O scale passenger car interiors

Ivan has been in touch with some very good tip on O scale passenger car interiors.


I was intrigued by the photos in the recent “Creating realistic interiors for your carriages” email article, I received recently.

I too have made additions to my passenger train. Several years ago I purchased a Bachmann Industries “Ohio River & Western Passenger Train Set” On30 Scale, to go around my Christmas Tree.

I also run an American Flyer #293 S scale train set, from my childhood, around the tree. The Bachmann engine was #12. I contacted the Ohio Railroad Historical Society and asked them what engines ran on the OR&W RW line. The last engine built to run on the line was a 2-6-0 Mogul.

Last year, I purchased a new engine, painted and unlettered, and added DCC sound to it. I attached new letters and the number 16 on my new engine. So, now I have the last engine which ran on the line from Bellaire, Ohio, which is close to Wheeling, WV to Zanesville/Cincinnati, Ohio.

Before Christmas, I noticed a roof on a passenger car was loose on one corner. I pulled up on it and it removed, exposing seats and pot belly stove in the back corner.

I ordered 50, O scale seated passengers and 50, ho scale passengers. When they arrived, I removed the tops on the 3 cars and glued the passengers, both adults and “children, ho” into the seats.

Various long tweezers are a must. Then I snapped the tops back on. The cars are lighted, so the passengers show up real well.

I also purchased O scale luggage to go in the baggage car. I am quite pleased with the results of my O scale passenger car interiors.

I have ordered Engineer and a Fireman to add to the engine.

I have moved the trains to our family room downstairs and yes I still play in the floor with my trains. I am 71.


O scale passenger car interiors

O scale passenger car interiors

O scale passenger car interiors

O scale passenger car interiors

O scale passenger car interiors

O scale passenger car interiors

O scale passenger car interiors

O scale passenger car interiors

O scale passenger car interiors


I am in the process of building my new around the wall layout.

I have taken down the old layout and have the benchwork for the new layout complete along with a basic 20 inch high background around the three walls. I am taking my time and trying to do everything right this time.

I have the track subbase established and while I was starting to lay the cork roadbed I came to the end of my station/yard area which is basically a 2x4ft piece of plywood then starts the cookie cutter subbase for the next section of tracks.

Although scenery is usually done last, I thought about what I was going to do about the abrupt change.

I came up with the idea of a storm drain area. So, I used some of the Masonite I have left from the background and created a basin.

I used a piece of PVC and a piece of 1x3in for the storm drain and surround.

I covered the basin with rock wall and pavement printouts. I built a curved bridge for the single track in front. The double main in the back will probably have the double main entering a tunnel at that point but that may change. Here are two pictures of the result.

model train storm drain

This next picture is taken at a lower angle.

model train storm drain

I think it turned out well. Now back to putting down more cork.

I have been taking pictures of my progress in building this new layout and will post more updates as I go along. I plan on creating complete documentation of the whole process.

Bob, Virginia”

And now on to Hall of fame member, Dangerous Dave:

“Hi Al..

Just a short video to show that we are still here and trying our best to keep going and entertain a few in these trying times.

I have been a bit busy lately as my wife injured her arm, so doing jobs I dont normal do (yes I know I should) but managed a few minutes up in the loft this afternoon, so just had to video a few trains running…

Hope you all have as best you can ..a Great Easter…



Latest ebay cheat sheet is here

A big thanks to Bob, Dave and to Ivan for sharing his O scale passenger car interiors.

That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And don’t forget The Beginner’s Guide is here if today is the day you take your very first step on your very own layout.

Stay safe. Stay sane. Keep busy.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

23 Responses to O scale passenger car interiors

  1. Graeme Waters says:

    Hi Dave, thanks very much for your video and I hope Mrs Dave is on the mend.
    Please stay safe and well. My wife loves your garden!

  2. george zaky says:

    To all contributors- Thanks for your inspirations-Happy Holidays and Good Health
    To Big Al who assembles -Bless you for this
    Dangerous Dave & Misses- Please take care and best wishes.
    All-Be safe, be smart and be well
    George from NY

  3. Dan Hulitt says:

    Happy Easter to those that celebrate the day.
    Ivan, good job on the details, on the floor or on a board.
    Bob, your ditch gives me memories of Terminator movies as well as some others. Nice work.
    Dave, another entertaining feed from ole England. Wish I was in the garden, but we have a spring snowfall now..
    Thanks A
    Mn Danl.

  4. Ben Olson says:

    Dave, I’ve always enjoyed the video updates of your fantastic train layout, but I must say, your garden is totally awesome! Keep up the great work on both hobbies! My best to the Mrs. as she recovers.

  5. Robert Brady says:

    To BOB from Virginia;
    What material is the bridge sides made of ? I know the base is plywood
    I’ll save this comment to see if you answer.I’m in dire need of a curved bridge.

  6. Marklin ed says:

    happy easter to all of al’s friends stay healthy and safe this season. many thank s to al and all model railroaders for the great information and videos

  7. Bob From Towson says:

    Happy Easter to every model train fan.. Remember the old saying….”We will laugh about all of this in the future” Maybe….

  8. Bob says:

    The brige is just pieces of 1/8i in masonite screwed to the sides and painted. For the support I the middle I cut pieces of 1×3 in and painted. I used 1/8 masonite because it bends. It costs $8.89 for a 4×8 ft sheet. I got three 20i pieces for the. background and four 8in pieces for the facia out of one 4 8 sheet. I bought four sheets so I have enough for the background, facia, and things like this that come up. On my old layout I made tunnel portals out of mazonite and covered them with printout portals.

  9. don kadunc says:

    Happy Easter to all. Dave what is the slope between evals? I thought you said it was two percent. Have you experimented with the maximum number of .cars the magnetic couplets can handle without uncoupling. It could make an interesting video.

  10. Norman Rosen says:

    Dave: Thank you for showing us what a typical British backyard looks like!

    Hope all readers are well this weekend,

  11. Benjamin Wright says:

    That storm channel is great! Well done!

  12. Thomas McKelvey says:

    Ivan: Nice to see your interest in the OR&W (OLD ROUGH AND WOBBLY).The was originally named the Bellaire, Zanesville and Cincinnati (BZ&C–aka the Bent-Zig Zag and Crooked) and after consolidation with other lines became the OR&W. For those who may not be aware of the line, it was a narrow gauge line, and in the rail yard next to the Ohio River at 37th-40th street in Bellaire it share one rail with standard gauge trains that ran in the area. My Dad and uncle rode that train a number of times when they were young boys and my dad took me down to the Bellaire, Ohio yard when I was young to see the remaining 3 rail configuration. My dad left me a 1974 book “Bent-Zig Zag and Crooked” written by Arley Byers that details the complete history as recorded in the Woodsfield Ohio “Spirit of Democracy” 1873-1931.

  13. Kathe Kozl9wski says:

    Dave, beautiful koi pond and back yard. We always enjoy your videos and the running of the trains. Happy Easter to you and the Mrs., may she heal quickly.

    Kathe and Frank, Miami, FL

  14. Bob Filipiak says:

    Thanks. I thought about making a rectangular opening but I figured the 11/4in PVC is a little over 9ft in diameter in HO scale and that should be adequate for a normally dry basin.

  15. Thank you all for your Best wishes to my wife re her Arm , finally got her to A & E. after 2 weeks , and x ray showed a broken wrist , so she is now strapped up and hopefully will mend on its own ..as for the inclines in % and the magnetic couplings holding , I have just made a video that should answer all these queries …sending it to Al , so should be on here in this next few days …Dangerous Dave

  16. Mr. Ron from Mississippi says:

    Thanks to all who participate in these forums for the work entailed and for the opportunity to see the work done by hobbyists in other parts of the world.

  17. Terence Plunkett says:

    In Oz we get Hot Cross Buns in store from New Years Day onwards. Now Dave is wishing us Happy Easter (5 weeks out). Can’t believe Dangerous Dave would have 5 weeks away from the attic! However, do hope The Stig recovers soon, and Dave’s regular and frequent offerings continue! His stuff is absolute gold! All the best from Down Under!

  18. Rich B. says:

    The flood plain estuary (sp?) not realistic but perfect for that conveyance and just plain works there.

    Almost as was in coach myself scenery looking with Dave’s vertical stained ceiling moldings. So it was watching model trains in coach transit with common scenery for RR and looking out window???? What imagination! Guess it was something about following the train down the rails…

    So yes, find these morning reviews as such also learning sessions. If we can just all make it through 1 more day is all I can ask for myself and family- just today.


    Regards, Rich

  19. Macbear says:

    Sitting beside my wife, both on our “screens”, I picked up the news about “The Stig” aka Dave’s lovely wife. My audible reaction immediately got a response. My explanation elicited a wish that Deb gets well soon – it is good to have a wife who takes an interest in model railways plus.
    Love the garden and the ponds.

  20. Patrick Barron says:

    Dave has achieved the right balance of great scenery and running trains. Add in the station announcements and you have a great model railroad.

  21. Stephen Hill says:

    Everyday I’m beyond amazed with what I see you , may I even say , fellow modelers accomplish . Lights , peeps , lights and peeps in passenger cars . Just amazing the effort and craftsmanship that must take . I’ve said it before , I’m just happy if the train makes it round the track .
    Great job !

  22. Ralph Menweg says:

    I love this idea of passengers IN the cars !!! Great job and I think I may try this too on my O scale cars. Time will tell, but it’s on my “to do” list now

  23. robert dale tiemann says:

    very nice passenger car detail. i like the calvert nice job.

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