WW1 model railway update

Phil’s been back in touch with an update on his WW1 model railway:

If you want to get up to speed, here’s his last post.

“Thought I would share an update on the WW1 model railway (somewhere in southern England 1918). The last few weeks have been about details and in particular figures.

In the gun park you see gunners working on their railway gun and watching some squadies square bash

The airdrome has now got pilots mechanics and of course an O/C!

On the platforms I have added some propaganda posters

Finally we see the ambulance train unloading the wounded to ambulances that will be taking them to a temporary hospital to recover (the hospital is still under construction)

Finally you might see the MPs are “taking that mans name”

Oh I nearly forgot there is a new LSBC loco hauling some Royal Navy wagons

Best wishes


WW1 model railway

WW1 soldiers O scale

O scale sentry box WW1

WW1 model railway gun

WW1 model railway biplane

WW1 model railway platform

WW1 hospital train platform

ww1 model railway trucks

Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

A huge thanks to Phil for his WW1 model railway update – it just goes to show (again) a layout is never finished.

What’s more, I do like it when a ‘scene’ is added to parts of a layout. The MPs “taking that man’s name” did make me smile – and all adds to the war theme.

For me, having a time and a theme on a model railway really does set it apart from others. It literally glues it all together, visually, and in your imagination.

It is something I’ve noticed over all the years of doing the blog.

That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And don’t forget the Beginner’s Guide is here, if you want to stop dreaming and start doing.



PS If you missed the earlier link, Phil’s first WW1 model railay post is here.

PPS Phil’s post made me fall down a bit of rabbit hole – I started googling WW1 model railways and I did find it all fascinating:

When Britain declared war on Germany in 1914, trains moved huge numbers of troops and equipment between the Home Front and France.

Trains also transported rations, water and coal across Britain and continental Europe in a way not previously possible during conflict.

Britain declared war on 4 August 1914 and by the end of the month, the railway had transported almost 120,000 servicemen to Southampton, where they would board boats to France.

Over the next three weeks, a train full of troops would reach the docks every 12 minutes, 14-hours a day.

And Phil’s ambulance train grabbed my curiosity too:

Trains transformed into mobile hospitals – in Britain and abroad – treated injured personnel. During the war, these trains moved about six million wounded servicemen.

Ambulance trains, which became the primary mode of transport for the sick and injured, even had operating theatres and tiled floors, walls and ceilings for better hygiene. Surgeons would perform emergency operations mid-journey, despite the movement of the train.

I should point out the above snippets came from this site.

And then there’s Pinterest – always a great resource when you’re planning a theme, or just looking to pass an hour or so.

Have a look at these images.

22 Responses to WW1 model railway update

  1. Steve Joyce says:

    I think that is a Leopold. A WW2 German rail gun

  2. David says:

    A first class we Railway there , well done Phil or is it Paul ? Happy New Year … Dangerous Dave

  3. Ron says:

    A rather unique theme for the railroad … and very well done, Paul. Thank you for sharing the great pictures and video.

  4. ole walt. says:

    paul alastair et al! i’m a 75yrs young brginning budding model railrpader! like many of you i got my first taste of railroading from a christmas gift of a lionel oguage set from my parents circa 1955 a steam loco i named ol’ betsy! she lasted un damaged about 40 yrs only dropped her once and broke a green diamond Something off the left side of the front cover. my railroading interest went dormant foranother 25 or 30 years!but then i worked withacouple of friends wo enkindled in me a strong interest in the hobby! thst started an intense desire tostart dreaming of building a model rr layout!i,i’ve succeeded in keeping that interest alive for another30 or so years, to date i have managed to decide on an ho scale chosen a layout, an purchased 51 ho engines 46 steam and 5 diesel. my jewels of my collection are arivarossi cab forward and a arivarossi heisler also an unfinished 3 truck shay! january of 1919 ihad a stroke theonly remaining issue from that event is ihave somehelacious tremors in my hands so detail work is frustratingihave bee blessed with a truly wonderful wife e who among too many things to mention here supports my model rRR interests! to the point of allowing me to subout getting alayput and frame work built! AND giving me a spare 11x 8 room for the layout!
    OKAY moving on from me AGIANT THANKYOU to Paul and alastair for Paul and you others who send in your videos and pix! you really encourage beginners like old me!oh yeah it’s good tosee what you other oldies have accomplished! you,ve given me greatideas on what i want onmy railrod! ihope to build alogging type layout!i,m living in the south so y’all are awesome!!’ole miss Walt’ i’ll post stuff when i have something to show evev ifit’s only an empty room!thanks again everyone ole walt.

  5. Peter Waring says:

    Paul, thanks for posting such a great layout, I love the era and the theme, a fitting tribute to all forces during WW1. The detail is fantastic, and covers a lot of aspects of that time.
    Regards, Peter…

  6. Cary B says:

    Hello Phil, Your layout is awesome, you certainly have history come alive. Early 20th century model railroad layouts are pretty rare here in the States.
    What a pleasure to wake up to this AM. Thanks for sharing and thanks to Al for posting

  7. Phil says:

    It’s Phil not Paul guys but I have been called a lot worst.

    The railway gun is produced by Oxford Rail here is some info on it

    The BL 18-inch railway howitzer was developed during World War 1, but did not actually enter service until 1920. Five guns and two complete pieces of equipment on railway wagons were produced but they were never fired in action, being stored after WW1.

    It will run but I have decided to use it as a static model as it needs some significant clearances to run

    Thanks for the comments

  8. Too Cool,I like it!!

  9. Charles Maxim says:

    Phil, what a great layout, well done. Being a model railroader, railfan and WW 1 history buff I really enjoyed your work. Thank you for sharing it, keep up the great work.
    Chuck M. USA

  10. Ken Seibert says:

    Happy New Year to each and every who read these postings,
    Phil, your WW1 layout is very good in detail and scenery. I hope you can add more track and scenery to the layout. Wonderful job. AL I must Thank You for all of your time and energy for posting all updates and new showings of the layouts and Info
    of how too’s for layouts, scenery, track additions or replacement’s and other usefulness information.

    God Bless, stay Safe be careful, as well.

  11. Mark T. Pianka says:

    Great Job!!!! Well done way to keep the memory alive of our past HEROs!!! GOD SPEED!!

  12. Brian Rockey says:

    Well done Phil, a superb layout with an interesting theme. Lovely modelling of buildings and scenery as well. Excellent.
    Brian, Wokingham, UK

  13. TJK says:

    I view every post and although there are so many well done…..
    This layout is really cool…..nice job!

  14. Jim AZ says:

    Very nicely done and quite unique. You’ve captured some history with some interesting scenery components one doesn’t usually see on a layout. Great job and thanks for sharing.

    Jim AZ

  15. Bill in Virginia says:

    Wonderful layout and your military pieces look fantastic!!!

  16. Gary M from Long Island says:

    Phil….Wow….what a great layout……….that really looks like it was and still is a lot of fun. I love the platform scene with the wounded warriors…….great job.

  17. Ken of Lakewood says:

    Way cool theme….

  18. Ruben Simon says:

    The groundwork in that first photo (with the airplane above the hill) is so real, I thought it was a snapshot of a real life area! Well done!!!

  19. Ross Johnston says:

    Thanks for sharing Phil! What an excellent model railway depicting WW 1 England. Cheers Rossco, Adelaide, Australia

  20. Berniedoc says:

    If there was smoke coming out of the engine stacks I would think the layout was real.

  21. Charles Eyster says:

    Absolutely, the single most creative, well developed layout that I have ever seen. I wasn’t even at all concerned or focused on the track layout or design. I was too transfixed on the scenes that you modeled. Absolutely superb job!
    I look forward to seeing it, if ever completed! It could only be improved with some building and overall weathering from the centuries of bog and coal burning in Great Britton.

  22. Glenn Holden says:

    Very Interesting- well done sir!

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