I was really gratified to see visitors from all over the world to both NRMs York and Shildon. Particularly the Chinese and Japanese multi-generation families admiring,discussing and photographing arguably the best of British steam loco history. An education their kids will always remember I’d reckon!
    John B
    Sussex, UK

  21. David B says:

    Saw the pitch for 21 building for $3 each – but there’s no link to them! Where do I go?

  22. Ed Macomber says:

    Wonderful photos is so correct! It is great some believe in preserving our past!

  23. Jeff Salisbury says:

    Nice photos

  24. first off i love the pictures of the old mining sites/just wish there was more/as i cant get out to travel on oxygen 24/7 and getting weeker by the minutes

  25. Burton Franklin says:

    More mine pictures.Awesome views

  26. Bruce says:

    Al, More mine pics and history from Yoda!

  27. ANDREW SCHYHOL says:

    Questions re: A4’s-Regarding the bell on the DOC is she being returned to Canada? If so why no headlight? Also why do British locos appear to lack headlights? Can anyone address my ignorance on the subject? Regardless a beautiful restoration of a worthy machine!

  28. Jim Orner says:

    Denny Loved the pics of the old mine, I traveled to Colorado back in 1994. we were in Silverton Co. at this time. I loved touring the mountain range and seeing the old ghost towns and abandoned mines there. the one I remember was on engineer pass there were others as well but this one sticks out to me

  29. Franco says:

    We really need high resolution pics that we can see very small details. Your pics have given me ideas for some structures.

    Thanks for the Loco Pics of the restoration. Any from inside the Cab?

  30. W Spears says:

    Outstanding, you are with your skills!
    Aspire to this I do!

    Seriously, I’d LOVE to see more.
    I am planning something just like it.
    Right now I’m working on a small 24″ N-scale circle.
    (I cannot seem to finish because I am constantly re-thinking parts of it.)


  31. Bill from WV says:

    Miraculous change for the old locos! Beautiful! I’d love to see more of the old locos preserved. Lots of history.

  32. steve joyce says:

    Brits seem to have some cool looking Steam loco’s. Hmmm maybe add one to my collection

  33. Chris says:

    Wait, you live at the bottom of a tailings dump? Years ago my very good buddy used to go 4-wheeling on the tailings in Arizona when he was in college ( “when you’re bored with LIFE!” ), but much later when he had finally become an astronaut, but before going to space, died a long miserable death consistent with breathing tailings dust. Be careful, dude.

  34. Will in NM says:

    Loved the restored A-4 photos, but as an American, I have a hard time knowing what an A-4 is. Is there a guide somewhere that explains the various British railways locomotive designations and wheel arrangements?

    Denny, That looks like a cool N scale mining layout. I also enjoyed your photos of the mine behind your house. I lived in Buena Vista for a few years and visited some of the mining ghost towns near there like St. Elmo. I would like to hear more of the mining history of your area if Al is up to posting it.

  35. Central City mines and that fabulous town, before the casino take over was very near and dear to my heart. I was first there in the late 1970’s, when mining equipment was piled all over the place.

    I returned with two of my three strapping sons, thinking that we could go through the mines again…… only to find that the state had spent 30-40 years closing them off and essentially hiding any sign that they ever existed.

    What a cool place to model in HO on a layout. Would definitely like to see more of your pictures !!!!!

    NJ Charles

  36. Dick Brown says:

    More on the mines and on Central City in Colorado please.
    I do enjoy the RR info each morning and appreciate the effort it requires … Thank You.

  37. Bill Kennedy says:

    The A4 engines are quite beautiful. They have such a stylish design. It is hard to believe it was fabricated so long ago. They haven’t been appreciated as much as they should.
    Bill (Chicago, Illinois)

  38. Frank says:

    I really like scenic railroads that show off interesting landscapes and designs used to make a path for laying tracks and building facilities. The two tracks under the old trestle bridge look amazing.

    I’m also partial to realistic scenery and terrain and logging railroads tend to provide that opportunity for modelers.

    I notice that steam engines and coal mines or logging operations tend to be popular with people creating very compact or small layouts. When you can focus on specific operations you can build a layout with what you need and not have to try or be tempted to try and represent a larger variety of elements.

    Frank in Orlando

  39. George R Broad says:

    The A4 Dominion of Canada looks remarkably like Amtrak,s new Seimens locomotives, even to the colors! Maybe a sign that steam will have to return some marvelous day?

  40. william james palmer says:


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