Robert’s layout

“Hi Al,

Here is 2 photos of the first train to Little Benton.

It was a Pullman train hauled by Southern Railway Schools Class 925 Cheltenham, with a 2 car Pullman Special..

The East Coast Express hauled by Flying Scotsman is waiting in The bay Platform for the Pullman to pass.

The Pullman car has lights fitted.




“hi alastair,

I’m Bob from Harrisville RI. I…like your email details

and tips i’vebeen working on my mapleville Vermont railroad for 15 years now (isn’t it a shame there isn’t such a town ),and with an injury I had ample time to finish it (well 95% anyway). I haven’t posted any pic’s anywhere I didn’t think any were worth posting well here goes

tx bob”

cn gp38 north

cv 4559 north

cv blue

cvgt from bridge

mapleville central

pw south


“Hi Al

This video shows a 59 class Mikado heading a workers’ train to Broadmeadow loco near Newcastle passing a 60 class Garratt on a fast refrigerated freight bound for Sydney c1967. I’ll have to send you one at a time because the videos take a while to process.

Best wishes


Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

Big thanks to everyone. Some of you may remember Geoff’s layout from a few posts back. A stunning piece.

If you’d like to semd in any pics or tips, just hit reply to any of the emails I’ve sent you and let me know about your layout.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And don’t forget the Beginner’s Guide if you want to get going on your own layout.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

26 Responses to Robert’s layout

  1. lindsay says:

    very good layout paul i like it very mutch thanks for letting us see it

  2. builder Kim says:

    Hi Bob. Your layout look’s great. I think you done well. Would like to see more picture if possible. We all learn from each other. Im not that far from Vermont. Keep building and sending photo’s.

  3. Robert, Bob , and Geoff….
    excellent layouts all…
    nice detail and we wanna see MORE pics and videos!!
    keep ’em runnin fellas….!!!

  4. paul Otway says:

    The best setting to take photos of model railways is SCn.

    My Pullman cars are Hornby, as is the schools, which is Hornby Railroad.

    If anyone knows how to put passegers in the Pullman cars, Please let me know via Al’s emails.

    Paul Otway

  5. Ralph says:

    Well worth posting Bob
    From what I can remember of Vermont the terrain is spectacular, I can still remember standing on the platform at Port Kent wondering if I had picked the wrong stop and hoping that there might be a ferry along sometime.

  6. Ray Suckling says:

    Geoff, great scenery, I am also modelling in Australia, how did you do that great gum tree………..

  7. Bruce McIntyre says:

    G’day Geoff.
    The nostalgia of seeing New South Wales trains operating on a model railway is nearly overpowering. I travelled on the New South Wales trains for most of the 42-1/2 yers I worked at the BHP steelworks in Newcastle NSW. Many trips were in those cars similar to your workers’ train. For quite a while I was usually among the first on the train as it stated from Telrah – a suburb over Maitland. Those carriages had seats which could be manipulated so that you could get four seats facing one another. The idea was that as the train proceeded towards Newcastle, various friends would join the train and we would end up with a four for a game of cards – euchre, or 500 depending upon our whim. Occasionally we would drift into show poker. Coming home, there would be another set of four and out would come the cards. By the way, I usually had the cards – buying a new pack every so often.

    Bruce from Maitland.

  8. Bob Miller says:

    Very nice layout Bob. The bridges are exceptionally well done. I can only imagine how well the total layout is done. Send more pictures please….

  9. Chris says:

    You have created some nice mountain scenery there on your railroad. Well done, looks very effective.

  10. Ross Johnston says:

    Great video Geoff! Good to see some Australian layouts and I liked the Garrett. I actually saw a newly painted gaarrett at the Rail Museum in Manchester in 2003 and it was magnificent. There is a SA garrett at the National Rail Museum in Port Adelaide, painted black ofcourse.
    Also I liked your pictures Bob and especially your bridges. Great stuff!!!

  11. Martin Wood says:

    Paul, great work, I like the lighting in your observation car. But it seriously needs some passengers adding.

  12. Don says:

    Nice layout Bob and love that green and yellow Central Vermont paint scheme.

  13. Moe CAllison says:

    Great work!

  14. Ian Mc Donald says:

    great pictures and video

  15. Why is it no one puts panoramic pictures of the hall layout to aprichi it the true value to the work imbave.

    Than for the wandefor pictures

  16. Robert Brady says:

    Bob from RI,Your pics suggest a lot of work and detail it’s lookin good as far as I can Tell .Show us more with a High Depth Cam.
    The Critic

  17. Bob says:

    Bob I kept your pictures. I love the scenery especially the pictures numbers 2, 4 and 6 are great and will get me thinking about how to do something like that on my layout that’s still on paper!! Thank you for sharing.

  18. David D'Angelo says:

    Hi Bob,
    Dave from Smithfield RI with O-gauge layout in progress.

  19. John Floyd says:

    Awesome layout, well done,I love the scenery!!

  20. Will in NM says:

    Paul, Very nice photos of your layout and rolling stock. The lighted passenger coach is very nice but your railroad will never make any money running with empty coaches. 🙂

    Bob, That looks like a great train layout you’ve built. I wish the photos were a bit higher resolution with better lighting so we could appreciate all your hard work more. The bridges and mountains look fabulous.

    Geoff, I only got to watch your video once then somehow it switched to Heinrich’s Christmas Layout. What I saw in your video looked really good except why did it look like all the locos were pulling backwards? Is that common practice in South Africa?

  21. Erick says:

    Pretty Neat.!!!

  22. Andrew Aves says:

    Awesome scenery Bob

    Paul Otway – Dangerous Dave has posted a video of how he added passengers into his carriages, He is in Alistair’s Hall of Fame from the top menu and Dave has many videos on YouTube

    Andrew in Oz

  23. John Holly says:

    Very nice layout! Great detail on it. I love the broken foundation of the bridge

  24. Rich B. says:

    Another “Master” discovered here. Taking a bad photo would be impossible!


  25. Steve Ruple says:

    Bob, from the pictures you have sent, your layout looks very nice. The rock scenery and bridge look awesome. I would like to see more of your layout. Great job.

  26. Ray Volpe says:

    Loved your dramatic landscapes!

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