Static grass

Rob’s been in touch with some nice detail on his layout – static grass.

“Dear Al,

A new way to use static grass.

While I was wandering across the videos about model railway scenery on YouTube, I ran across this novel idea for planting tufts of static grass.

I thought it looked interesting so I started to investigate and experiment with it to see if it would work for me. It got marvelous results.

In the attached video I demonstrate how to do it.

It is essentially making custom grass tufts in the place where you want them. I used 12 mm standard static grass in this video. If your fingers are smaller you could probably use 7 mm fiber.

I bought mine from Woodland Scenics but other suppliers no doubt could provide good material.

Just be careful and avoid the ones where the fibers are bent and not very straight. This type of fiber does not work well in the static grass machine either or, when you use this method.

Thank you for your posts, I know they are helping many people around the world.


static grass railway bridge

static grass track side

static grass hedge

static grass view

static grass embankment

A huge big thank you to Hall of Famer Rob – love the scenes and detail he has created.

And when comes to green stuff and foliage, John’s post springs to mind too: HO scale bushes.

Now on to something completely different.

I got this in from George:

“Dear Al

I cant be the only one who creates these printable buildings in a larger scale and has a wibbly wobbly warped resemblance, poorly glued, lousy cornered, and worse a disappointing end result.

Little tips & tricks! The perception that John used cereal boxes for everything is not true.

Be safe


George is quite right, if you make the buildings just from cereal boxes, they won’t be robust.

But when you do them the right way, here’s what happens:

As you can see, they are very robust indeed.

(Shall we do another vid with a heavier weight? Please do leave a comment below if you’d like to see that.)

But how do you make them?

Well, there is no wrong way or right way, but here’s how the Boy Wonder does it.

It’s quite a long youtube, but you can see just how easy they are to make… and how strong they are too.

Here’s the youtube link if you want to watch it full screen.

All the buildings you see in the video are bundled with the Beginner’s Guide for just $9 – but it won’t last forever.

Please don’t hang about if you’d like to grab it.

And buying the Beginner’s Guide for just $9 is the easiest way to support the blog.

I’ve put together something that I hope make it worthwhile.

I know we are all getting battered by spirraling prices, regardless of what side of the Atlantic we are on, so I hope I’ve put an offer together that:

A) Makes you delighted

B) Keeps the blog going

To be honest, I’ve never known it be so quiet in all the years of doing this, so I’m pinning my hopes on the new printable scenery buildings, and of course, the Beginner’s Guide.

Here’s what you get all for an amazing $9 – let’s start with the 5 new printable buildings:

model railroad printable buildings

Heres what they look like on there own:

5 new printable buildings for your model railroad

All the buildings are HO scale. Just reduce the print by 54% for N scale.

In addition to the 5 new buildings above, you also get all these:

other printable buildings

And here’s Bonkers John in his usual fine form:

If you have ever mulled over whether to buy the Beginner’s Guide, now is the time to grab it.

(A lot of you already have it and just buy it for the new buildings – that’s fine.)

It’s just $9 and you get every printable building on this page bundled in as well: It’s $9 for the lot.

The Beginner’s Guide sells at $27, but today you are saving $18 just on the Guide.

Bundled with the guide are all 19 buildings on this page. They sell at $9 each on the store. So that’s a $171 saving.

All in all, you are saving $199 dollars – it’s a real saving too, have a look at the store and see for yourself.

I know many of you already have the Beginner’s Guide, and you are buying it just for the new buildings alone, and that’s absolutely fine.


If you’d like to feel the warm glow of supporting the blog, the silly $9 offer is here.



PS Just so we’re all clear – this silly sale is only for a day or so.

PPS Also, any purchase on the blog comes with a no quibble, money back guarantee, no questions asked – I really do want you to be delighted with your purchase.

5 Responses to Static grass

  1. robert dale tiemann says:

    very nice detail, love the anchor.

  2. JC Nelson says:

    Looks good. Adds a nice dimension to the scenery mix.

  3. george zaky says:

    Much thanks for making my layout from just OK to Wow. The devil’s in the details.
    Big Al
    Your video is a game changer. It just wiped out the areas of frustration I had in building S scale buildings- 1.35 bigger than HO – where warping, poor corners, and wobbly buildings caused disappointment. I used Tichy windows with clear plastic so that lighting could be a feature and that furthered the structural wobbly problem.
    Much Thanks.

  4. Robert Brady says:

    Rob your track work and ballast is exquisite.. I should do as good.
    The Critic

  5. Gary M from Long Island says:

    Great video on the making of printable buildings.

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