Rob’s layout conclusion…

“Here are more from my layout… Just about 33% done… With this half.


“My Big Curve Conclusion.

How it came out and a little fun while doing it.


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That’s it for today.

Please do keep ’em coming though – I enjoy them as much as you do.

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32 Responses to Rob’s layout conclusion…

  1. svyatoslav vykrest says:

    it`s better what I`ve ever seen!

  2. john creasey says:

    lovely video Rob

  3. Robert Coe says:

    On holidays n Farland.

  4. Peter Boston says:

    Like Dangerous Dave’s vids, this is brilliant. Makes me envious.

  5. Jeff Keene Sr says:


  6. Roy Forbes says:

    If that’s 33% then I’m still not off the starting blocks with mine. But Well done anyway. Grrrrr.

  7. Very nice layout! Good video and music effects! Are there any future plans to add or change anything in your layout?

  8. Joe Gray says:

    Great pics…I salute your detail and talent.

  9. Neal Marrison says:

    Nice job guys. Rob, I have not seen anyone use the clear plastic under their people figures before… great idea thanks!!

  10. Ray Thomason says:

    Congratulations on a fantastic layout. May I make a small suggestion. As an ex railway civil engineer, I have had many reports of children being seriously injured by straying onto the track and it is the responsibility of the railway company to provide secure fences. Therefore would you please consider the erection of a fence between the Black Horse Hotel and the railway to add even more realism.

  11. Well done Rob , and James you have done well there should look great when all completed

  12. Don says:

    Hey James, this looks great. Your trees are just so real.

  13. ron from manchester says:

    Rob and James, fantastic work on your modeling.
    Regards Ron.

  14. Rod Mackay says:

    James, that’s a lovely layout, it really does have the air of a real place you might come across tomorrow, excellent job!


  15. THOMAS says:


  16. litacats says:

    thank you both the pics were great and the vidio was fantastic. it has given me so more ideas to help with the huge railroad we are trying to do. My hsband has nearlt finished the rail set ep and i am wondering how to finish the again thank you both

  17. Hi Guys:
    Again you have made my hobby one of the best. Love your sense of humor as you get the job done so precise. Can’t knock great work when you see and hear it. Thx for sharing your works. Take care as I wish you much success in helping all of us.

    Harold Jr.

  18. Jim says:

    Cute story line. Neat lighting in your passenger cars too. A truly professional video.

    Jim AZ

  19. Peter Waring says:

    James and Rob, thanks for the photos and the video. Both layouts look great and I am impressed with the standard you have achieved. So I see your passengers are not able to cross the line to get home, how about an underpass rather than a bridge. Although I do like the idea of them getting on and riding round to get off at the other side! More income for the railway! Regards Peter…

  20. Albert Finch says:

    Fantastic layout and video. Must have taken a fortune to build as well as a lifetime of time. Am very envious.

  21. Allan Blossom says:

    Rob , PLEASE , track layout plan ? Beginning to put plans together for a layout and you’ve given me ideas . A track plan would show me how to incorporate how to have track lines come together and how to do multiple tracks side by side . Thank you , sneakers .

  22. Brian Rockey says:

    Rob, nice work on the layout, and fun video as always.
    One simple tip re lighting buildings is to use tracing paper on the inside of the windows making them opaque, that is if you’re not detailing the inside and don’t want to see the wires/lights inside. This may not always be possible depending on the type of building or if you’ve decided to add lights after you’ve made the buildings. If its a card kit, such as Metcalfe, it’s dead easy during the construction.
    Regards to all.
    Brian, GWR (Grandpa’s Wonderful Railway)

  23. DJfromNJ says:

    Well done, Dave!

  24. george zaky says:

    33%- cant wait for the final. Great job.
    Farland Howe rocks!! Love your work and superb videos.
    Havent heard from Kaustev lately.
    Big Al – thanks
    George from NY

  25. David says:

    Very. Very good model railway Trees look so real.

  26. John Birch says:

    Great job, with great scenery and fine detail. What I like is that you haven’t crammed too much track into the layout. It gives a sense of space, adding to the realism.

  27. Jerry Ryan says:

    Fantastis Al-Please keep up the outstanding detail!!!

  28. Clay says:

    Rob, you might want to have your crowd of people spread
    out, due to the virus! Just kidding. How your layout has
    grown to a fantastic piece of work since you started. Great
    to see how it has grown. Great job!

  29. Tony, Kitty Hawk NC says:

    Very nice James!
    Rob and Dave- you probably have already posted this, but I missed it. What camera do you use? What editing program? Thanks.

  30. David Schaffner says:

    Love the piano solo and the passenger train that stopped the station, with tables and lamps to bring a homely aura to your layout. Like the old cars and the landscaping…Nice layout. Great presentation…

  31. Roger Vipond says:

    What can I say? And I thought Mouldy Raspberry and Peaks47 were my favourite authors.
    Man, you have made my day. In spades. Gonna be watching this over and over and over. I am lost for words…

  32. Frank says:

    Nice looking layout and nice video too.

    Frank in Orlando

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