Your railroad pics and tips

“What a beautiful photo of that stretch of abandoned railway included with your Wonderful scenery pics email..

Though not as beautiful as the photo you displayed, I found quite an unusual line of track fairly close to my home on Long Island. It was abandoned some years back however it was recently cleared and now serves as a path for freight service.

I love to sign on and find your wonderful emails.


No words from Bill, but he sent these in. Old pic but I still like the layout:

“Hi, I have an good tip; if you want to fill up your/a wagon with coal and you don’t want to use loads of it, you can fill your wagon up ¾ of the way with cardboard, then you can mix some coal with PVA glue until it makes a paste and the glue goes greyish, then you just put it on until you can’t see any cardboard and then leave it to dry. Once it has dried it will look realistic.

“Hi Al,

Here are some photos of my layout showing the progress so far.

Track has been ballasted, scenery still to build, wiring still in progress.


“Hi Al , love the tips keep em’ coming.

New to modeling and need all the help I can get. Just thought I would throw you some pics of my layout so far. All of the road bed is cork that was in a big roll my father gave me. Couldn’t see paying them high prices for roadbed cork from the store so I hand cut and fit each piece. I read and save all the great tips that I’m getting from you . Will email some more pics as progress continues.


And this in from Dave:

“Hi Al , just uploaded this video on youtube showing a new mini camera in a cam truck I have just bought , well pleased with the results …



Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

Please do keep ’em coming. Enjoying the scenery pics – just beautiful. Just hit reply to any of my mails and you’ll get through to me.

That’s it for today peeps.

And if today is the day you jump out of your arm chair and spring into action, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

36 Responses to Your railroad pics and tips

  1. mac says:

    I could one of the folk standing at the station put out his hand to try and get the train to stop! 😀 brilliant layout!

  2. SwissChris says:

    What superb quality. I’ve often wondered what Dave’s layout looked like from track level. Now I know.

  3. Michael Ankerson says:

    Great Cam…

  4. Tom Oliver says:

    Fantastic effect with that camera Dave. Gotta look into that! Thanks for all your great hints.

  5. bernard says:

    Juit was so lifelike in every aspectst want to say how much I enjoyed the trip on your railway.

  6. Richard says:

    Another suggestion with the coal load – if you put a wooden (or polystyrene) block in the centre of the wagon, glue a full-sized piece of thick card on top and glue the coal on top of that, it makes it a lot easier to remove the load just by pressing on one end!

  7. Thomas says:

    Walter, I like your spacing throughout your rails. Noticed the cross-over track in the last picture. Did you fabricate it with standard parts or is it a pre-fab cross-over? I’m using Atlas switches with a cross-over track section, but the spread between the two main lines is way too much. Thanks and good modeling.

  8. John Meehan says:

    Very cool! I love the new perspective asseen from the on board camera.

  9. Peter Jones says:

    I agree Dave, a really good little cam truck if your result is anything to go by. Walter you layout looks as if it is coming together very good, looking forward to seeing more pictures as the project progresses. Pete the Mackem.

  10. bob russ says:

    Great looking shots …. have started planning expanded dogbone layout with three four by four corners connected by two two by four sections. (that’s feet, us Americans like our feet instead of metric …LOL)Have B&O Royal Blue and 4 cars. Now, Looking for late 1890-1910 HO freight cars undecorated or Western Maryland, B&O …. logging or coal. Any suggestions?

  11. Scott says:

    It really shows the detail you put in your railroad at all levels. My only complaint with Dave’s track level video is that it was only a couple of minutes long. I could have watched that for hours. Thanks Dave!

  12. Herb says:

    Sal – As I live on Long Island as well, I find your picture interesting. But in the ‘clearing’ process, I think they forgot to remove a few trees. The LIRR needs a bit more clearance between the track and the neighboring trees.

  13. Roland Burch says:

    Thank you Sal and Walter for the great pictures.

    Dave, I am glad that you purchased the camera so we can have a wonderful view of your layout.

  14. Pete says:

    Thank you Dave. I believe Dr. Who is somewhere within your layout keeping it safe from Daleks.

  15. paul Otway says:


  16. Tommy Redman says:

    I really enjoy the vides and layouts. I am jealous because I’m limited w/ my 1940’s 027 guage (rather large) on me 4X8 layout. I could do so much more with an HO or N guage. I can never give them up becausae my Lionels run perrfectly with all the acc’s. I want to leave it to my Grandsons. But, keep thwem coming,I DO take advantage of many of your hints, Thanx eveeryone!

  17. Colin Pryce says:

    Thanks Al and Bob for sorting our the Kaspersky blocking, I’ve had to override Kaspersky for months to follow all the great news and views! Dave, all I could do was smile and enjoy your track view of the layout, a great video “stunt” it shows off your layout in its great realism! A great way to enjoy ones hobby!

  18. Lee Barry/ CEO L"Z"PMRR says:

    nie work Dave. I wish someone would commercially make one of those camera for Z scale, at an affordable price( by affordable $300-$600 is not affordable). Rob Klutz,owner of Z Track magazine and a AZL distributor, was sent one to use one his layout. He sent an e-mail that showed some pictures of his layout. I told him what he needs to do is make copies of the dvd and give to all of his Z Track mag subcribers and put it in one of our bi-monthly, meaning we only get the magazine in Jan,Mar.,May,July,Sept.,Nov. I guess the word “GIVE” ain’t in his vocab as I never heard anything back on that one. Lee Barry CEO L”Z”PMRR.

  19. Glenn Roach says:

    The mini cam in the boxcar was outstanding to watch the scenery go by. The best shot was going thru the tunnel and seeing what it looks like coming out of it. Keep up the good work.

  20. Glenn Roach says:

    Tommy Redman never think that your 4X8 layout is not BIG enough. U might take a minute and get the grandsons involved and see if all of U could think of reworking the layout together. Then U could post your ideas on here to show us how U and your grandsons came up with a new running layout.

  21. Bill Irons says:

    Bill…do you have a track plan available for your RR? I have been looking for a small layout plan with both run-around and switching option. Yours looks like it would fit the bill. Great layout!

  22. THOMAS says:


  23. Nick says:

    Very inspiring pics, and Dave may I second the motion above.. only complaint regarding your video, is that it was not long enough 🙂 Your layout is most impressive down to the last detail. My daughter and I watched it 3 times, and we see something different each time. Thanks to all for the wonderful tips!!!

  24. Douglas of Cornwall says:

    Dave, great layout and the camera shots were very good. I remember you using a self adhesive track mat in an earlier posting, where did you get it from? I am looking for something similar to use on a layout for my Grandson.

  25. PETER BENSON says:

    well done mate it was great///////////////////////////

  26. Thanks all for comments on the camtruck , nice pics Bil of your layout , and Paul …and Al I had Kaspersky and it did block some of my mails that came in , use Norton now and not had any problems touch wood …

  27. Jim says:

    Great video Dave. Thanks for the ride. And more great layouts. Thanks for sharing.

    Jim AZ

  28. Dan says:

    Thanks to all of you for sharing.
    Dan from Ohio

  29. Craig Burton says:

    Awesome new cam Dave, the ride was sweet!!! An Awesome layout too! Nice jobDave.

  30. Joe Wright says:

    Just another wonderful aspect of Dave’s incredible layout. Makes you feel like your actually riding the rails. Thank you once again Dave for sharing.

  31. Amazing Dave!!! As usual, love your layout!, Love the cam car, makes you feel like your riding on the train. With that said, consider lighting up the inside of your tunnel with wall lights. Still amazing layout Dave. Farmer AL

  32. Nice work all around. Keep going guys and keep your self happy.

  33. Will in NM says:

    Dave, I really liked the tour of your layout with the Branor Mini Cam wagon. The fisheye lens seems to work well at keeping everything in focus and even does pretty well in low light of the tunnels.

  34. Jerry Anton says:

    What cam did you use? I’d like to build one for myself. Excellent video, beautiful layout.

  35. Jeff Frazier says:

    Just a Note to YOU, AL!!!! Thank you for the past 2 years SIR!! I have enjoyed the Blog, the Pictures, ALL the Stories & YOUR INSIGHT!! Keep on Chugging Along My Friend across the Pond!! Jeff From California!! ;-)))))

  36. Stephen Hill says:

    Bill that’s a very impressive layout , it has continuity and is realistic . Very nicely done.

    Dave, thanks for insight on camera truck. Your display is top notch indeed ,, see new stuff each video . Must be a life’s work you have there , I can’t even imagine … really awesome layout , would like to see it in person it must be stunning .

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