The latest from Cal on his layout

Just a short post today – an update from Cal (his last post is here).


Here is the link to YouTube of my update. The only sound you hear are the trains and occasional knee bumping of my sitting stool.

I have added some scenes and an enginehouse. I have to have it complete by the time our Model Railroad show in November.


Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

That’s all today, folks (I’m in a screaming hurry – done will to get this out).

Please keep ’em coming.



23 Responses to The latest from Cal on his layout

  1. NJ Mark says:

    Great video. I loved the little details such as the horseback riders in the hills and the guys tarring the roof down in the town. Thanks and Cheers! NJ Mark

  2. Russell Wilson says:

    Too cool! I like the sense of humor shown with an excellent layout. Enjoy your hard work, but stay away from the SS Minnow; that gang is a little strange!

  3. Joe Cavilla says:

    Very impressive, I like the details and the thougt that has gone into this layout. Nice work.

  4. Eric says:

    Lots of details that catch your eyes all the way around your layout but still like your falls and lagoon best.
    Eric (Leeds) UK

  5. C Sodora says:

    Great job in 4×8 layout. Did you ever publish a copy of the track layout?

  6. Cary B says:

    Thanks for sharing Cal’s video Al. Cal, your layout sure has many scenes built into a compact area. It is awesome and I love it. The video was great.

    Cary B

  7. Franco428 says:

    Excellent! I enjoyed the show. You have a vivid imagination.

  8. Ray Thomas says:

    I love the old airplane in flight. It and all the other many details give this HO layout realistic qualities and look of an old Midwest town. Great job…

  9. Renard Konieczka says:

    A really great layout ! You show some fabulous imagination and put it all together in a wonderful setting.

  10. steve says:

    The SS Minnow is really neat
    and the seven castaways
    but who did you make first ginger or maryanne

  11. Brad says:

    Loved Gilligans Island-very UNIQUE!!! Excellent layout for a 4 x 8!!!

  12. Robert Weldon says:

    Mountain goat!! Nudists!! SS Minnow ….where’s Mary Ann and Ginger? Love the layout!!

  13. James Maitland says:

    Great job and very well done. Can you come help at the B&O RR Museum?

  14. Thomas Murphy says:

    I enjoy every video Cal posts. As well as with your site Al; the inspiration keeps me motivated to accomplish new objectives.
    Regards, Tom (USA).

  15. Joe Wrigjt says:

    Thank you Cal, u got a lot on a 4×8 layout. The one I’m starting to work on is just abou a half foot bigger each way, so I will watch this video over and over for tips.
    Please keep posting, love it.

  16. David A. Massimi says:

    Cal…your video makes it obvious that your layout was put together by someone who ENJOYS his trains! So much to look at, tho i think i missed the nudists.
    Thanks for sharing it with us!
    Dave, from NY

  17. Warner Smith says:

    What an incredible layout for 4X8. Your attention to detail is superb. Your video is in my favorites folder for reference. Awesome work and thanks for sharing..

  18. Mike Richardson says:

    Cal , I really enjoy looking at your layout. A lot of thought and originally put into it. Great work.

  19. Fred Levora says:

    As I was watching the video of your layout, I found it hard to really appreciate all the find work and details you had spent so much time. I would really like to see it without all the blurred scenery passing on the screen. I found that when taking videos, if you think you are moving slow, move much slower. This holds true when taking close ups of anything. I really like what you have done!

  20. Sal Fazio says:

    Cal’s layout is the perfect blend of a small town and wonderful surrounding terrain. It is chock full of interesting features that make viewing the layout quite a unique and enjoyable experience.
    The overhang and waterfalls are a great additions to a wonderful layout, as is what looks like a P51 Mustang.
    I have to go back and search for the sun worshippers.
    Cal, please keep posting.

  21. Cary says:

    What a great layout Cal, love the way you worked the plane into the mountain side.
    Thanks for sharing. Cary in KY

  22. Ian Mc Donald says:

    great video a very nice layout plenty of scenery love seeing the trains thanks for sharing.

  23. Paul Plavnick, in Marshfield, Missouri, USA says:

    Cal, Great layout! I, too, love the little details, such as the airplane in flight over the treetops. But I suggest replacing the stationary prop with a circular disk of clear plastic scribed with concentric circular grooves and a dark hub, to simulate a spinning prop. Otherwise, the plane appears to be in the final seconds before a dead stick crash into the trees.

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