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“Hi Al,

Here is an idea I came up with for attaching the roof(s) on paper buildings. Some of the first ones I built I laid a pair of opened pliers or wire cutters on the roof to hold it in place while the glue dried. As you have probably experienced, every once in a while one little section did not glue well.

In the attached pictures you will see that I now use chains to hold the roof down. The size of the chain that I used in the pics is a bit “over kill” for they are quite large. Any chain should work as long it is not too light. I just happened to have two pieces. A long chain could be laid over the roof and then part of it laid back over the roof in the opposite direction. If you try this you will see that the entire roof is resting on the top of walls or the tabs on the wall tops. Since chains are “flexible”, they will hold the roof down regardless of the pitch of the roof.

Just though I would pass this on for whatever it is worth.


Waxahachie, Texas”

A huge thanks to Fred – I think the shed he has made is in the Big Kahuna.

“Further to your sleeping giants, I saw this snow engine in Skagway, Alaska


Fred’s pics got me thinking. I wondered if there were any g scale trains, battling with real snow, on youtube. Didn’t take long to find:

Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

“Hello Alastair,

I have posted on this group before giving a one and two year update on my layout.

Well, here is another update, but 6 months into the year.

The reason for this update is that after my first operating session, I found that the harbor is out of reach for the operator. I thus redesigned the whole area, with the harbor within reach.

Here are a few photos of the newly built harbor section.

Greetings from Henry van Wyk in Sunny South Africa”

(Henry’s first post is at the bottom of this one.)

That’s all this time folks.

A big thanks to Henry, Fred and Don.

Please do keep ’em coming – and don’t forget the Beginner’s Guide is here if you wan to start on your layout.



14 Responses to More of your pics and tips

  1. Ken Seegert says:

    How cool was the snow train! simply amazing.

  2. Bruce Young says:

    The video of the snow plow was very interesting and enjoyable to watch. Thank you

  3. Kevin McArdle says:

    How about a rubber band?

  4. Norman Rosen says:

    The snow plow video was incredible. Must be nice to have such a large back yard. A ‘doggie door’ for the train was very clever.

  5. Wynn Thies says:

    The chains work nice, but I use tacky glue from the craft store and it holds after a few seconds of pressure. I got the idea from my wife who is big into crafts plus a retired school teacher.

  6. Richard Guhl says:

    I live just a short ferry ride from Skagway. I would encourage all true rail fans to visit to check-out the White Pass & Yukon line. One day each week (Thursday I think), the excursion tour is pulled by a steam locomotive with all those sounds (and smells) sure to bring back the memories of an earlier era.

  7. Gary D says:

    First of all, too bad they can’t use that “chain method” in mobile home parks during tornadoes ;). Second, I can’t believe how much that ‘G scale snowplow’ video made me smile!! If those snow drifts were to scale they’d be what, 25’ – 30’ high?!! They were nearly the height of the engine!! So COOL!!!,

  8. Ross Davis - Perth Western Australia says:

    My wife and I travelled on the White Pass Railway a few years back and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
    Interestingly at the top of the Pass one moves from the USA into Canada without having to go through customs or show ones passport

  9. Great video of the snow plow. It also made us smile. The little train that could!
    We took the White Pass & Yukon train ride a few years back. Quite impressive- the ride and the scenery. We have real respect for those who cut the swath through the mountains to lay the rails, and the hard times of the prospectors who lost their horses to Dead Horse Gulch on the way to White Pass.
    Kathe & Frank K., Miami, FL

  10. I loved the snow-plow, but I was hoping to see a second run over the plowed track.

  11. Ian McDonald says:

    great pictures of the layout. snow train video very very good thanks for sharing.

  12. I think that the snow train must be battery powered. Wouldn’t the snow create a short circuit if the tracks were wired?

  13. Larry says:

    Don , that is a great idea. Going to the hardware tomorrow and buy some chain.

  14. Robert Brady says:

    Now were cooking if at first you don’t succeed try try again .
    The Cridic

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