Stunning layout scenery

The gremlins were about again last time – some of you will have missed the last post, which you can see here.

Now on to that scenery… and yes, this is a very biased, one sided post.

Have a look at the two pics below – it’s all made from the ‘big kahuna bundle deal‘.

Because you can print as many buildings as you want, there’s some ‘scratch’ building too, but it’s still all from the bundle deal. I suppose that’s the attraction. Download once, print as many as you can.


“Hi Al.

Hope your doing well. Here is a patio. I used weathered looking wood because I didn’t want it to look new. Few more things to add such as vines and plants and all the patio stuff. Will soft sand it. Maybe seal it don’t know. I hand cut all the pieces. The house isn’t done either.



I am Javier, form Spain, and I am building this layout, 1.2 m x 2.4 m, in HO DC.

A year ago I began (see the first pic) and now this is its status…

If you want, I will send new pics when I will finish.



“Hi Al,

Thought you might be interested in the creeper chair I made from an old outside folding chair. I cut it up and used the parts to get a comfortable rake, bolted it to a piece of board and fitted four 2” castors. Added a cushion and headrest and I have a perfect seat to do my layout wiring.



A big thanks to everyone who’s mailed me. Please do keep them coming.

And if today is the day you get bored of just watching, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

51 Responses to Stunning layout scenery

  1. Good idea Roger, and well done Javier and Kim

  2. THOMAS says:

    you sure know how to build a nice layout. very nice

  3. Cameron says:

    A bumper crop of great posts. I really could have used that chair 8 months ago when I did my wiring. Top idea. Well done Javier brilliant framing and really nice rock faces.

  4. Stu McGee says:

    Truly great stuff. I am gobsmacked.

  5. Ollie in Sydney says:

    Hola Javier,

    What did you use for the rocks? They look so real! That is impressive.

    Keep posting!

  6. Mike Street says:

    Hi again, great little layout Javier, you seem to have got a lot in without it looking over crowded, unlike some small layouts. Thanks for the picture of the woodwork, what sort of incline have you got? Presumably the engines get up them OK. There seems to be a lot of conflicting advice about sloping track. Mike S

  7. david says:

    well done javier, you made a great layout,i loved the rocks ,they looked so real. please show us some more,as you go along,

  8. builder Kim says:

    Nice rocks.would like to see a how to on them.thanks for the pictures super nice layout. thanks

  9. Hi Javier,
    What a great layout, after only a year of being involved in this hobby, great work! Are items hard to obtain in Spain, or do you need to get them from Europe?

    Hi Kim,
    You never cease to amaze me with the buildings you create, as they are always so realistic, if one didn’t know they were models, they’d think them to be real, fantastic job as always!!!

  10. Roy Forbes says:

    Wow Roger’s creeper chair is great. He should patent it pretty fast. The other shots are great too.


  11. John G says:

    Love the chair, seems one man’s garbage is another man’s comfort

  12. Mike Street says:

    Hi again, like David I meant to mention the rocks, they are really good, very realistic, how did you make them? More pics when you have completed some other parts please Javier, Mike

  13. John Coffey says:

    very good looking layout keep up the good work

  14. craig horwitz says:

    Amazing, only wish I had a basement or spare room ro again create the HO layouts I had has a kid growing up. Well done!
    H. Horwitz co, Chicago, IL

  15. paul Otway says:

    I like your buildings Al, tell the young fellor he does a good job.

    Nice layout and city scene.

  16. builder Kim says:

    Thanks Stemar your to kind.It will be way better once I finish it.There sure is some talented people in here.Love the layouts on here.Im terrible when its cardboard cut outs.But give me a block of wood lol.

  17. Bob Miller says:

    Hola Javier,

    Very nice layout and I liked the way you did your scenery. I would like to see more pictures when you get a chance.

  18. builder Kim says:

    I been working on a balsawood house plan I will send into Al.Really easy make.Can get a bundle of balsawood from ebay cheap.

  19. Javier (Spain) says:

    Hello everyone! Many thanks for your kindly coments about my layout! The brown rocks are… pine barks (mediterranean pine, we live in a mountain near Madrid) with beach sand, modelling compound and brown paint. The plants are pieces of green sponge, brush hairs and dish scrubber.
    Gray rocks are made with paper, modelling compound and several paints from white to black.
    Stemar: in Spain we have a lot of model railway shops, It is very easy to find every thing you need for your layout.
    I will share new pics when I have new parts…

  20. Peter says:

    Very nice layout and I liked the way you have constructed it.

  21. Roland Burch says:

    Great job Javier, and great pictures. Send more pictures.

  22. Willie Kerr (Glasgow) says:

    Great layout Javier and I love the wiring chair, you should patent that.

  23. Rod Mackay says:

    Love the chair, it half kills me getting under mine for wiring alterations etc and even with a carpeted floor it’s hard on the knees.

  24. Sal from LongIsland New York says:

    Javier, great job with wonderful realistic rocks and scenery.
    Send more pictures as the layout continues to develop.

  25. Tim Adams says:

    Javier …VERY, VERY nice. If you don’t already, think about working with movie production studios. Their always looking for talent when it comes to creating mlniture scenes for movies. Your very talented……

  26. theunis says:

    hi kim here a tip for people if u cant find a scrubber to build that special cleaner right any supermarket right over the world will need cleaners and that polishers use those scrubbers underneed so ask the owner what they do to the old scrubbers on that polish machines i hope this one help its free they must throw it away and put a new scrubber on kindly theunis

  27. love your chair idea

  28. Dale says:

    Javier; great job. I envy those of you who have great scenery skills. Not my forte. Probably why I’m building a ‘flatlands’ layout. It’s where I live and what I know best. Also, I’m 74, it’s my first layout and after 6 heart attacks, I consider it my one and only.
    Al: the big kahuna bundle deal is great for those who have need for such a large variety of buildings. I have no city on my layout; residential and family-owned businesses are my need. The buildings do look great, and I just bought a new printer with the ability to print on card stock.
    Thanks for the effort you extend with this email.

  29. Richard Sappelli says:

    Ola Javior:
    You are doing a wonderful job. You have made the scenes you presented here look real!!!

    Best to you and keep up the great work.
    Regards, \

    Richard s.

  30. Lee Barry, CEO LZPMRR says:

    good looking job. How did you get the “Georgia Red Dirt” to keep from falling? I knows all about the red clay, my mother was born and raised in the Athens,Ga area.

  31. Mike says:

    Roger … You’re my hero!! I love your chair idea for under the train tables. I’ve been on my back, with my arms stretched out and a ball under my head. I’ve just gotta make one of these marvels! Thanks for sending in your idea and photo!

  32. Mike says:

    Love the chair, I have one of the low – no legs, beach chairs and was go to give to the Sally Ann but now I have a use for it – Thanks.

  33. Fred says:

    Great layout Javier…

    Merry Christmas to all Railway modellers…..fred

  34. Charles Hale says:

    How do u make running water and ripples. Don’t forget water falls. Thx

  35. Hemi says:

    MAN ‘O MAN that scenery looks GREAT!!!! NICE job!!!!!!!!

    The Layout Creeper is an AWESOME Idea!!!!! Nice way to give something old a new life, and a new beginning of something other then it was intended even tho, your STILL sitting on it!!!!! GREAT thinking!!! ~Hemi

  36. John NEff says:

    I just have one thing to say. The amount of talented model makers on this site is amazing. Thank you all for sharing your creations. Happy Holidays !

  37. David Cooke says:

    Beautiful scenery Javier! A friend of mine in our club has built an entire city with some of Allistair’s buildings. They all look awesome when completed!

  38. george zaky says:

    It amazes me how a talented person like yourself starts out with an idea and it comes out with such a wonderful layout. Bravo! Please keep it up and now for some videos for us mortals.
    George from NY

  39. peter pearson says:

    love your photos this will help me thank you peter p

  40. I have never seen a bad layout or a bad idea on this site. I congratulate all and many thanks Alastair for the most pleasant and enjoyable site. I purchased the Beginners Guide and after 60 years learned a few things.

    Happy Holidays!

  41. Will in NM says:

    Javier, Great layout! I especially liked the wide views of the layout under construction and the finished layout. You’ve done a very good modeling job. I hope you’re enjoying running trains on it.

    Roger, I love your creeper chair for under layout wiring. I have a small layout I’m working on and tried putting it on 4-foot long legs with casters so I could work underneath it, but the fixed height makes it hard to work on the top of the layout without a step stool. So my latest solution was to order a motorized height adjustable desk frame to put under the layout so I can raise it for wiring and lower it for working on the scenery. Once it arrives and I install it, I’l send some photos to Alistair for his blog.

  42. Charles Eyster says:

    Javier, superior job on the scenery and the layout pictures. I snapped a few on my cell to save for when I begin my construction in the near future. Your photo of the track layout will be helpful for me as I don’t see the 3D too well and I’m planning a below main level storage yard and several main lines on different levels above the main surface.
    Kudos my friend in Spain! Great work!

    The under table scooter chair is yet another fabulous idea to consider! I was dreading the wiring aspect of the layout. I’m old fashioned and will be wiring the only way I know…….. with many “miles” of small gauge wires and many toggle switches!

  43. Arthur says:

    I really enjoy looking at all the layouts and buildings but I model 3 rail O gauge trains. Do you do buildings in O or know of anyone that does? I try to make stuff from scratch but having a printout would be helpful. Thank you.

  44. Brian Love says:

    This is more of a general comment about the site and what its done for me. I recently decided to get back into railroading after a 50 year hiatus. When I started construction of my first layout, I was in a “race for the finish line” mentality. I tore my first layout apart and have simply been viewing all of the great posts you receive, saving the ones that are applicable to my tastes and planning my new layout. Thanks to all of you for getting me in the mode of enjoying the ride and not racing to a finish line.

  45. The chair you made is great. I have built an N scale layout using a tilt-table construction. I simply tilt the table and do all my wiring standing or seated. Works great! Love your outstanding layout!

  46. Linden Diehl says:

    Hello Roger
    Thank you for sharing the picture of your designed/built creeper chair. I can modify what you did, so I am able to build my train layout. Things were put on hold after becoming disabled. This certainly gives me an idea on how I will again be able to work underneath my layout.

  47. William Orton says:

    Truly amazing you could take pine bark, sand and paper to make the rocks in puctures 5, 6 and 8. Great work.

  48. Gary Gissiner says:

    I love the layout. I really like the roll around, it’s going to be my next project.

  49. richard JUREK says:

    very nice

  50. Scott Piercy says:

    The chair is an inspired idea, brilliant! Thanks Roger.

  51. Red says:

    Love that chair in the last photo,
    where’d you get that?
    Or how did you build it?

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