The talented Dave’s next installment

There’s very little to say when Dave gets in touch. So here you go:

“Hi Al ,

just posted part 3 of building my new layout , a couple of tips in there for the newer modellers


Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.



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  1. Steve from Exeter NSW Australia says:

    Yet again I am amazed at your progress Dave. Your inclines look great and your “City of Sheffield” certainly handles them well. Thanks for all your little tips. They are always little “gems”. Keep up the great work!

  2. Great work, Dave, on yet another creative layout. Please speak a little slower, and keep close to the michrophone. Cannot understand or hear 50% of the content on the audio portion of your video!

  3. robert coe says:

    So easy. I hope to start a new project, but it will be a modest affair. First i have to find a house with a shed or garage.

  4. PETER BENSON says:

    looking good well done

  5. Willie Kerr (Glasgow) says:

    Thanks again Dave,
    The flexi track installation always seems daunting to me. I am going to do 3% incline too but also round a corner so we will see how I get on. Do you also solder your flexi track joints for a good connection?

  6. Bob says:

    As always you are an inspiration to us all! This site and contributions like yours were a great help when my grandson & I were building our layout!

  7. Hi Dave, It’s good to see how you are progressing with your rebuild, I guess you must have a lot of spare time on your hands these days, well I look forward to your future updates, so say on track and enjoy!

    Stemar, (Downunder)

  8. Ian Mc Donald says:

    it is looking great Dave the tips are really easy to do and understand watching your segiments gets me out to my shed and layout i am just laying a second track around my layout all the tips i get out of these emails are wonderful guilds to happy modelling.

  9. THOMAS says:


  10. Larry says:

    I think what Dave does is probably very interesting. Unfortunately I can understand very little that he says. Couldn’t you have someone with a more generic accent narate these videos?

  11. william says:

    Hello again Dave, Thanks for the info on the controller. You amaze us all with your speed and new ideas. I’m on the asking theme again, you probably have good advice on the installation of the peco turntaable. there are so many contradictory views on the net mainly on the best way to motorise. Any help very welcome. Eagerly awaiting next update.Kind regards . Thank you also Al, great site.

  12. Sorry Larry , its my Northern Accent , maybe if you turned the sound up you could hear better, and William , sorry carnt help there , as I have never fitted a turntable , one maybe to -do some time in the future ..and thanks all for your comments ..Dave

  13. Ian says:

    Dear Dave, Thanks a million again. I look forward to see how you are progressing with the new layout. It looks really good and thanks also for the helpful tips etc.I’m not able to do any modelling and have a Garden Railway that is set up for the Grandchildren when they come and boy do they like it. It’s not that flash and has to go inside when it looks like rain but suppose half the fun is setting it up for them. The Grand Children are also having a look at your Model Railway so thanks from them as well.
    Tomorrow am taking the Grandkids to see the mighty Aussies play that mob from your way at the Adelaide Oval.
    Kind regards Ian Bartlett

  14. Tony Roberts says:

    Another great video Dave. Just a quick idea for the area under the bridge at the end of the canal would be the start of a canal basin. Just a thought. Just one question, how do you apply the plaster bandage? I was thinking of puuting it in place and then wetting it to reduce the amount of mess made as I am doing an 8 x 4 layout for my son and am working in the conservatory and do not want to get into trouble with the domestic authorities.

  15. Rod Mackay says:

    As an old canal buff, could I just point out even the narrow canals were seldom under thirty or so feet wide between locks, and if it’s going to run out into a river or estuary you’d have to have a lock at the end or all the water would run out. Also, you usually have a broad, curved opening for boats to come up against as they turn in or out of the canal, otherwise the current/tide tends to carry you off before you can get lined up and into sheltered water. Look forward to seeing the results!

  16. Harvey Stunkart says:

    I always enjoy everything you put on about your layout,alot of good tips,some of which i am using on my layout that i am building,my layout so far is 4×8,anyway keep up the good work and always appreciate the tips,

  17. William says:

    Dave’s showing us the way to a better railroad.
    Are there points at the top of the inclines to get on the outer loop? I havent heard mention of it, yet.

  18. John Stanley says:

    Dave you will need a Lock to connect the canal to the river or all the water will drain out ! Must have a barrier.
    Otherwise – fantastic.

  19. Allan Clarke says:

    Hello Dave,
    You make me feel so inadequate, when I see your absolutely staggering layout.
    I thought that I had patience until I saw some of the items on al’s page.
    How did you get such a magnificent suspension bridge, did you purchase it, or make it up yourself.
    Alan .
    South Australia.

  20. Allan Clarke says:

    Hello again Dave, I don’t know what people are complaining about when listening to your commentary, as I understand every word you say, as a born Mersey sider, I emigrated to Australia in 1850.

  21. Donald says:

    I am new to modeling I have started h o scale on a 4×8 table. My concern is about soldering. Do you solder your tracks joiners? If so is it done underneath, inside or outside of the rails. Will you please do a demonstration on how and where it is done. I have enjoyed and gain a lot of knowledge from your layout constructions. Thank You

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