This week’s top tip

This week’s tip has been sent in by Brian.

“Hello Al,

I appreciate your emails and helpful tips. Everything on my end is a work in progress and will be for several months. Here is what I have to share at this point so far….

….Use the “extra” vinyl slats from plantation style mini-blinds after you have trimmed the blinds to custom fit your windows at home. Some uses are: Supports for hillsides, mountains, tunnels, embankments, bulkheads. Also used for roofing on buildings, roadway bases, and for making sliding doors on garages, cattle gates, billboard signs, etc…..

Recycling products teaches our youth to respect mother Earth and to keep expenses down.

…..Use fibre optic cables to illimuniate tunnels, buildings, and other accessories….

Reduces number of bulbs or LED’s needed, therefore electrical current useage….

……Recycle wine corks…..paint to look like storage tanks, pillars, bases, etc…

Place a small brad tack in the end(s) so they can be picked up by magnet at end of crane or derrick.

…….Mushroom shaped champagne corks can be painted and coated to be transformed into

trees, shrubs, etc….

…… Split rubber or vinyl or pvc tubing down the middle to create troughs or gutters or

aquaducts that are easily formable to contours and grades. Plus you could use real

water in them!

……. Use color images from sales ads or brochures (on good quality paper stock) to

create sigs, billboards, container labels, etc…. Just cut to fit and shellac or glue

to attach and protect them.

Hope these are some new ideas for you. Look forward to swapping some more with you in the future.

Have a great day!




Thanks Brian – enjoyed those. For more free ones, check out the free page.