N gauge railway layout – Peters

N gauge? N Scale? You decide:

“Hi Al

Though you might like a few pics of my N gauge layout that i am still building.

Best Regards.


N gauge

N gauge

N scale

N hauge model railway

N guage

model train track plan

A big thanks to Peter – it’s always fun to see what you are all up to whether it’s an N Gauge or any gauge and scale.


I am not sure if you can get these items over there but here we have what is called pringles they are like a chip but better and they come in a round can and my young son and I came up with the idea of using the can as our tunnel they are just the perfect size for the H O scale train to fit through.

Hope you like this one.


“Spent winter tearing out my years old HO layout. Had found plans for one in Model Railroader and i built it 2 levels with a 6 turn helix to get up and down .

it wasnt easy to operate as I was climbing up and down on a 2 step stool to reach the top and bending over under the top when doing something on the lower level.

So last winter I tore it all out and rebuilt a better more fun layout . My advice is dont be afraid to redue what you dont like .enjoyment is the name of the game in model railroading .


And lastly, Dave’s been on the sherry again – and playing with his new Ipad too. But as always, I loved it!

New and updated ‘ebay cheat sheet’ is here.



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35 Responses to N gauge railway layout – Peters

  1. Don Ripper says:

    Love Peter’s layout, the backdrop works superbly. Hoping to see more in due course…

  2. Tom Strangeway says:

    And Daves finally lost it.
    Very entertaining though.

  3. John says:

    Just a thought – which may be old hat to some but I have never come across it in anywhere. I am busy laying track for a new layout. This is my fifth and each time I have used track pins to hold the track in place. This time, however, when I am happy with the track positioning, I lay lay a strip of white glue where the track will go, place the track in place and then, using a staple gun, staple it to the board. Once the glue is dried, the staples are removed with a small pair of pliers and that’s it, all ready for ballasting.

  4. Sundaram says:

    This is a fantastic layout. Not crowded and at the same time makes it typica.


  5. Good idea John . and Peter that layout is first class, and Dave has lost it , ?? I may find it again some day ..LOL Dave

  6. John Crook says:

    An excellent model. Particularly impressed by all the trees and foliage. Really good. John.

  7. Greg Barker says:

    I LOVED IT!!!! As a musician and after watching all of Dave’s videos you post. That was an amazing “out of the blue” video. Who new Dave had that in him. I yelled for my 18 year old son and we laughed all the way through it. Great Fun!!!

  8. PETER BENSON says:


  9. J G. Marshall says:

    Al, Thank you so much for sharing these dandy still photos. I live in a rural area and use a wireless 3G internet connection. It’s speed is OK for most of my online activity, bit it is not adequate for viewing most motion videos. Viewing videos gets too frustrating due to the double WHAMMY of requiring so much “buffering” (image start-stop lag) while quickly using a big chunk of my monthly usage allocation. So, once again, thank you for sharing these marvelous still photos. – J. G.

  10. tuckman says:

    Very nice,don,t see to much n scale thanks for shareing

  11. Kerry says:

    Dave, fan freaking tastic, loved it, loved it. Did the Stig drive any of the engines? Great soundtrack too.
    You always amaze!

  12. Andy says:

    nice job, love that platform did you scratch build it?

  13. peter jones says:

    Great layout Peter Super scenics

  14. peter jones says:

    Dave, I hear Sam Mendes is looking for help on the next James Bond movie. Great vid once again. Pete the Mackem

  15. paul Otway says:

    Peter You have a nice realistic railway

  16. Ben Zalewski says:

    Bill’s idea is a good one.
    Pringle’s canisters make well proportioned silos for and industrial set-up for grain. Just add a walkway on top and a couple of straws as the pipes.

  17. bernard the smith says:

    Hello John and thanks for the TIP about laying track. I am now on my third small layout and having struggled to remove the track from the previous one this tip does seem to answer all the points (or as they say today) Ticks all the bocxes .
    I shall be givinf it a go very soon so stand by for this weeks startling revelations
    In the meantime again “thanks”

  18. Toni says:

    Dave, Dave, Dave! What can we do about you? Each ‘Action’ video that you produce just gets better and better. The effects and graphics are constantly improved from the video before it. What video program are you using for the Post-production of your videos? Would you consider producing a ‘How-To-Video’ of how you do your video production?

    Peter, your ‘N’ scale station layout is really nicely done. the first photo shown above looks as if someone took a picture of a real station, from an overhead walkway or bridge. With my poor vision, I wish that I could do quarter to half as good as you, when I get to start creating my layout.

    The Pringles can idea is a good idea that can also be used for ‘N’ scale train tunnels as well.

    Here is another tip: Don’t throw out those three-sectioned plastic food trays that microwaveable dinners come in. They can be used like an artist’s pallet, to mix paints or washes in when you are creating your back drops or scenery. Or they can be used when creating trees by using the large section to hold your primary colored flocking material while the other two smaller sections can hold your highlighting colors.

  19. Ian says:

    love the photos lots a greernery i think its great for layouts keep up the good work. love the video dave.

  20. THOMAS says:


  21. THOMAS says:


  22. Rob Billing says:

    Hi Peter at a glance i woud say that you may ned an ambo for the parking lot attendant looks like he got bold over lol (third pic parking lot) very good.

  23. Duncan says:

    Hi Peter, how did you get such a good neon light effect under the platfoem roof? It looks very realistc. A nicely balanced layout , can we see more? D/

  24. John M says:

    What a hoot! Great drama! Well done sir!

  25. Stanley says:

    Beautiful pictures & beautiful layout. Great detail.

  26. Chris says:

    lovely layout, keep the inspirations coming

  27. Roland Burch says:


    I cannot wait for the movie to come out.
    I will have my popcorn and drink ready.

  28. John Birch says:

    Excellent layout, Peter! Fantastic detail belies the fact that it is N gauge. I can’t wait to start detailing my layout now that the track is down.

  29. Jim Peters says:

    The James May Video Was The Best EVER!

  30. melvin wright says:

    Those are great . I have the n gauge and so every thing there fits, nice work. thanks

  31. Steven StClair says:

    That layout is superb! really great track design. Doesn’t matter what Dave puts out I’m going to view it. Starting my layout today, will send pictures, I have already had the students at my school make the board and desk to hide the layout i’ll send photographs next week your work is going to be very difficult to equal.


  32. Andrew Hepworth says:

    Hi, looking at purchasing n scale models myself
    If anyone out there has had experience or could give there thoughts about modelling prototype freelance union pacific with
    Peco code 50 track verse any other brands
    N scale Fox valley model of the AC4400 and kato, Atlas or athearn version eg which one of these models would win for detail and smooth running.

    Again with the SD70ace, who produces the best detailed, running model.
    Which of these models would accept a DCC sound decoder.

    For freight stock, been looking st BLMA, Fox valley, kato or atlas, impression of detail, anything like there HO cousins?

    Lastly, Coaches, are the kato coaches currently in production where as detailed as there HO cousins from kato or walthers streamliners that are currently in production.

    Thank you

  33. Desert Rat PHX AZ says:

    I think Dave has too much time on his hands!

  34. Ernie Stammers says:

    I do not think it was the sherry Dave had, I think he may be on something else, I would question what he puts in his Pipe??????
    I loved everything about it, Well done Dave

  35. Hank says:

    I love the layout. I am starting my N-Scale layout this weekend. I do have 1 question; what is the make/model of the lighted platform canopy you have in the first picture? I would like to use these in my train station.

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