More from Dangerous Dave on his layout

“Hi Al, A carry on from last week with speakers and sounds to my class 37`s, and new speaker and sound added to my Deltic ..unfortunately it has come back with problems with the prop shaft so unable to run…

as you see Dave gets a lot of problems to sort out as well… all part of the fun with Model Railways.



Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

A huge thanks to Dave and Julian. Loved Julian’s sketches – a wonderful piece of planning that looked quite fun to do.

That’s all for today folks. Please keep ’em coming.

And don’t forget the Beginner’s Guide if you want to get going on your layout.



19 Responses to More from Dangerous Dave on his layout

  1. John Meehan says:

    Very noce work! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Bruce says:

    Dave, Thank you for another joyous video. Hope you get all the sound in proper order.

    Dr. Julian, Wonderful article and nice layout from the pics you have.
    I too had my first train when I was 4. Was a windup with a circle of track. Next was an O gauge in 1947. Then a 4×8′ built by my father in the basement. Several followed and now I am planning another. You have made my sketches look incomplete and I will have to improve them as I plan some final details.
    Please add some detail on the actual layout, such as buildings self made or bought. Perhaps some pics of the overall layout from the ends and corner of L.

    And Al, As ever, don’t go away from this great site you provide and maintain.

    Thank you, Bruce in SC USA

  3. Norman Backman says:

    Dave, if it were me I would keep the round speaker in the class 37. Thanks once again for a very informative video. Can you upload a track diagram next time you do a video please. many thanks.

  4. Cary B says:

    Enjoyed Dave’s video as usual and Julian’s layout notebook and pics were awesome. Thanks for the posts and thank you Al.

    Cary B

  5. Warren Ferguson says:

    I love seeing the creative process in action, Julian. Who says doctors can’t write?

  6. Paul King says:

    Hi Dave
    Well I have to say I’ve been there done that with speakers and I still haven’t found the ideal one if only you could find a middle ground speaker from the round one to the iPhone one it would be perfect i will let you know if i find one as I’m sure if you do you will let us all know
    all the best Paul

  7. hank ostman says:

    Having never heard or seen a deltec engine (I’m a Yank), the sound of the new speaker although not as loud sounds more realistic (I’ve been around Fairbanks Morse engines a lot (opposed piston 2 cycle) in marine applications.

  8. Gerry says:

    I don’t think it’s necessarily a volume issue with the new speaker but a direction issue. The old one allows the sound to go upwards whereas the ne one seems to make it go forward…tough choice…

  9. Marshall Roath says:

    Dave, sound has scale too.

  10. Bob Gevert says:

    Always a pleasure hearing from Dave.Enjoyed the drawings and photos from Julian.I’m still working on my N scale UP layout in a small space.Its about 3×5.Looking to expand as I have no freight sidings.Always like hearing from you,Al and the rest of the gang.I’ve learned a lot of helpful tips.

  11. Kenneth Rissmann says:

    Dave, I believe the s6 is actually more realistic. The sound is more directional, just as in reality. The s6 sound muffled as it entered the underpass, as in reality. You mention volume, do you hear a real engine at the same volume all over the city?
    As she came in for the final approach the s6 became louder, that’s reality. You have to understand I’m listening on a monaural speaker so my take could be distorted. Sounded like the round one you could hear on the complete trip around and would mask other sounds as the trip progressed. As said above, tough choice. but you’ll make the best choice, cause it’s yours!! Please keep sending, you’re a mentor to so many!

  12. Cal says:

    I personally like the iPhone speaker. It’s not as loud and seems more realistic for the scale. IMHO.
    Cal from Oregon.

  13. John Reynolds says:

    Two worthy submissions…
    Dave’s is excellent and a good study for those who like sound…
    Of the two speakers I prefer the I phone one because it is a little quieter…
    But then I live about 50 feet or nearer to a railroad line and get to hear the prototype often! What has been said by others about hearing the sound “directionally” does seem to mimic what I hear at home…
    As good as Dave is (and he is Hall of Fame for good reason), Julian’s submission had some planning ideas that really “popped” for me His sketches and then having some pictures that showed how things really worked out in three dimensions really showed how good planning helped to create great scenes.
    John in California USA

  14. Larry l says:

    Nice job

  15. Peter Pocock says:

    Hi Julian
    It is good to see your planning process and that you are using a modular approach to your model railway. Apart from being able to move your empire when it needs to, if you give the joining of the modules some careful thought, you can remove a module from its neighbours, and turn it up side down to work on the electrics under! Have a go at soldering under a layout and see how you will quickly despise working under a layout.

  16. Rod Mackay says:

    Another vote for the iphone speaker, it’s more natural to have the sound die away as the train runs into the distance, we already have too little space for our railways so if the sound gives you the impression the loco’s still in the room when you’ve just seen it run the length of the scenery and vanish into a tunnel, it spoils the effect.

    Nice work Julian, good to see a layout without a mass of track dominating the landscape.


  17. Rod Mackay says:

    Oh yes, drive shafts, I’ve had some pack in on Hornby International locos, they seem to chew off the end projections when the loco is on its back and the wheels are being cleaned, and the bogies flop around to the limits of travel while running against the drag of the cleaning brush. I try to remember to prop the bogies to stop them tilting, and hold them fore-and-aft while cleaning. For anything but the most determined dirt, it seems better to just rotate the wheels a bit at a time with no stress on them, and clean the exposed section with solvent. Ought not to be a problem though, I think you’re right to complain.

    Dave, don’t know whose dead class 37 that is but I have a Hornby 60 that stopped working and found dry solder joints where the pickups, motor feeds etc joined the circuit board, might be worth a look.


  18. Stephen says:

    Hey Dave great video, new speaker sound not as loud but smoother sound.

  19. Vern says:

    A yank from Michigan here! Refering to Dave’s speakers, the I6 speaker for me hands down for all of the reasons previously stated. Also, I thought that the I6 speaker had a bit cleaner sound

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