Small N scale train layouts

Grant’s been back in touch with his collection of small N scale train layouts:

“Hello Alastair

Because of the large amount of positive feedback I have been receiving from your subscribers, I have decided to pull out my old layouts and give them all a good video.

A while ago I shared information on my original layout, but that has been redone and I would like to share it again with you and your site.

About 20 years ago, while living in a very small apartment, without a tool to my name, I felt the need to move away from my life as a computer nerd, and start using my hands.

But what to build? Can you guess????

Yes, soon the idea of building something out of wood became building a train layout. One that would fit under my couch in my tiny home.

So it began. I had always been a fan of N Scale, particularly its value for space, and this was the obvious choice here.

I started with re-educating myself via Youtube and went on the hunt for what I was going to do. Add in some valuable advice from my local Model Train Hobby Store, some careful experimentation and then all the patience I could muster.

Eventually it was finished, including a box to house it.

I started taking my tiny layout to train shows, where it was a hit among smaller kids who could get close, and eventually once I had moved on to bigger layouts, I would still take it along, with a controller for the kids to use, for a hands on experience.

Now it is two decades, and four layouts later ( I have started a 5th) and it still looks pretty good, and the little Fleischmann 7000 still looks great.

The Video, both old and new can be found on my newly reorganised playlist on YouTube

Thanks again for your site and the messages you share.


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small N scale train layouts

small N scale train layouts

small N scale train layouts

small N scale train layouts

small N scale train layouts

small N scale train layouts

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A big thanks to Grant for sharing his small N scale train layouts.

It makes me happy when I read the blog has inspired a few of you.

Also, it’s nice to have a few N scale posts too, they have been a bit thin on the ground recently.

Which reminds me – yesterday I posted Rob’s stunning London underground model trains but I didn’t include the youtube. My fault entirely, I have added it now and it’s well worth a look.

That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And if today is the day you poke boredom in the eye and join in the fun, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

PPS More N scale layouts here if that’s your thing.

7 Responses to Small N scale train layouts

  1. David Howarth says:

    Well done Grant with that N scale ..its not easy to work on

  2. Stephen Hill says:

    Very well done , amazing what you accomplished on such a small layout . Great detail to the buildings and scenes , incredible how much is going on there . Nice work !

  3. Brian Olson says:

    I have two N Scale Layouts, one is a 6×12 duck under. Thank goodness for lots of room. My second layout is a 2×4 switching layout and my first venture into DCC.

    It’s not about space, it’s how you use the space. Great examples here!

  4. george zaky says:

    The Lilliputian world of trains that escapes the gorilla fingered, McGoo eyed guys like me. I loved the part that the kids were able to enjoy your handiwork. Great job! Keep it up.
    Big Al
    Nice. Danka

  5. matison says:

    Great little layout!
    This got me thinking about tunnels and portals, and what people actually see them as. Almost every layout that I see has at least one tunnel that typically circles back to the same general area, and it brings questions to mind:

    What does a tunnel represent to you? Is it a portal to another world, or perhaps an easy way to hide the fact that the layout ends and starts there? Are there other deeper reasons, or is it just a cool thing to add to a layout? I don’t dislike tunnels. I have one on my layout for no particular reason other than I like it, but I was wondering why other people have them.

  6. robert dale tiemann says:

    shows real skills to be able to do n scale. ive been trying to get a z scale to see just how hard that would be.

  7. Tim S.S. says:

    Matison : maybe it’s the peek a boo effect. I have a switch in mountain so visitor does not know which line the train will show up on. Or just a way to have more buildable space. Or as my cousin does,
    he modeles a real life scene in Colorado. Just my thoughts.

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