You’re about to fall off the newsletter

Oh no! You’re about to fall off the newsletter.

It’s not your fault though – Paypal have updated a few things and your existing payments will stop soon.

The long and short of it – to my horror – is that I’m about to lose an eye watering number of subscribers.

It’s all looking a bit grim again.

But there’s nothing I can do about it, except to ask nicely, if you’d like to renew.

I know it’s a bit of chore, and I accept most won’t bother – their subscription ends and they drop off the newsletter.

But as I said there’s not a lot I can do.

So to make taking the plunge again worth your while, you’ll also get the latest printable building.

In fact, if there’s any other printable buildings that grab your fancy, let me know and I’ll happily throw those in too.

printable building

To be honest, it’s the membership side of the blog that keeps the show on the road.

Frankly, without it there wouldn’t be a blog at all.

So if you’d like to carry on supporting the blog, here’s the link to sign up again.

Then there’s only thing left to do: drop me a mail so I can send you your free printable buildings.

And if you have taken the time and trouble to update, thank you – folk like you keep the blog going: it really is that simple.

I’m determined to keep the blog going, I am finding things hard at the moment, there seems to be one technical problem after another.

But your kind emails and wonderful layouts make it all worthwhile.