Wonderful railroad layout and scenery

Barry kindly sent these pictures in. What a railroad layout and scenery!

I was envious for two reasons:

Look at all the space – and the scenery is superb.

Barry writes:

“This layout is in the familyroom in the basement of my daughter’s house.

I started this project the middle of January but I only work on it 2-3 days every 2-3 weeks and they live about 1-1/2 hours from my home.

I have about 110 hours into the total project so far and will probably require another 30 hours to finish the rest of the scenery and then I will send you a complete set of photos showing the development from beginning to end.

Thanks for the compliments.



model railroad layout

railroad layout and scenery

Like ’em? I did. Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

And thanks to Barry for sharing.

That’s all for today folks. Please do keep ’em coming.

And don’t forget the Beginner’s Guide is here.




35 Responses to Wonderful railroad layout and scenery

  1. Steve says:

    This hobby will be for my retirement and seeing this gives me heart, to see what can be achieved in the available space. well done – very nice indeed!

  2. LEW COOK says:

    Hey Al

    This one is great, I think I will save the pictures of the layout.

    Thanks for sending it out.

    Lew Cook,

  3. Barry Clay says:

    A beautiful layout in a domestic setting and readily at hand,just a pity that these pictures were not a bit larger to enjoy all of that detail ?
    Thank you,Barry.

  4. Larry B. says:

    I think its a real nice layout. It is very interesting how Barry incorporated every thing in one long double loop with a few spurs thrown in. It looks like a layout still in progress of being completed.

    Great work!
    Larry B.

  5. John Roetman says:

    always look forward to receiving your emails.
    I created a file to store your articles for future reference.
    Keep up the good work.

  6. charles r tabor says:

    very, very, nice layout great long run on the trains great scenery to look at. enjoy and half fun.

  7. Bob in Butte says:

    Nice trackwork.

  8. John Bigham says:

    Just terrific in a fairly small space

  9. alan rowlands says:

    the railway is fantastic.. i wish i had it[mine is in the at tic but not as good
    the scenery is veery good i wish i could do it

  10. david says:

    well done a very good layout,how long did it take you to plan and make the layout

  11. Bob says:

    A very nice layout. Maximum utilization of available space. I wish I had this much room to build mine in.

  12. Ray Surapine says:

    One look at these pictures and I know why I am putting off building a layouy……..fantistic work to be well proud of

  13. Dave Stygall says:

    Wow! What an absolutely beautiful piece of work! Even though the pictures aren’t “close-up”, you can see the effort in detail he’s put in.

    I doubt, however, that this would be in his front room as you mentioned. Judging by the clutter of boxes and sports equipment etc, and the high curtain in the last photo, I’d say this is probably laid out in his basement – a luxury I miss from my home country of Canada. Here in Australia, basements are virtually non-existent but would be the ideal. I’m lucky to have a “Granny Flat” under our pole house where my layout is planned.

    But still, hats off to Barry!

    And thank you Al, not just for sharing these layout photos, but for all the wonderful tips you put out. Yours is one email subscription where I open each one in eager anticipation; most others have about 70% sales pitch from the very start, way before the article begins!

    Again, many thanks mate.

    Kind regards,


  14. Jesse Beatty says:

    This is great, good long trackage and excellent buildings/scenery to boot!
    With this you can run trains, more than one per track, and come up with some really good operating sessions. Just need to add a little more room and put in a good marshalling yard.

    Thanks much for the tips and pics, they do help with my own and good to see what others are doing.

  15. kevin says:

    Very nice, I have a layout about the same size and the amount of scenery work required is overwelming. good to see it will be worth it in the end.

  16. Ken Thomas says:

    The layout is quite brilliant, and the detail is fantastic.

  17. tom says:

    Very nice and finished, I like the business district a lot 🙂

  18. Jerry says:

    That is one nice layout. Now it makes me rethink my layout.
    Keep up the good work guy’s it is really appreciated.

  19. Aussie Denis says:

    I’m nearly as bad as my 15′ X 8′ N Scale Layout has turned a 3 Car Garage into a 1 Car Garage Margarte’s Car is inside my 4WD stays outside Thank Goodness it don’t Rain to much in Townsville Queensland.
    This is a very well done Layout done in Graet Style.
    Thanks for sharing. Denis May

  20. Don Wick says:

    The layout has every thing that you mentioned. But I don’t see many opportunities for switching industries. perhaps those should be highlighted among the good scenics that were shown in the photos. If there are more industries that don’t show up in the photos, let us know. Otherwise, a good job.

  21. Peter Whatley says:

    This is strange. I’m building a layout that is very similar. To achieve continuous running but avoid unrealistic “too tight” curves at the ends I am hiding them in mountains. My basement layout along one wall is 15 ft. x 3’6″. One big difference though … I’m in 00 gauge and the layout features a country railway station in England in the 1950-1960’s. PW, Minnesota, USA

  22. David Jones says:

    Very impressive and great to have the long run. Too often we are limited by lack of a long straight run

  23. Tom Leadfootnlazy says:

    Awesome detail. A fantastic layout. I would love to see some close ups.

  24. Tim Geist says:

    Awesome work, gives me a lot of ideals for the one I’m begining to build. I enjoy all the help I can get. Thanks Al for sending these on to me.

  25. Dave says:

    Layout shows a lot of love for a wonderful hobby. Good work and keep it going. I’ll send photos of mine when the
    boating season is over.

  26. Kristina-HK says:

    Fantastic! Love it. Anxious to see photos when it is finished. Great job Barry.

  27. Walt says:

    Barry –
    My hats off to you! Great work in such a short amount of time. And to think your commuting back and forth to work on the layout. I have always found that the ‘rock’ work takes the most amount of time – especially when doing tunnels / mountain sides. I always think a water feature adds to the layout. All the best!

  28. Beninprescott says:

    Love the layout. I am not there yet. I’m picking up building kits as fast as my wallet allows. In the old days shrubbery was packaged moss in different colors. I liked it. I can’t find it any more. What gives?

  29. Don says:

    Awesome Barry,
    You use your time wisely, very creative and detailed!
    Yea-shoot some closeup shots!

  30. joe porter says:

    I am green with envy Great Layout

  31. David says:

    Great! Love the refinery. My display is too small to incorporate all those great models.

  32. Steve V. says:

    What a beautiful layout. Achieved in a very short amount of time. I wish I had your skills. Any further detail would be great!

  33. Barry Palmer says:

    Thank you for showing my pictures and thanks to all the viewers for their wonderful responses.
    I’m returning to my daughter and grandson’s home next week to continue on the train set band I will take more detailed pictures.
    If anyone has any questions that I can answer on techniques please advise.
    Some people seem to have difficulty laying their track. Here’s how I do mine which is really easy.
    1) First I draw all my centerlines on the layout
    2) Then I use a 3M spray adhesive about 2 inches wide
    3) Then I peel my cork roadbed apart and apply it to each side of the centerline drawn (it will stay down)
    4) Then nail your track down using the split in the cork as the centerline
    I hope this helps make your track laying easier

  34. Ron says:

    Very nice rail road set up. Wish I could start my set. But you have a real nice setup.

  35. Tony G. says:

    Great job. I have a small 4×8 right now. Waiting for retirement to really enjoy.

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