More waterfall scenery

“Here is another waterfall created with blue paint and epoxy. By using a toothpick to stir the epoxy as it dries, you can create the rapids and water landing in the lake. This mountain river also has kayakers and a beach to the right side. Yes, that is real sand on the beach. You may remember my submission of the Erie Railroad. This is a small detail on the overall HO layout.

I hope everyone enjoys it.


And here’s the very latest installment from the talented Dave:

Latest ebay cheat sheet is here if you looking for the latest bargains.

That’s all this time… exept for this – but please stop reading now if you’re only interested in all things trains…

I was very surprised by the number of emails I got after I posted a pic of my new puppy.

It seems there’s a lot of you out there that love dogs just as much as trains.

Here’s a pic of the little fella

He hasn’t worked out the kennel will keep him dry yet, as you can see. He’ll go in there for treats – and that’s it. If anyone can tell me how to get him to settle in there, I’d be eternally grateful.

Don’t worry. I caved after I took the pic and he came in.

That’s all this time.

A normal pup free service tomorrow.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And if today is the day you scratch that railroad itch, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

51 Responses to More waterfall scenery

  1. Bob says:

    Good-looking dog! What breed?


  2. Bob says:

    Nice waterfalls. Samy and I are in the process of making some changes to our waterfalls. We just added a dock and a family fishing and now we are modifying the falls.

    This is the greatest site for anything model-related!!!

  3. Jaaques Shellaque says:

    Don’t worry, he will eventually learn. Our 80 lb. black lab
    has two dog houses, but unless it is really cold, he gets under
    the storage barn to keep dry. If you’ve not yet settled on a
    name, I propose “Loco” for all the obvious reasons.

  4. builder Kim says:

    Does he have a blanky in there.If you climb in and he follow’s.Sit with him in there and get him to lay down.Stroke him and make him believe that you like it in there.You said you got him from a pound.Could be a bad memory for him or he could be a dog that don’t like closed in stuff like that.I owned a few dogs in my time that don’t like dog houses.The dog I have now wont go into a dog house either.Could even be the noise of the chain rasping along the door way he don’t like as he climbs in.Give it time and he may work it out on his own.By the looks of it he has bonded with everyone there,and wants to be with you lol.See I made the mistake of huminizing my dog.Meaning she doesn’t know she is a dog and thinks she is a human.She will also talk your ear off just like a small child.Your dog will deside when and if he wants a house.Give it time.Lovely dog.

  5. PETER says:

    thanks Dave, looks great, I have gleaned so much from you and your layout

  6. tom Scholten says:

    Hay! All your pics are wonderful. Did you name your German Shepard pup
    yet ? Cinder would be great.

  7. John says:

    I do believe the female sunbathers are naked….oh my. An R-rated layout.

  8. TJ says:

    Al, I hate to break this to you, but you may have built the kennel for nothing. Dogs are social, pack animals. When you took him from his mother and siblings you took him from his pack. You are now his new pack and all he wants is to join the pack. He doesn’t want to sit in a little cave all by himself. I know that working dogs often are left outside all the time. But, for the most part those working dogs are not alone. They have other dogs around them.

    Remember Al, your dog is not like one of the tools in your tool box to be taken out when you need it. He is part of the family now. You are his pack. I hope you can bring him inside and make him part of your family(pack). I always say that having a dog is like having a 2 year old child. They require constant attention. You have to watch out that they are safe and you have to make the healthy choices for them. BTW, that is a good looking dog.
    All the best, TJ.

  9. Dave G says:

    Hope pup settles in OK.

    Dave is a marvel and always look forward to his vids.

    Dave G

  10. Ray Appenzeller says:

    German Shepard correct? I could not help to notice is that rain on the glass? I am having a difficult time with the photo to determine what is going on with the dog’s ears/head. Is there some sort of covering on the dog’s head? I am having a hard time seeing his ears. Is there a particular reason why you want the dog to be outside in the kennel house? He probably wants to be inside with you and other family members. They do have a degree of sensitivity and yearning to belong with the pack/family. I would love to have a dog like that, who would stay with me and follow me all around the house. Maybe you should reconsider your decisions?

  11. Ray Appenzeller says:

    Thanks Dave once again I like your idea of the long bridge that you just displayed at the far end of your layout. I hope that you do not mind a bit of constructive suggestions regarding that bridge. To me it looks a little too long, scale wise not to have any supports underneath from the ground up. If were me, I would consider adding two supports from the ground up to the bottom of each union of the side panels. It is only a suggestion to make it look balanced and actually realistic. Perhaps stone footings with a series of steel supports to the bottom of the bridge. Sorry if I may have offended you, it was not my intentions.

  12. Paul says:

    Maybe move the dog house a bit so he can see in ‘your house’ while he is in his. He just wants to be a part of what the rest of the pack is doing.

  13. JR Gray says:

    Really enjoy the waterfall pics as well as watching the progression mof the entire renovation…Keep them coming…

  14. Marc says:

    The puppy obviously likes getting wet. Why don’t you rig up a shower in the kennel?

  15. Nice new member to the Family Al , but yes could have a problem , my German Shepard Years ago would not go in to the dog House I built for him , I did try a chain tied to it and him , but he prefered to sit outside , in the end I gave in

  16. )eter the mackem Jones says:

    Good waterfalls Bill, best I have seem in a long while.

    Dave, once again inspiration flows after every film you make. The new layout is looking fantastic. When you do the point motors can you do a little demo how to please as would like to follow how to install them for my own layout.

  17. Cord says:

    I must say, I just thrive on your videos, Dave. Very informative, very entertaining and your layout is absolutely beautiful. It really gets my day off to a great start to see that Alastair has posted your latest. Keep up the great work and please keep the videos coming!


    Cord Reynolds
    Jackson, Wyoming

  18. Ed Dunaway says:

    Happy New Year to YOU and Yours as well.
    Nice Pup Caboose would be kinda catchy……..
    Nice Layout real attention to detail and the Waterfalls are Top Notch.
    Hope to see more in the New Year…………..


  19. Bill R says:

    Remember the greatest dog of all time Charlie Brown’s Snoppy’s always slept on top of his doghouse

  20. Andy says:

    I gotta agree with the others, this is a very important bonding time for a new puppy, we wants to be part of the family. he will never socialize correctly unless he can stay with his humans and learn your voices and mannerisms.

  21. Terry says:

    TJ your absolutely correct, although some K 9’s are not into humans like Antarctic dogs etc. But this Shepard would be thinking what did I do wrong that they won’t let me into the pack. A lifetime of internal turmoil.
    A little professional training and you would have an indoor friend for life, who is probably going to be the best housemate you ever had, bursting with personality and unconditional love, and still looking out for your property and family.
    That’s been my experience with all our family pets and my own in adulthood. Good luck!
    Cheers, Terry

  22. paul Otway says:

    I hope the kayakers don’t fall out of their kayaks.

  23. mike says:

    Dave. Another good looking layout on the way,keep up the fantastic work.

    Happy Nrw Year to you all.


  24. Ian Mc Donald says:

    great water falls the detail is amazing. layout is looking good dave love seeing the trains working.

  25. Lou Van says:


    Can you explain how you formed that vehicle crossing across the tracks ? I am running O gauge with flex track and for the life of me cannot figure out how to do it. Thanks for all your wonderful videos and tips. And happy new year to you,sir !

  26. Looks like a class-5 kayak run near the end!

  27. So wanderful layout, congrats to you for such a good job, Happy New Year to you and family

  28. paul starr says:

    With regard to the puppy its a game of will power,he want to come in the house and if you give in he will never use the kennel.Stick to your guns and he will realise he is not going to win then he will use the kennel.Once you have won you can call him in the house later.

  29. Anthony Richards says:

    Very good start for Dave’s new layout he has plenty of room to do what he likes with the shape of his layout.
    By looking at all the all the emails you receive Al I have made a start on my train layout.
    Thanks again to Dav for an update.
    PS I was woundering if Dav or any one could tell me where I could piint out some paper to make the arches and the road bridge parts from.
    Or how to make them.
    I don’t want to spend to much money .
    Thanks. Anthony.

  30. Willie Kerr (Glasgow) says:

    Again very good layouts. New year’s resolution to get cracking with my layout. Happy new year to all.

  31. Max Dosser (Australia) says:

    Model Railways and German Shepherds. What better a way to start the New Year
    I could hardly wait for the latest update on Dave’s re build construction . Although Wireless Broadband makes for stop-start viewing I still persevere. (sometimes it takes over twice the normal time)To Ray Appenzeller, the Pup’s ears are normal for German Shepherds. They will get erect as the pup gets towards 6 months old. All my pups have slept in the laundry for the first year and then introduced to a kennel.

  32. Albert weir says:

    Hi Dave
    I am loving your progress on your layout . its looking awsome i love the long stretches of track . my Godson would have so much fun reving the trains up and having races God forbid i dont know how many times i have told him to keep them at medium speed !!.i look forward to seeing the next exciting adventure
    cheers mate Happy new year to you

  33. John Coffey says:

    you are doing a great job on your layout ,looks like you have a real good pet to hang around with you. happy new year to all train people,i like to read the comments people send in.

  34. Dennis says:

    It looks like you should let the dog in from the rain

  35. Kevin mccloy says:

    Hi Al love your puppy I have 2 german shepherds 1 a 5 month pup the other a 3 year old male both love watching my trains go around my layout but I have to keep an eye on the pup she will try and grab one , once in a while
    Your pup probably wants to be inside with the family but you can try and put her blanket in there maybe it will work
    Loved Dave’s video again

  36. Colin Smith says:

    Hi Al,
    Love your e-mails especially Dangerous Dave. When I hear him talk it’s like being home again.

  37. Dave:
    Job well done again. I got update # 7 prior to # 6 and I was left wondering what had happened to #6. Like your beveled siding; is the plan to leave it as such to match the ceiling and wall trim? Looks really good and I also see that you have left adequate space on the curves for passenger cars to pass without collision. Is it the same under the bridge at the far end? Your work is to be marveled and I’m so glad to be on the receiving end. Keep up your good work and sharing with others… is much appreciated. Harold Jr.

  38. Cecil Sandige says:

    Cover the window so he cant see you inside.

  39. Larry says:

    Dave, you are an amazing man! I hope to have a layout of that size one day. Happy Railraoding!

  40. Dan Hulitt, Mn says:

    Nice waterfall and interesting scenes. Do I hear the vice squad sirens?

    As to the pup, we had an aussie shepherd mix that was to reside outside
    I went to the library, no Google then, and got plans for the Mueller mutt mansion. It was a two room deal, with one room insulated and a blanket floor. The other room was more of a shaded porch. After the first 20 below night in Denver, the pip came inside…..never to live outside again, and it was the best decision for us.

    Always enjoys Dave’s posts

    Minnesota Dan

  41. Stephen Gispanski says:

    Neat scenery there Bill. I have some good ideas of what I like also, but I need a bigger room so I am going to fit what I think is going to fit with out over doing it.
    I made a dog house for my German Shepherd also, he wanted to say outside of his house too. Well after putting in a light inside the house and a soft bed with indoor – outdoor carpet and two feet of snow on the ground, he finally went in. After that I had no problems. I hope things work out for you.
    SDG St.Petersburg Fl USA

  42. Steve Joyce says:

    I saw the earlier comment about dogs being pack animals. I will echo that comment. German Shepherd Dogs are very much this way. MIne follows me from room to room when I do activities. GSD are known for their fierce loyalty to the family. Mine lives in the house. Goes out in the yard several times a day and sleeps on porch. They are the greatest dogs period…IMHO.

  43. Norman Rosen says:

    Dave, I wished I had seen your video on ballasting a week ago. I am in N gauge and ballasting has been a pain. Your procedure looks very good.

  44. Terry Price says:

    I have a 135 lb German Shepard, his house is my house. No worries with him. Sleeps beside me every night. [ in the floor ] Best dogs ever owned.

  45. Old Ben says:

    Dave, How many hours a week do you devote to your model railroad?

  46. Andrew Lubow says:

    Great water in your photos. Over-all a great job. Have you tried putting some worn clothing from your family’s hamper in the doghouse? This might make “safe” for your dog to go into.

  47. Bill
    Very nice water fall
    What can I say I love watching your trains run great video like always
    I think your dog wants to spend time with you I have a black lab that spends hours
    with me in my train room once he get used to that maybe he will go in the doghouse

  48. John Madigan says:

    How did the long barges make it through the turns in the Canal ??

  49. Do you have a blanket that smells like you has your scent on it German Shepherds are protectors and if you got him from the pound he feels that he still needs to protect you so get a blanket that smells like you or a pillow that smells like you put it in there and it sure him that the dog house is safe

  50. Lyman Mckenzie says:

    Some dog names Dextor or Bosley.

  51. Colin edinburgh says:

    Dave the alterations to your layout are really good. The water basin looks really well done. I would suggest that the road bridge across would probably in reality have supports underneath at the joins in the pontoons. Even simple round pillars would make it more realistic. Perhaps you’ve planned to add them and just not got around to it with all the other changes your doing. Please keep the videos coming.
    As for the dog it’s important you make sure it knows your the leader of the pack. There should be areas that he is not allowed to go into that can be the house or the bedroom or even the sofa. Do not give in . The dog will think it’s a win and he’s in charge. I bet he goes inside when your not about and at night. Persevere.

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