More pics and tips for your railroad

The talented Dave has been busy with his new camera.

It really does show off his layout in all its glory.

“Just another vid Alastair on the railway , testing a new camera I bought the sony HX20V, can get a bit closer in with this.



As always, the main ‘ebay cheat’ sheet is here.

I did ponder about posting another video from Dave, but I enjoyed it, so I thought it would go down well (all the others have).

Don’t forget, any pics or tips you’d like to share, just email me.



38 Responses to More pics and tips for your railroad

  1. Jim Hribar says:

    always impressed with his lay out. Such a talented person. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. alex rosental says:

    Dave, thanks for your emails. would you mind sending me a link or better pictures of the l;ayout that you are using in your title screen?. it is very similar to what ive been conceiving for years now and have npt been able to blow it up to a quality picture.



  3. Arnie Steiner says:

    Hi Dave,
    Great work with the new camera. I posted a comment on your Youtube channel. I also love the station announcements.


  4. PETER BENSON says:

    love it . What a great layout. thanks for sharing it with us. peter

  5. Kerry says:

    Always a treat. I look forward to the videos’ as usual great work Dave.

  6. Ron says:

    Nice video…

    What do you use for a video editor.

    And what do you recommend for an inexpensive train mini-camera to capture a traveling train.

  7. Tom says:

    Great detail with that new camera. Loved the announcements at the train depot. Dave, I am not trying to be sarcastic; but Dave, is there anything you can’t do?

    Little poem about a train. It is antidoticle do not know whether anyone remembers it or not: I think it is great. Realy, could apply to anything that happens in life: Goes like this:

    It’s not my job to run this train
    The whistle I cannot blow
    It’s not my job to say how far
    This train is allowed to go
    Its not my job to blow the whistle
    nor’ even clang the bell
    but let the darn thing jump the track
    And see who catches hell

    This poem will be signed above my N scale railroad



  8. AL B says:

    The new camera really makes a big differenct, much clearer!! Good job!

  9. Glenn Roach says:

    Hello Dave, I would definitely agree with U that new toy U have just got is definitely an improvement in the videoing of your running layout from now on. How does it do on videoing of your layout when U are running during a “night time” running of your trains???? Keep up the good works that u share with us.

  10. Paul Wilson says:

    Hi Dave,
    once again a great video mate, I really enjoyed the whole thing reminds me a little of being a child again watching the rush of steam at Southgate station as the mainline trains used to rush through….. those were the days
    All the very Best Paul
    (Sorry I haven’t won the lottery yet)

  11. Brad McCrimmon says:

    Where do you get the back drop from (clouds sceenery) seen the back ground

  12. Peter Jones says:

    Fantastic Dave once again. each time I see a video from you I see more and more ideas. Also liked the station announcements. Many thanks

  13. Roland Burch says:


    You have put together another great video.


  14. Don Garner says:

    Dave is one talented bloke! He has more than adequately proven his skills as a model railroader and for a long time has helped every modeler improve their abilities as well. Now he is an accomplished videographer. What fantastic venture will he conquer next?

  15. Don says:

    Al, Please continue to show Dave’s video work I never get tired off.

    Great job Dave

  16. Thanks all for your kind Comments, the editing I use is cyberlink power director11, , the backdrop posters are from Peco, and I dare not recommend a camera , as my mini cam has broke now , but plenty on e bay , this camera I will try in the dark next time , this is a compact camera I have used .

  17. Austin Wilson says:

    Very impressive Dave, nice video with the new camera. Love your layout and your videos. Was just telling my fiancee that my layout will never catch up to yours. I just keep adding things and changing things, I have to stop that and decide to just let the trains roll. Austin Wilson.

  18. Don Ripper says:

    A really great video Dave, I watch it over and over.

    There is only one comment I’d make, and that’s that one or two of your signal lights are a bit bright, relative to prototype. With LEDs you can add much larger series resistors than those supplied, if you want to dim them somewhat. The brightness is relative to the current through them, not the voltage (although the two are related)

    Please keep it up, you are an inspiration to us…

  19. Thomas says:

    The new camera is very nice for clear and close-up video, but the sound has some background static noise. Might be because you have the sound turned way up to capture the train DCC sound and the Station sound or your video editor is injecting the noise. As always the layout looks superb!

  20. Cyril says:

    I always enjoy Dave’s layout videos and it gives us all inspiration but perhaps in a slightly lesser degree with smaller layouts.
    I like building locos, coaches,wagons and buildings and Dave always gives me good tips wilth the scenery. No matter how old, we never cease learning from others.
    Cyril Print

  21. Tony Cooper says:

    Please don’t even think of censoring Dave’s efforts, he is such an inspiration. I have also enjoyed his droll commentary on some of his “how-to” efforts and have been able to put in use a number of his suggestions. I have only recently joined your mailing list and therefore needed to catch up with his previous postings on Youtube. Definitely time well spent. Keep up the good work Dave.
    I would also like to place on record my thanks to you Al for all the work you do in managing this site.
    Kind regards

  22. THOMAS says:


  23. 'Nother Grandpa says:

    Always a day-brightener. THANK YOU Dave!

  24. John says:

    I think Dave is a very talented person, he seems to always have the ability to make it all look great.
    Thanks Dave

  25. Chet Karlewicz says:

    Excellent Layout Dave, you are a master at this hobby! I wish I had a set like yours, Great job!

  26. tom in az says:

    Just a note on Dave site, I think this is Dave`s web site, I see you finally slowed down the trains, much better! Al needs to rename this to Dave`s train show. Must be nice to have such deep pockets.

  27. Don Bartletti says:

    I’m not a model railroader but a huge fan of the hobby. However I am a professional photographer and your latest videos with the new Sony camera look fantastic on my 27″ iMac Retina 5K screen! For years it’s been irritating to watch so many layout videos shot with a phone or a low-rez shaky-cam. If I travel to your part of the world, I’m coming over to your place to see with my own eyes the layout that’s kept me smiling for a long time.
    With Appreciation – “Digital Don”

  28. Warren Ferguson says:

    Just ignore the naysayers, Dave. Yours is a superb layout, as you must know, and an inspiration to us all. Well, most of us. And if Al renames this ‘Dave’s Site’, we’ll keep right on enjoying the show. There’s an old expression here in the American South, “nil illigit carborundum”, don’t let the b*st*rds grind you down. Please keep up the good work, and may your pockets grow ever deeper!

  29. Robert Brady says:

    The only thing missing from the movie is popcorn and a drink.
    As always great job David!

  30. Erik James says:

    The interior lighting is did he do it

  31. Norman Rosen says:

    Dave’s layout (actually World) is an inspiration to those of us just starting out. Every time I watch, I see something that I did not notice before. Keep the videos coming. In fact how about a listing of all his videos?

  32. Don Warner says:

    Very nice job Dave! Seeing the people, animals, and building detail even better brings “life” to your display!

    Much appreciated…Don in Idaho

  33. Robert says:

    As I start “senicing” the RR, this is a tough ideal to match.

  34. David Schaffner says:

    Wow! Always a joy to watch your videos…You are not only a talented model railroader, but one great videographer…..Love the tall grass, weeds maybe as the train comes out of the tunnel…Your seemingly new additions (the steam locos) are a delight….Been a fan since the first one….Your accent, are you Uk or Swedish….
    Always see something I never seen before…Love the Cookie pop- ups…..

  35. Will in NM says:

    Dave, I have to agree the new Sony camera seems to have great depth of field and good macro capabilities. The sound also seems a tad better too. Thanks again for sharing your wonderful layoit with us.

  36. Steve Spence says:

    You are getting great depth of field with that camera. I wonder what lens you are using? Well done!

    Steve S.

  37. Keith Hicks says:

    Dave: Has your new camera got some sought of SteadyCam device The tracking is really smooth – Keith

  38. stan ries says:

    I noticed that you have a passenger platforum between tracks , how does a person in a wheel chair get to it?

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