O scale model train benchwork – Peter’s

Peter’s been in touchg with his O scale model train benchwork:

“Hi Al,

I’ve started my O scale layout which will also have On3 narrow gauge behind it as well.

The track bed is lying on the bench work for now, but will be raised about 3 inches when track plan is set.

Standard gauge height is 40” and narrow will be 50”.

So far your looking at 9’ 7” with another 5 and a 1/2 feet to go.

Simple bench work; 2 by 2” legs and the rest is 1 by 3.

I’ll keep you posted as I go along with pics of progress.

Thanks, Peter”

o scale model train benchwork

o scale model train benchwork

And have a look what happend next:

Peter’s O scale.

“Hi Alistair

Just Uploaded part 3 of changes to my Layout, a few more tips on there, using a wider marker pen for the white lining, also using a puffer bottle for adding grass to cover joints etc.

I did take on board a few comments from part 2 especially about the road width, this has now been changed, bit of luck should finish all this now next week…

Just got the lights and a few of the electrics to do yet .



A big thans Peter for sharing his O scale model train benchwork, and to Dave.

Love the approach Peter has taken: secured a place of his own and then some solid planning from the ground up. After reading your posts and updates for years now, I can safely say it’s the right way to go.

That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And if today is the day you get started on your layout, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

PPS More HO scale train layouts here if that’s your thing.

17 Responses to O scale model train benchwork – Peter’s

  1. I live in a downsized home now. Less than 2000 sq feet.
    What is best scale for model trains starting from scratch.

  2. Keith Miller says:

    Peter’s O gauge track looks really good. Lucky are those with room for such a large scale! Dave never ceases to amaze – what a nerve he must have to rip up what seemed to me to be a dream lay-out. Keeps him young I guess!
    When it comes to road marking I was planning to use self adhesive coach stripes (styling stripes for car detailing). I notice eBay has 2mm wide stripes for less than £6 (10 metres x two). They will be more fiddly than Dave’s paint pen, but the edges would be sharper… as long as the roads don’t have bends… Anyone tried them?
    Dustyk UK

  3. Tom says:

    Peter: Your yard pix are inspiring me. I have a vacant room in the basement. In it are a few 2 rail O gage engines and carriages. I have been confined as I am having trouble finding flex track and switches in US. Can you advise?

  4. BOB LANDESS says:

    peter … you need some diagonal bracing for legs of your bench work … what are you planning for top surface ???


    I would recommend “S” gauge 3/16″ to the foot. It is a little bit easier on the eye and hand as we get older and it does not take up much more room then HO.

  6. Rod Mackay says:

    Hi Dave, nice job. You were wondering about that patch at the end of the car park. At the end of Barry’s, we had a gate to a gravel patch and lineside access which was often used by the per way preparing for weekend works, you might find a Roadrailer excavator, a couple of the trolleys they push, a couple of lighting rigs, a dozen or more of those sling-bags of ballast, pallets of cable troughing and a cable drum or two. Spotted three blokes trying to lift one drum into an Escort van once and opened the box window to wish them good morning, never seen anyone scarper so fast through a hole in the fence in all my born days! Left the drum, happily.

  7. Jack Bury says:

    Peter, it’s a great start. Keep us posted on your progress. And Dave, thank you for your informative and entertaining videos.

  8. Brad says:

    RE 8:57 post- 2 options. N scale or Z scale. Too small for my eyes.Z scale is tiny and expensive and hard to locate things like scenery and the engines and rolling stock are also expensive.N scale is larger,more attainable and hes kits to build scenery.Also if you have good eyes it is still possible to repair N scale engines/replace parts.Z scale would require a very strong magnifier to do it.If I was starting over,I would use N scale.WOuld be cool though to add a Z scale and work your background so it looks off in the distance.Just my opinions.GL with whatever you decide

  9. Cary Price says:

    Peter, Love the large scale stuff, great to see you have the indoor space for such a project. Look forward to seeing it come together, please continue with the updates as you progress. Cary in KY

  10. Bruce says:

    Appears your framework is perhaps 30-36″ deep and to be a walk around. If to be against wall, then consider the lower legs horizontal wood ties at floor level. You may need to get under the layout for wiring or other necessary access. I also do O gauge and at my older age, I negate any necessary needs for “under” work or maintenance.
    You are on to a good start. End-to-end or beginning of around the room or dog bone?
    Keep progress pics coming.

  11. Bob says:

    I think that Dave’s first layout was fantastic. And what he has now is also fantastic.
    But, I have to ask, why all the changes? I do enjoy seeing what he is doing. I just would not have the patience to make all the changes.
    I’m in the process of building a HO layout on the second floor of my garage. It takes up the entire outside walls that is 20 by 32 feet. I expect it will take years to complete. But, I will only be doing it one time. lolol God bless you Dave. You have patience beyond compare.
    Best Regards
    Bob Cassidy

  12. Peter Theodore says:

    Hi all, thanks for your kind words and suggestions. As for small spaces, the aforementioned S scale is a good idea and or HO. I do intend on putting some cross bracing when I lift and secure the track bed a couple of inches and attend to the electrical. There will be a curve on each end once I add the 3rd section to this and it will loop around under the 50” On3 narrow gauge in back of this. A two foot isle will separate the front standard and narrow gauge with a lift bridge on one end for access. I will be using dynatrol for O and conventional power for On3. Of course I will send updates and any suggestions are always welcome, thanks, Peter

  13. Peter Waring says:

    Dave, A quick question, when you did your recent changes to your layout; why did you remove the incline? Did you remove it from both sides or just one?
    Nice work. Regards, Peter…

  14. WOWWW….Peter….. True ‘Old School’ engineering,,,now THAS the way to build a layout…..
    Dave….well…we all know how ‘old school’ YOU are….
    great work guys
    keep em runnin fellas
    stjohn in Long Beach Calif

  15. dangerous dave says:

    to answer Peter , yes just removed one incline , I needed the room , it gave me the room I wanted for longer station , and giving me a bit more room in the centre ..diesels can go up and down the one incline no problem …Dave

  16. Ian McDonald says:

    great start to the layout Peter. great video Dave thanks for sharing.

  17. Gray says:

    I am blown away by your painting on your backdrop!

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