The latest from Dave and Mark

A double header from the hall of fame today.

Mark, has been busy with his camera. Have a look at the stunning pics he sent of his layout.

S&TM H1044 on TM 5

SIA After Storm

SP U28B at Badwater Tunnel 5

UP 684 Alco c-424 Kylie Junction 3

“Hi Al, just a short video of the old layout with a running session, nice to have a few running again…



A huge thank you to Dave and Mark. Inspiring stuff.

That’s all this time.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And if you want get of the side lines and get going with your layout, this has Dave’s and Mark’s stamp of approval.



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40 Responses to The latest from Dave and Mark

  1. Ol' Puffer says:

    Great stuff again, but I have a question for Dave please.
    I noticed the really long stretch of ‘Cattle’ trucks (I think). Do you add any weight to them to stop them coming off on the bends or are they “au naturelle”?
    It may be my track but I seem to have a few difficulties keeping long loads on the track when going around bends.
    Many Thanks and please keep the videos coming. I, like many others, love them.

  2. BernardS says:

    What a lovely layout .I have one question ,really just an observation ,..Why are all the leading wheels on the tanker wagons all white when the rest are black or thereabouts .PS> This is NOT a nit picking exercise
    Best regard to you all Bernard

  3. eric7 says:

    Mark, amazing scenery there, looks so lifelike.

    Dave, Always amazing us with his fine videos of his wonderful layout.

  4. Brian Messenger says:

    Hi Mark, your nighttime shots are superb as well as the rest of them. The lights, in and outside of the buildings are fantastic. Keep them coming please. – Brian

  5. Brian Messenger says:

    I just love watching Dave’s videos of his well detailed and excellent running layout. We have warm weather here all the time and don’t have much of a problem. – Brian

  6. Brilliant stuff Dave. Have you ever posted the track layout, that would be very interesting to see, I’m sure, especially for newcomers. How many locos do you have in total?
    Norman. UK

  7. Jim Grace says:

    I have “S” gauge…What scale do you have in your offerings

  8. John R says:

    Amazing scenery, excellent work. Its one of the things I think makes a layout a great layout.
    John R

  9. DB says:

    To the poster who asked about the white wheels on the tank cars in Dave’s video, I think what you’re seeing are the brake setting wheels for each car. On U.S.railroads, those are usually set horizontal and low to the frame on tank cars, but, if you look, on Daves tankers, all but one are in a uniform position, beside that leading truck.

  10. Chuck says:

    Hi Mark, I absolutely love the pics you took of your layout , very impressive, I love to see the creativity. I know all that took a lot of time but I also know that is a labor of love. I hope I can create something just as good.

    Hey Dave < I love to watch your operating sessions. How many trains can you run at one time ? I'm designing my layout so that I can run 3 or 4 at one time. Watching one is ok but when you have more than one is when it gets fun.

    Thanks guys for sharing .


  11. Peter Rothwell says:

    Hi Dave
    Wonderful layout love seeing the changes and additions! But I think you should take care with the heat in the loft!
    Cause im sure the grass and weeds are growing out of control!!!
    Regards Peter keep it up! Get out those clippers! Ha! Ha!

  12. Soren Lippert says:

    Hi Mark,
    What an awesome combination of talented photography and beautiful & believable landscaping! Those photos are made for long-drawn enjoyment and filled with inspiring details. You might consider in future posts to disclose a few tips and techniques (along with the scale of your layout).
    And to Dave:
    Tough familiar still a wonderful layout crammed with nice details. May I ask for a VERY slow video tour, so we can really enjoy all of it?
    Soren ES

  13. Steven Bennett says:

    The puppet waiving hi and goodbye was a very clever move!!!!

  14. yeeeow
    Mark wotta great layout, your detailed scenery is superbe, the photography is stunning expecially the nite time stuff…
    Dave….Brilliant layout and video work as usual
    keep it all runnin fellas!!!

  15. kennymac825 says:

    Dave best video yet. Keep up the Great!! work

  16. Don George says:

    Have enjoyed your videos for several years. Your a master layout builder and video creator. What software do you use for your video creations? Keep up the good work and thanks for all the time you have put in creating it.

  17. Andrew says:

    Always lovely to see your layout, . I would love to make a layout like yours.

  18. John G says:

    Dave, another super video, your modelling skills are slowly being eroded by you skill as a cameraman/post production editor!
    A word of warning…… out for gingerbread crumbs which will play havoc with the points!

  19. Jimmy STORRIE says:

    Dave that is the Best layout I have seen A1 Dave Jimmy Edinburgh

  20. david howarth says:

    Thanks from Dave (me ) for comments , software I use is cyberlink PD12 …and to answer Bernard , yes they are the brake setting wheels the white ones , and Chuck I have about (not sure ) 16 loco`s varying between Steam and Diesel ..thanks all for your kind comments …Dave (Dangerous Dave )

  21. Col Sarll says:

    Hi Dave –
    Given your high level of modelling skills and layout video presentation what would be wonderful to see would be passengers seated or standing inside each of your coaches. To source these for my passenger coaches – of the pre-1948 British steam era – running on my 9m x 3m layout I ignored the many European & UK suppliers. They charge way too much for their passenger & workmen products compared to 1 or 2 suppliers based in Honkers. I found – on about 3 years ago – and purchased 300 passengers from, a couple of suppliers there that sold – and still sell – painted passengers, in 1:87 scale, in lots of 100.
    Assuming you’ve already set yourself up as an eBay buyer, if you do a search entering the following text in the Search bar :
    100 Painted Model Train Railway Seated People Passengers Figures 1:87 HO Scale
    and search in the Collectables category
    you’ll get a good choice of passengers to fit onto seat inserts in your coaches, if you can get the rooves off them!
    Most of what I bought were standing passengers – for obvious use too on station platforms – so to make “seated” ones for placing in the coaches I simply cut off their legs above the knees and glued the stump ends to the bench-seats. That way you can seat passengers opposite each other, and at the speed the coaches are travelling you don’t notice that the legs don’t reach the floor between the seats!
    Rgds Col

  22. Rod Mackay says:

    Just to confirm, yes the white handwheels on the sides of the cement powder tanks are for setting the handbrakes. The older British stock usually had the handbrakes operated by a side-mounted lever working in a quadrant, this is the white-painted handle and angled rod you usually see around the right-hand wheel, with a pivot under the middle of the vehicle. The lever brakes were useful when “loose” shunting was allowed, that is when the loco pushes vehicles towards their siding without being coupled and the shunters ran alongside and dropped the lever when required to stop them. When I applied for a shunting job in 1971 I was told “you don’t want to do that, you’re not very fit, you’d probably lose a leg in a year.” Incidentally, if anyone’s wondering about the three white stripes down the side of some of the brown vans, this indicates they were SHOCVANs, with the whole body mounted on a subframe with horizontal springs, the idea was to reduce breakages of fragile loads when vehicles were shunted in the marshalling yards.

  23. Kenton says:


  24. Dave,
    If it gets too hot in your loft, you need to consider a window Air Conditioner for you loft,

  25. Bill Holt says:


  26. TOM SAWYER, GA.USA says:

    dave, i agree with perry. a window ac would greatly help!

  27. Bob From Towson says:

    Hi Mark, I was a professional photographer for over 33 yrs and I admire your pics of your layout. it would seem that you have either evperience in photography or maybe even the motion picture industry. Well at any rate keep enjoying your layout ,its wonderful!!!

  28. Thomas says:

    Miniature Worlds and movie sets are great to look at but I want to say Thank You to Dave for running trains !

  29. Kirk says:

    Mark, as others have said, both your details and pics are first rate and we sure would love to see more…maybe an overall?? It would be interesting to see how the various elevations interconnect…if they do. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  30. Dick in Maryland, USA says:

    Phenominal scenery and the photography is wonderful also !

  31. Mike Schulze says:

    Dave, I was wondering what program you use to edit your video and do you shoot it on an iphone or professional camera?
    All looks great.

  32. Mike Balog says:

    For Dave H…. Brilliant Details on your layout and Great Videos.. Perhaps you can tell a Story with your trains and layout? ALSO… Would be great for you and your layout if you had AC in that Loft.. ALSO.. you could put a small Rabbit Farm up someplace in the hills… That Way You Would Have to Install a HARE Conditioner… . From Mike in N.H. U.S.A. Across the Pond…

  33. Mike Balog says:

    For Mark: Outstanding Detailed and Natural Looking Scenery.. And Great Night Photography too.

  34. Will in NM says:

    Mark, Great set of photos. Your modeling skills are top-notch and the photos capture the essence of your layout. I believe I’ve seen other photos and a video of your layout some time ago — all beautiful! That’s some engineering job to get the bridge with the UP locomotive almost directly over the tunnel portal below. Loved seeing the 2nd generation UP diesel on the bridge. Keep up the great work and send more photos or videos.

    Dave, Once again you’ve delighted us with your magical model railway, giving us plenty of action with trains running. I still don’t understand why European diesel electric locos sound like out-of-balance washing machines when they’re running? The one exception was the sound of a turbo charger on the engine pulling the string of La Farge tank cars. Do British railway regulations require more sound-dampening than US railroads? Since the track are often near residential areas, I can see why that might be necessary.

  35. Mark T. Pianka says:

    mark outstanding outstanding!

  36. Erick says:

    Looks great.!! I am going to do something like that on my train board.

  37. Pete USA says:

    To Dave or anyone else who wishes to weigh in;
    When the trains have been idle for some time because of a hot loft or because life has gotten in the way, do the tracks need to be cleaned before a running session? How often are tracks cleaned?
    Thanks. I really enjoy the videos.

  38. Brian Olson says:

    Excellent work to you both, inspiring!

  39. Andrew Aves says:

    Superb as always. Although I never know which is Dave’s latest layout.
    Andrew in Oz

  40. Nick Keep says:

    Brilliant little video from Dave… did make me smile! Very inspiring and like the twists and turns before the tunnel on the lower line.
    It was very hot last summer (for the UK) and my cabin was far too hot for any models or constructing any scenery.
    Nick in UK

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