More Ballasting tips from Dave

David has kindly done another video on ballasting, covering a lot of questions from the first video.

It’s superb.

A big thanks to Dave!

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28 Responses to More Ballasting tips from Dave

  1. HEY AL,



  2. Martin Wood says:

    Interesting stuff Dave, thanks for sharing your hobby with us. Can I tell you that when I use my static grass applicator, I tap it against the side of my free hand instead of shaking it like in your video. It avoids also getting the glue build up underneathe the grill as it looked like on your version.
    Regarding longer grass, yes the one that you are useing is about 2mm long, I also use 4.5mm & 6mm long grass in plain seasonal shades, it is very effective. You can buy it on line from International Models who are based in North Wales.
    You can see an example of this on my model pictures model E4 which shows close up pictures of the long grass in tufts or model C8 is a long grass meadow.
    Keep up the good work, I wish that I had space to build a layout like yours.

  3. Mike says:

    Can anyone tell me if there is an N gauge version available as I’m building in HOe?

  4. david says:

    thank you very much,for showing us the vidio of making grass on your layout, its very interesting . if you have eny more tips please can you show us,thanks and well done

  5. kenny clarke says:

    thanks dave the tips are very interesting and you are very lucky to have the space to build such a great layout thanks again

  6. Andrew Smith says:

    Dave, can you tell me which website you bought the static grass applicator from please..

    Good demo.

    I am having difficulty getting good plans for making scratch OO buildings, do you have any ideas?

  7. david says:

    Thanks Martin, for that leed on the longer grass , I did find it it model rail Magazine yesterday so shall be geting some, and yes I should have used my free hand to tap the strainer , I realised after watching the video that I was making it awkward, and as I showed I should have put the pva around the grounding nail, well we live and learn, thanks for the comment

  8. david says:

    To Andrew Smith,,,,if you go on ebay and type in static grass applicator , you will find plenty on there , mine was from GBmodels and it cost £17.98 that included postage

  9. Chris says:

    Thanks for taking the time to do this. I enjoyed watching it.

  10. Chuck says:

    Very well presented,we need more of this type of interaction.
    Thank you for sharing

  11. chris says:

    Thanks for sharing,very enjoyable

  12. Paul says:

    That was a great tip but i must say the vid of the model train layout was great and the camra on the truck brill thank you for shareing

    all the best paul

  13. Rick Johnston says:

    Great explanation about creating grass, now if I can just get feedback on creating real-life looking roads that aren’t too, too much labor intensive.

  14. Rick Johnston says:

    Great explanation about creating grass, thank you.

    Now if I can just get feedback on creating real-life looking roads that aren’t too, too much labor intensive!

  15. david says:

    Thank you all for your comments, I have ordered some of that longer grass 6.5mm so maybe shall do a demo with that, as for roads I just use paint mixed to a shade of tarmac, and then white line iether with a paint marker pen , or white paint, (but it is difficult to stop it running) and even use those stripes you can buy like they use for modelling or even what we used to put on cars , they peal off a backing sheet.
    Happy Modelling

  16. Ben says:

    What type of glue is PVA? Is it standard white glue? This is an acronym I’m not familiar with.

  17. Martin Wood says:

    Dear Ben, We call the white glue PVA in the UK, it is pretty much standard and mixes with water well. There is another type craft glue that schools us that is a more silky consistency, it takes longer to dry and washes off when dry, whereas the thick PVA once dry is waterproof.
    I use either for my landscaping.

  18. Dennis says:

    The static grass application was great. I was wondering how to do different grasses. This is how I learn. Thanks so much.

  19. Lee Barry CEO LZPMRR says:

    very nice demo. when are you ganna “ballast” the track?

  20. Marion says:

    I’m a modeling newbie, and am wondering whether you can give me any useful tips with regard to ballasting track that already has fake ballast? This is Power Loc track.

  21. Marion says:

    I very much need to apologize to all for having misinformed you. I was commenting on the effect of bleaching sand for layouts so that it wouldn’t mold. I added that this is what I used to kill bacteria and mold on the fresh berries that I purchase. WRONG!!! I was recovering from surgery, was a bit sleepy, and should not have been commenting on ANYthing. What I use on the berries is VINEGAR, and certainly not bleach. That stuff should never, ever be ingested for any reason. I am so sorry.

  22. Jim Winterton says:

    What a good demo and made to look so easy and looks brill

  23. Ian says:

    Dear Dave,

    Many many thanks for your demos and also a look at your marvellous Model railway.

  24. Graham says:

    Being a cheep Scotsman I have found that my old teabags make a good sand color along road sides as well as in logging scenes

  25. Job well done, thx for all the time you took to redo what was questioned earlier. Folks like you make our hobby worth while as you put your personality into what is being accomplished although NOT easily. Time is a friend and enemy alike when you demonstrate by FREE VIDEO. Th much again.

    Harold Jr.

  26. John says:

    David THANK YOU very much for your enthusiastic videos! The bit about rubbin a balloon on your nut and nothing happened coz you`ve got no electricity in you cracked me up!! PLEASE keep making these videos Dave because we your fan club luv em!!


  27. Peter Macdonald says:

    Hi Dave

    We must be related! Your techniques are ones I use myself. I must be “channelling you”!

    great job with the video’s. Probably worth telling people that if you don’t discharge the Static applicator it is one hell of a shock- similar to an electric fence. Done it twice and not aiming for a third!

  28. Larry Kurtz says:

    Very nice and helpful. For me the audio could use some help.

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