OO scale track and roadbed

Tony’s been in touch with his OO scale track and roadbed:

“Hi Al,

I moved from Lincolnshire to Cambridgeshire in May and I had built an OO gauge layout in a log cabin. I left most of it behind as part of the house sale.

I started on my new layout in March this year and its in a workshop/shed behind the Garage, Lighting and power was already in there as were some Base units. I used what was there and added some old wardrobe sides/doors to complete the base.

The layout is 9ft4in x 7ft3in for the main part with a further 4ft x 2ft section for a terminus station.

There are 2 lower level ccts and an upper level. There is still quite a bit to finish but pictures show progress to date. Stations, Church,School,Garage and cottages still to build.

I built the Iron Bridge, the Station Platforms, the Narrow Boat and the Lock gates from scratch.

I have gained valuable hints and ideas from posts on this site and especially from Dangerous Dave and always look forward to his posts.

Hopefully these pictures will give you an idea of my progress so far.



OO scale 9x7 model train layout shelving

shelving for OO scale model train

OO scale model railway

OO scale model railway track

model railway corner OO scale

OO scale track and roadbed

OO scale track and roadbed

OO scale track and roadbed

OO scale track and roadbed

OO scale track and roadbed

OO scale track and roadbed

model railway bridges arches

A big thanks to Tony for sharing his OO scale track and roadbed.

Now on to Fred.

Lots of you left questions on Fred’s post, where he showed us how he makes his trees.

And no wonder, it’s stunning stuff. If you missed it, it’s here.

Well guess what?

He’s gone the extra mile for us all, and he’s put together this superb ‘how to’ vid:

“Hi Al

hope this will answer comments and questions about the tree you published.

Thanks from fred”

A huge thank you to Fred, I think it really is stunning stuff.

And thanks to Tony too for sharing his OO scale track and roadbed.

I do love seeing the layouts, warts and all, as they slowly come to life.

Looking at some of the posts on the site, it’s hard to imagine how they will ever transform in to the works of art they all become. But they all do, in time. That’s why I keep posting ’em.

That’s all for today folks.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And if today is the day you get started on your layout, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

28 Responses to OO scale track and roadbed

  1. Tom Nichols - says:

    Very nice and starting over lets you correct all the miss steps in previous layout.

  2. Guy Boyling says:

    Fantastic Tony. I’m just starting my garage layout 00 and the ideas have spurred me on.

  3. Dave Bower says:

    Nice Job Tony. Good Size as well.

  4. Peter S. Maylott says:

    Hi Tony,
    A good layout, but a minor fault; canals have tow-paths so horses could pull barges in the early days, but I could not see the tow path. Also, no farmer would allow his cattle into an unfenced field adjacent to a canal, too much risk of cattle falling in!

  5. george zaky says:

    Great job. I am always amazed at the amount some of you do in a short time frame. Keep us posted.
    George from NY

  6. Gopal Daga says:

    Hello Tony,
    Very much impressed with your large layout. Specially multy level tracks are very impressive. I can visualise the effect of this when 3 or more trains, in different configurations, will be running on this system. More over your landscaping appears to be quiet interesting with rural effect. All the best.
    Gopal Daga

  7. Kathe & Frank, Miami, Florida says:

    Love the babbling brook! Great multilevel train activity.

  8. Fred Svoboda says:

    Nice. I do have a question: would it have been easier first to do a backdrop against that masonry wall before building up the layout?

    As I plan my next layout I’m trying to think ahead regarding backdrops, lighting, and the like, which is why I wondered this.

  9. Cary E Price says:

    Hi Tony, nice seeing all the progress step by step. Great detail and scenery. Love the farming and tractors! Have fun. Cary in KY

  10. Mark says:

    Nice detail, great job!

  11. You are to be commended for using your space so efficiently. I especially love the narrow, bubbling stream in front of the bungalow, which I found to be a unique feature on your layout, Tony. Modelers who include waterways have creeks to accommodate canoes and boats of some sort, but you opted for for a different look. Small streams are also prevalent in nature. This is an intriguing and adorable feature to your layout. You have inspired me! I have just leveled a 9′ x 5′ movable giant table HO layout in my basement. I hope to get the main line loop done by Christmas.

  12. Tony says:

    A few answers to some of the comments.
    I still have not decided on whether I will buy backdrops, or attempt to paint something myself which is why they will come later.
    Not easy to see in pictures, only taken on my mobile, but there is a tow path on the opposite bank to where the cattle are and I am in the middle of building some wire fencing at present ( using cocktail sticks for posts and thin flower arrangers wire ). I will put some of this along side of the canal.

  13. Norman Rosen says:

    You have given me an idea for bench work for my soon to start N gauge garage layout. Thank you

  14. larry lloyd says:

    to watch the evolution of the layout, demonstrates Toni’s talents and imagination

  15. TOM SAWYER, GA.USA says:

    excellent layout start. it’s easy to see dangerous dave’s hand in it!

  16. Tom W Finto says:

    look’s GOOD

  17. Mark T. Pianka says:

    nice looking start, more pictures when complete.

  18. Terry Miller says:

    Tony: I liked the thatched roof cottage….what did you use for roofing material?

  19. Ted Rothstein says:

    Love your layout and design

  20. John Bullock says:

    Fred… now that’s what I call a tree! Beautiful.

  21. Gary Klein says:

    Hello Al;
    First of all, Thank you for you e-mails every morning here in the US. I look forward to them.
    Do you have any idea of where I can get HO scale Wild West figures. Cowboys, Dance Hall Ladies of the Night, Horses, ETC. I am doing a Gold Mining town. with a Gold Mine. This is my first layout. I am 76 years young. With Covid & being in lockdown, this has been my go to place & thing do do. If you can give any place to contact for the figures that would be a big help for me.
    Thank you
    G.K. in Las Vegas,NV

  22. Erick says:

    Nice work.!!!

  23. J S Friedman says:

    Thatched Tudor home, that is too much. Great!

  24. Ruben Simon says:

    Nice job! But one question: that guy lying on the coal – is he taking a rest, or did he get hurt and requires assistance? ;-D An ambulance on the way would be fun…

  25. Ray says:

    To Gay Kline: L. Vegas:

    Cowboy, Indians, Etc.

    On EBAY Search HO Mertin and Preiser figures. Some nice figures. Also Overland Models & Sand Table toys.

    Regards: Ray, Pa.

  26. It is always good to see people enjoying this wonderful hobby.
    Every layout can be a work of art including the details that we add.
    Tony really brings that out in the little details.
    Fred’s tree is a gem and the video is also.
    Gary Klein, at the GTS shows I have seen a lot of western theme figures. You may also try the Walthers catalogue. Wish I could remember the name of the artist who seems to be a one person show when it comes to these figures — Her work is the best I have seen.

  27. Gary M from Long Island says:

    Tony…..great work….sure looks bigger than 9 x 7.

  28. As always some good ideas to steal errr borrow.


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