Paco’s suspended railroad!

Well, we’re all short on space, right? Well done to Paco – a great solution.

“Hi Alastair,

here is my promised layout suspended from the ceiling. Observe that everything is paper and cardboard structure, after all, I sleep under my train. One of my friends commented:

Paco, be sure is supported right, I don’t want to read in the papers ” Engineer squashed by his own train”

As describer before, the winch is in the closet. has a still cable of something like 250 lbs. strength, the nylon combination is also about 250 and the winch is 1000. The other factor is the anchored winch to a plywood structure bolted to the floor of the closet. By the way, this is my sixth design on this platform.

Next, I hope, is the highway with moving cars. If successful, I wish to find someone to associate with for production and sale.

After giving up the sailing in our little lake, am having a great time railroading. If you like, distribute this to anyone or any group you wish. I will love to receive comments.



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20 Responses to Paco’s suspended railroad!

  1. dave says:

    Paco you have solved a big problem of space for a lot to see, well done

  2. HERMAN MOORE says:

    Stunning Idea – This is really the greatest solution to ensure great space saving ?

    Will definitely be sendig a copy of this to all my Modeling and railroad friends

  3. errol says:

    good job Paco,your space was well used

  4. Bernard Singer says:

    This is a great layout and solved a space problem but it would also be nice to see the winch in operation.

  5. Len Lainsbury says:

    Lovely job ! great idea.
    While you are checking this out have a look at “Train movie 1.wmv” which can be seen after Paco`s film has finished.
    As a layout suspended from the ceiling it is incredible!!

  6. rockerchandru says:

    Innovative idea. Excellent layout.

  7. I sure would like to see the engineering behind this setup. It is a beautiful setup, very well executed from what I can see. He had a lot of trains packed in a small space. I am very impressed by what I see.

  8. John Fuller says:

    What an excellent and well thought out plan. I had thought of this but do not have a ceiling over 8 feet with which to build such a design. Nicely done and congratulations. When I give up sailing I too will have to think up something like this.

  9. chris says:

    what a great plan i have been thinking about doing the same thing but not sure where to start and who to ask to do it and the cost. please can you post a reply to help me?

  10. Bob Mackey says:

    I am also planning the same idea. I would be happy to see more of the actual mechanics to this space saving idea.
    A really great idea.
    Alister, I am happy to share my email address with Paco.

  11. paul Otway says:

    Very interesting way to save space!

  12. Buzz says:

    I did the same with my 4X6 HO layout in my garage.
    I used bicycle lifts from Sears. Now I can put up it out of the way when I work on the Harley or the cars.

  13. Dan Massetti says:

    iv seen somthing like this in a grage but never in a house i woud like to see how it was done

  14. fred says:

    Very good ideas, alot energy to construc the outlay
    Fred (RSA)

  15. tadheath says:

    THAT LAYOUT IS SO SWEET!!!!!!! I’m having a h*ll of a time coming up with a track plan for a 3’X4′ and I can go up to 5 1/2″. If anybody has a good track plan please post and if you do please make sure it has a good size yard cause that’s my main thing. Was thinking about doing it all in one corner with 4-5 rails. But who ever helps me…….THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! EVERYBODY HAVE A GOOD DAY AND I LOVE THIS SITE!!!!!!!!

  16. Thomas says:

    GREAT JOB. That is a nice example of using all the space you have to do the most. All the different levels of track are so well thought out. Happy Railroading

  17. Thomas says:

    Tadheath. I think you need something along the lines of Paco. Put your yard on the lower level with bridges and viaducts over the yard for your running stock. If you do the corner, have the running stock on a hill or mountain scene dropping down to your yard. One thing though if you do a corner you will need to build it in stages and landscape as you go. Your arms are only so long. Been there done that OOOOPPPPPSSSS

  18. John Bennett says:

    Brilliant El Paco. I for one want to see much more of this.
    I shall be searching for you on U Tube.
    Well Done!!!

  19. Tom Murphy says:

    Great idea, think I might give it a go.

  20. Thomas Danieli says:

    Fantastic layout. Excellent photography. Perfect lighting for photos.

    Tom Danieli

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