Model train scenery pics

Lewis has been in touch with some model train scenery pics:

“Well it’s been a while since I talked with you but this is Lew.

This is how far I am, money’s tight so I try to use whatever I can to form mountains and roadways and so beefing up the table some more.

I changed the lake configuration so that it was inboard instead of outboard and it has made storage a lot easier as well as more stability when moving the table.

I hope it’s a somewhat interesting to some of the guys and I’m sorry that I don’t know how to describe things as well as these guys do that send all of these things into you all the time, but I thank you for all of them and hopefully they’ll see something here that trips your trigger who knows.


model railroad construction

model railroad simple loop

model train scenery pics

model train scenery pics

model train scenery pics

model train scenery pics

“I introduce myself and just say thanks for all of the great posts you do daily.

Here a a few shots from my N scale model layout. I hope you enjoy these. My layout is 36″ x 120″ and I am about 60% complete still a lot of small detail work that has to be done.


N scale layout

N scale trestlebridge

model train scenery pics

model train scenery pics

Now on to Pete, who shares what this hobby is all about:

“Alastair – I thought that you might be interested in a N-scale project my pre-teen grandson, Liam, has undertaken recently.

I know it might pale as compared to most layouts presented here recently and in the past. However, I believe it shows quite a deal of planning and innovation on Liam’s part.

He started with an old table from his favorite Brio trainset and superimposed this N-scale layout. Since he is very passionate about airplanes and airports, he said: “Papa, let’s add an airport next to the town!

Liam performed most of the airport runway painting and building placement in the town, including placement of the “castle” overlooking the activities.

He also added the cars/lorries and parking areas to handle the airport cargo.

Haven’t observed much from your “younger” fans, so this as might exemplify the next generation of “train spotters”.

Thanks for the review & Cheers Mate!
Washington State, USA”

model train pics

model train scenery pics

A big thanks to Lewis, Peter and Dave for sharing their model train scenery pics.

Now on to Hall of Famer Dave:

“Hi Al…

I was up on the N.Y.M.Railway a few weeks back with the return of the famous British icon Loco A4 Sir Nigel Gresley.

Managed to get a few shots in along with a few other Locos

Just love to see this Loco running/



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printable buildings

printable buildings

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That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

PPS More HO scale train layouts here if that’s your thing.

7 Responses to Model train scenery pics

  1. John Birch says:

    All interesting submissions. Keep up the good work, Liam. I started my first layout at the end of junior school and am now almost 83. It has been a lifelong passion and given much enjoyment over the years.
    Dave’s video footage brings back many happy memories of holidays by train. And nothing beats the sight, sound and smell of a steam locomotive in action.

  2. Kenneth R Fox says:

    I’m not interested in HO or N scale trains very much. I’m into O scale for many reasons. I like the fact that you can have more detailed cars, also rolling stock that have operating parts like coal, log, and gravel dump, doors that open on box cars, and cars that have other operating features. I tried HO many years ago and put about $1,000 into my layout, but was very disappointed in it’s performance. I will admit that you can build a bigger layout in a smaller area with HO and N, but to me that’s the only advantage to having those scales. My layout is 8′ x 12′ and I have a very nice layout that I will post later. It allows me to have the buildings and features that, in my opinion, makes it a lot of fun to play with. O scale runs and operates much easier than other scales, with less problems with switches and no derailing like I had with my HO layout. No matter what your scale though, it’s all fun and worthwhile. I have seen some very interesting layouts on this sight that I do take some ideas from to add to my set. I do appreciate all the hard work and effort that each person has put into their layouts. Keep up the good work.

  3. george zaky says:

    Pics are a little fuzzy but you share the grief with me for having a garage space for trains. Right now its as cold as a Mother in laws kiss.
    You N guys are something else. Very nice layout
    You submitted one of the MOST important missives on this blog. Your son created a wonderful piece of work. He didnt have his nose in an I phone playing demented games but had an interest and designed and made something. Bravo to you for guiding him in the right direction. His work is awesome and I hope you and he keep on building things and sharing it with us..
    What a wonderful movie. Hope you & The boss are well and I thank you both for sharing that with us.
    Big Al
    My Java, good stuff, DD movie-Aahh- Nice.
    Merci beaucoup.

  4. robert dale tiemann says:

    very nice. i like the tressles/bridges. lots of work.

  5. Stardust says:

    the two trestle bridges together have an unbelievable effect for me. I don’t particularly like the trestle bridges alone as they look very toyish to me but somehow putting two of them together in that picture just excited me to believe they have a wonderful effect when the terrain is just right for them. Just me, but thank you!

  6. Robert Millott says:

    Ditto to what George Zaky says. Liam is off to a great start. Continue to give him encouragement. His brain will continue to grow and yield ideas for his layout. Being buried in a cell phone or computer will not yield what you are giving Liam. Dave, again thanks for another great submission. I never get tired of watching steam. They bring back fond childhood memories.
    Lewis your are off to a very good start with your layout. Take your time as nd enjoy what you create. Send more pictures so we can follow your progress.
    Dave I like the detail on your “N ” scale. I am doing “HO” but always find good ideas in all submissions.

  7. Peter MacGregor says:

    Question to Dangerous Dave:
    How does the engineer and fireman see the track when they are pulling the passenger coaches in reverse???
    All they would see is the front of the tender, and at the speed they were going, I imagine it would be a bit frightening “running blind” going that fast..

    Peter…..Buco Australia.

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