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Had some more pics in from Jake. (If you missed his first post, it’s here.)

DSC00260 (1280x960)
#1 Potomac sidings, box and crate factory on right, numerous factories on left are backdrop buildings

DSC00262 (1280x960)
#2 a second view of the sidings in Potomac showing a chemical factory, tool and die, distillery, plumbing distributor, and lastly an electrical warehouse

DSC00280 (640x480)
#3 different angle of Potomac shows truckers getting a soda near a phone booth used to call their dispatchers

DSC00286 (640x480)
#4 a view of the loading dock at the meat packing factory, there is still more detailing to do here, for example the barrels will be weathered, maybe a cat or two chasing mice or just waiting for a hand out

DSC00313 (640x480)
#5 Engine 3104 pulling freight thru the pass near the mine, autumn scene. Trees are super trees and covered with Woodland Scenics turf, ballast is HO scale grey , code 100 track ( all sidings are code 83 )

DSC00314 (640x480)
#6 A look at the coal mine, note the rock faces are mostly carved by hand, this assures no two will look the same

DSC00319 (640x480)
#7 A better view of the backdrop behind the coal mine, ………. Might rain


And here’s the latest from Dave. Interesting to hear his thought process on what he’s going to do next.

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That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And if today is the day you get started on your layout, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



PPS More HO scale train layouts here if that’s your thing.

26 Responses to More from Jake

  1. Willie Kerr says:

    Great layouts. I’m just getting back into mine after a long layout.
    Sounds are all good Dave. Did you manage to sort out the wee problems you had with running over points?

  2. Brian Carlick says:

    I love to see Big Dave’s videos and his own commentary. These always bring a smile to my face. Many thanks for producing them Dave!

  3. TJ says:

    Another fine video Dave. Thank you. I have to say that a little is lost in the sound by the time it comes out the speakers in the back of the monitor over here, but still appreciated.
    Rather than tear something out to make new, how about more videos? Maybe put cameras on the nose of the train and things like that. How about showing the trials of a passenger traveling along and losing his luggage. Make a story out of it with your railroad being the prime character. You could be “Dave Spielberg”.

  4. Pete Evangel says:

    I like the details. You even have weeds between the tracks. I agree, maybe a few cats chasing mice would add to it. Very nice work.

  5. Frank says:

    Love Daves work, I have learned a lot from him. Thank you Dave.
    From Long Island NY

  6. Ron Schultz says:

    again Dave you have a great layout. The sounds I hear with my new hearing aides didnt sound like a train . Sounded like a wheel was not rolling but was sliding along the rail .but its nice to see so many trains running at the same time . I feel for the passengers waiting on the platforms to see there train “fail to stop” for them . each modeler has his own thin. with me its pick ups and set out the frieght to the different industries. and then work the coal mine run in with it Pick up and set out with the interchange track.

  7. the detail on the ‘two jakes’ railway is incredible…
    and the ‘autumn’ area is priceless…
    and another Dave video to add to my file…!!
    thanks Dave…and Al….

  8. kenny clarke says:

    Thanks for all the valuable help and information I have received thanks again

  9. paul Otway says:

    nice layouts Jake and Dave.

  10. Ian Mc Donald says:

    very nice photos Jake they show great detail that is alot of time effort and enjoyment. Dave great video enjoyed some of the sound very real like. you are asking for suggestions where the road is maybe a harbour scene with trains from above track bringing produce,ore or wheat to the boats for export.

  11. Richard says:

    Great Layouts Dave
    I love the speed of the trains running and the entire layout looks great
    All the best in 2015
    Richard – Australia

  12. Don Garner says:

    I have thoroughly enjoyed your creative genius and appreciate you sharing that with us via the videos. You have taught me a lot.
    I still would like to see if you can animate the cars and trucks just as you have animated some of the scenery (campfire, factory welders, emergency vehicle lights, etc.). If anyone can do it, you are the one.
    Keep the videos coming, your layout is comfortable for me — like coming home.
    Thanks for showing Dave’s creativity. I look forward to every issue.

  13. Harry Lash says:

    I love his Autumn Trees! Great!

  14. david howarth says:

    Thank you all for your comments and suggestions , I am still not decided what to do.

  15. Jaques Shellaque says:

    Hey Dave,
    I’d leave the trucks/autos. They make a good contrast with all else.
    I have far more autos than trains, which reflects reality (at least in the
    US, anyhow). Keep em coming. Bravo.

  16. Colin Pryce says:

    Dave I suggest doing more weathering on your buildings and scenery. Often many good layouts look too clean and sterile and weathering really brings them to life. Of course yours with more weathering will jump out of the screen!! Keep the roads and vehicles, as JS comments they add the contrast and realism. Same goes for Jake’s layout! Both great!

  17. Rod Mackay says:

    Hi Dave, if you’re thinking of a tear-out how about putting in an industrial version of the “timesaver” shunting layout, a small network of short spurs connected by a couple of crossovers, then you drop a few wagons in there off a main-line train and switch them with a company shunter according to destination – coal to the boilerhouse, bottles to the bottling plant, grain to the maltings etc., it would be something different for you to play with, as you don’t seem to do much shunting otherwise.
    I agree about the sound, the 37’s the best, but the 47’s pretty good. Many happy miles behind 47s including the Settle and Carlisle and once, during emergency engineering works on the West Coast which required single-line working and the traction current turned off, I was behind ‘Vulcan’ from Crewe to Wigan dragging two complete electric trains, total 17 coaches and two dead AL6 locos! Another time, we had one shove our failed train from Whiteball to Exeter,, 22 cars and the dead loco still on the front, mostly downhill of course, but still…

  18. Jim says:

    Nice pics, Jake. #5 is my favorite. The setting is quite realistic with the fall tree background and the smoke frozen over the loco. Nice job.

    Jim AZ

  19. Hemi says:

    GREAT Layout Jake!!!!!!!!!!!! VERY Nice! Would LOVE to see more of the Autum setting you made the layout be in! (Thats my plans for when I get to building my layout!)


  20. Gary Manganiello says:

    Great detail…….love the fall foliage scenes. Also that’s a GREAT idea you did with your backdrop. I am going to try the same.

    Gary M

  21. David Wiechecki Pittsfield, MA USA says:

    Beautiful pictures of an amazing, detailed layout. The artistic coloring of the fall foliage is amazing. Thanks for sharing all that you have accomplished. Bravo!

  22. Gleemed some good ideas. Love it.

  23. robert dale tiemann says:

    very good. i enjoy seeing updates.

  24. Paul Niswander says:

    As a retired audiology professor who has been concerned about noise-induced hearing loss, I am curious about the noise levels on your layout! There are some apps where levels can be measured with reasonable accuracy.

  25. Kevin McArdle says:


  26. Steve Ruple says:

    Nice layout Jake, great pictures

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