Tracy’s layout

“I bought a lot of n scale track so I could maximize my small apartment,after buying a lot of track I started trying different ways to lay it out.

I knew I wanted two separate tracks but how on an 4×8 piece of plywood, how about a figure 8 wrapped with a large oval
I wanted a larger mountain than before and a lake.

I can make mountains in my sleep.

The panels on the side of the mountain I made using scrap foam , I tried to use everything, I even made my own rocks to fill in, they are the little black rocks you see.

I wanted a lot of details. That’s what people want to see.

Didn’t like my first layout didn’t look professional enough that’s why I started over but I still had to use the stuff from the other setup since I was only redoing the landscape.

I had to come up with a design that would slow me to keep and everything with little waste . I hope I did a good job took about 3 months most of that sitting and staring and .letting my imagination do its job


N scale track on foam

N scale mountains

N scale layout mountains

N scale model railroad

N scale layout figure of 8

N scale model railroad

N scale

N scale track risers

N scale 4x8 model railroad

N scale foam mountains

N scale curve

N scale river

N scale 4x8 layout

N scale tunnel

N scale 4x8 layout

And next, another video from Dangerous Dave. I think he’s been on the sherry again. But it made me smile, so I’m guessing you’ll enjoy it too.

A big thanks to Tracy and Dave. Have a look at the comments below.

That’s your lot for today peeps.

Please do keep ’em coming.

And if today is the day you get the urge to start laying track, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

66 Responses to Tracy’s layout

  1. Albert weir says:

    Hi Tracy
    youve done a beautiful job well done

  2. longovince says:

    Great job

  3. MadDogBurger says:

    Nice job on detail… Love it..

  4. Colin Pryce says:

    Hi Tracy, I love the viaduct under construction bit, is that intentional? Great layout and lots of detail.

  5. John says:

    Well done to both Tracy and Davey! Tracy I loved the river canoeing scene! Looks very realistic. And Dave’s production creativity continues to bring smiles and awe! Thanks for sharing!


  6. Perry says:

    Great job Tracy. Your river is really good!

  7. Your imagination has worked wonders tracey …Nice job all round

  8. Gwyn says:

    Tracey, that is without doubt the best water feature I have ever seen on a layout.


  9. mike vassar says:

    I love your layouts hope to get stared on mine soon. I have over 400 trains o-s-ho-and n some i have had 60 years. again love your layouts keep them coming. thanks mike

  10. Maurice says:

    Hi Tracy, lovely well detailed layout thanks for sharing.

  11. Maurice says:

    Hi Dave, Great fun with the movie. How do you get permission from her who will be obeyed to spend the amount of time required for all you’re doing.

  12. Jackson says:

    Hello Tracy, Your imagination served you quite well. Railroad well done

  13. Bobby says:

    I echo all who said great job. Love the river. Keep it up.

  14. Christine says:

    Very nice layout.

  15. Chris says:

    I especially loved the picture of the kayakers in the river. I hope I can make my water look as realistic as yours!

  16. Nigel says:

    Absolutely brilliant..!

  17. Bedros Anserian says:

    Tracy, vivid and detailed layout, very natural. congratulations.

  18. Dan in Va says:

    I’m with everybody on great job.That is the best river scene I have ever seen
    I’m working on a very large river scene myself right now.I hope mine turns out just half as good as yours.
    Nicely done intro Dave.

  19. IAN says:

    well done looks great.

  20. Thomas Meleck says:

    Tracy, terrific layout and spectacular photography too. Congrats.

  21. Steve Barnes says:

    A truly remarkable achievement on a such a compact layout.

  22. Toni Olivar says:

    Tracy, definitely good work. Keep it up and Dangerous Dave will surely have competition.

    As for Dave, “Dangerous Dave” is a definite nick-name for you. Your Intro video for your layout is worthy for a James Bond film intro. Dave, you amaze me with the video clips of your detailed layouts.

  23. Ray Appenzeller says:

    Nice layout and great photos! Also thank you for the ability to enlarge the photos, it certainly does help to see all the wonderful details and workmanship! Thank you for sharing!

  24. Al S. STG1(SW) USN Ret says:

    Awesome job. Gave me several ideas.

  25. Awesomeness as usuall.

  26. THOMAS says:


  27. Donald Kinscherf says:

    Tracy your layout is just wonderful to look at and I know fun to run. Many kudos to you !!!!

  28. tadheath says:

    Awesome playstation 2 game!!!!! Lol I kidding I’m a big gamer! Seriously YOU DID A GREAT JOB ON THAT LAYOUT!!!!!! YOU SHOULD BE VERY VERY PROUD OF THAT! Plus I love the road names you have. I have the same myself….CP,BN & BNSF! Keep up the great work and enjoy that awesome layout….I WOULD LOVE TO SEE IT RUN!

  29. tadheath says:

    Nope SF loco behind the bn…… bad!!!!!

  30. Eppi Santiago says:

    Hi Tracy,

    A superb work you have done. Awesome.

  31. Douglas of Cornwall says:

    Tracy, what a great layout, you deserve to feel proud of it.
    Dave, only one thing to say “Move over Speilberg!!”

  32. Ron Mahon says:

    Looks great

  33. chris says:

    Fantastic layout, thanks for sharing. especially the kayaks.
    Well done

  34. Tracy Brown says:

    I wanted to thank everyone for the wonderful comments
    Would love to send more pictures

  35. Paul says:

    Wow…. my favourite pic. is the one with the two kayaks, the water looks awesome.
    Nice layout.

  36. Steve R says:

    First class job Tracey – be proud

  37. Mr.Tracy Brown says:

    This is the work of
    MR.Tracy Brown

  38. Barry Pearlman says:

    Tracy –

    Great job and I echo the comments of all of the others. I am targeting next week to order the lumber for my own first layout. Might I suggest that you smooth out the elevation changes on your auto roadway to make it even more realistic or add a pile of mufflers and transmissions off to the side. 🙂

    As for the significant other in your life and the cost, I have some very expensive hobbies aside from jumping into this one and this will add to the list. In my case, I subscribe to the theory that what she doesn’t know won’t hurt me!


  39. John says:

    Hi, Al:

    Thank you for the daily messages! Inspiring projects!

    Dave’s latest chapter did not come through. Just a black blank screen. Perhaps, there can be a resend.

    Again, thank you for a great way to start the day in Indiana!!

  40. John Reynolds says:

    Very clever Tracy, very well done!

  41. Rod Mackay says:

    Hey Dave, it’s all very well producing these trailers, but when are we going to see the actual movies? I’m particularly looking forward to “Brief encounter” in black and white, where a tiny plastic Celia Johnson gets a vegetable oil smut in her eye and goes home to hubby on the local in the nick of time; or perhaps “Von Dave’s Express” where prisoners of war take over a train and set off through the tunnel to Scotland after smashing up the interlocking.

    Rod 🙂

  42. Rick says:

    Tracy, the layout looks wonderful. I have just started re-setting up my N. And you have really set the bar high. Love the colors in your mountains.

    And I didn’t think Dave was ever very far from the sherry.

  43. DANIEL o WISEMAN says:

    yea another ez track user , I love it, great work on the mountains, and all the detail in small space

  44. Bruce Young says:

    Daves latest video was great. I especially loved the credits. Had me laughing for some time. Love your videos Dave

  45. Richard Sappelli says:

    Tracy I love the river with the 2 boaters — looks really “REAL”

    great job,+++++++++++++


  46. Desert Rat PHX AZ Tom says:

    Well I guess everyone has said it fantastic. I noticed you said sit back and let your imagination work you have a great one, The sky is the limit for you, I like the saying. I`m with many about the river and boaters very real, also good picture. I always like to know where people are located! I see many are in the down under . How about you? I live in Arizona and I model N gauge. Also I am joining a local club who model HO. I only started a year ago I am still learning a lot .I love the mountain layouts. Please enjoy the hobby, It seems to enjoy you. Tom C

  47. Donald says:

    I am in the beginning stage of ho layout so I am learning a lot the do’s and don’t’s so this has been really helpful. One of many interest is he water and this is by all means great water details, something I can hold onto. I also like the use of trees, trees always seems to be a good filler especially on an elevation level. OI am trying to understand the roadway or highway it seems that it begins and ends nowhere. I want something simalar while being on an elevation as well. Overall great work.

  48. David says:

    Very well done railway.

  49. Robert Shuman says:

    Tracy great, great work! I especially like the fact you covered your snap track with ground cover or whatever. More people should do that. It makes a difference

    Al. I agree, I believe Dave’s been on the Sherry again. But it must be good stuff since his productions are wonderful.

  50. Terry Miller says:

    Tracy–your layout ROCKS!

  51. Kermit says:

    I love the mountains of the water the river you’ve done a wonderful job very very realistic

  52. Warren Ferguson says:

    I absolutely love the river scene with canoes. Looks real! Great job all round.

  53. Allan Blossom says:

    Tracy : would love to see diagram of your layout , and some video . Got some ideas but stills don’t give overall looks . Super job . Sneakers .

  54. Jim Lynch says:

    Nice details Tracy, especially like the canoes.

  55. Robert Brady says:

    Dave, Dave,I started video saw how exciting it was going to be so I paused it ran to kitchen made popcorn a soda ran back in unpaused ,waited for excitement .With that in mine the vid was short lived,like 40 seconds.I’m in what do I do with all this popcorn and pop 6:30 in the am???How will I make it through the day knowing what could have been.Owe you one Dave!

  56. Robert Brady says:

    Tracy, Love the layout great water scene. Camera view looks realistic..My only critique Why didn’t you do this in HO scale?
    Great job though.

  57. Vittorio says:


  58. Paul Schofield says:

    Dave, you should be available on prescription from the NHS. Hilarious. And Tracy, great stuff. When I dream it’s usually about more mundane things than mountains – like how to conceal a purchase from the significant other. Always get found out though.

  59. Bruce Branz says:

    Hi Dave,
    What an impressive layout! Cannot wait for your “upgrade”.
    BTW – love the soundtrack. Sounds like one of my video games !

  60. Mike Matejka says:

    incredible water scene. great work

  61. Impressive… Most Impressive.

  62. Leslie Jones says:

    Come on Dave. What’s the music on your short vid? Wow! What an intro. Make sure we don’t miss your response in your next post please.

  63. Herman Crauwels says:

    Hello everywhan,
    If you like to see Dave’s video subscribe to his youtube channel and you geth de latest of dem ALL.
    And the layout looks wonderful!!
    HC Treintje Belgium.

  64. Jerry Barto says:

    WOW! Very nice. great water scenes, love the mountains !!

  65. Tracy
    you are very talented great layout
    I love when you do video’s like this
    enjoy the sherry
    from florida

  66. Mike Childs says:

    Tracy, Great job on a beautifully detailed and interesting layout.

    Dave, does this mean you’re going to tear everything up again?o

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