Amsterken video!

Rob sent this wonderful pic in. Does anybody know where it is?

(Click to enlarge)

Now on to the main event.

If you thought Ken’s pics of his layout were amazing – wait to you see his video:

Just an amazing layout. Big thanks to Ken!

Still getting emails on the ‘adding sound to your layout’ link. It’s here.

And don’t forget the latest ebay cheat sheet is here.



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  1. I think it is part of a abandoned railway passing the south of Limburg ( The Netherlands ) from Belgiun to Germany in the vincinity of Vaals.


  2. Totally amazing. I like the buses moving on the streets and the construction site. Are they controlled by magnets underneath ?

  3. Outstanding!

  4. Wow that is iimpressive . how do you get the vehicles to run?

  5. Unbelievable – absolutely bloody incredible.
    The Bus and earthmoving equipment would have to be radio controlled

  6. Well done its a long time since I have been to Amsterdam,but you took my Memories back thanks peter Norfolk UK.

  7. Outstanding!! Great attention to detail. If one didn’t know better it looks so real. I almost started running to catch the bus. One of the best!!
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. don’t quite know what to say. WOW

  9. that is beautiful, what a wonderful imagination!

  10. Where are the Fietsers? 😉

    “Watch out for the tram” and “watch out for the cyclist” is the only Dutch I can speak!

    Great layout and great video! Brings back a lot of fond memories.


  11. The buses on the layout are Faller car system…. Diggers are moved with turnout switch motors… Thank You so much guys for the great response to Amsterken.

  12. Having visited Amsterdam this past August, the front of the Rijksmuseum is just great; looks like we could walk right in to view Rembrandt’s “Night Watch” painting. Several parts of the canal scenes bring back memories of the colorful homes, bridges and churches. Great job.

  13. Great layout Ken, I don’t remember the mountain outside Amsterdam when I went there, but that was some time ago! That’s the beauty of railway modelling, you can put anything anywhere you want to. Congratulations on a superb layout.

  14. It’s called Tunnel of Love located in the Ukraine.

  15. If I hadn’t been prepped before, I would have thought I was viewing the fantastic world of Hamburg’s Miniatur Wunderland. Outstanding camera work as well. How can this fine modeler’s work be viewed up close if I am in the neighborhood while traveling?

  16. Absolutely wonderful, one of the best I have seen. Thanks for sharing.

  17. fantastic, gives inspiration to do better. Love to know the how the vehicles move?

  18. The video was just to short. I ready enjoy it.

  19. What a wonderful layout. Fantastic!

  20. The tunnel of trees is also known as the Tunnel of Love, the tunnel of trees provides a natural archway over train tracks in the Ukraine. The absolutely awe-inspiring tunnel of trees is found outside of Rivne, Ukraine.

  21. The detail, the hundreds of persons, the bus and truck movement, the enormous backdrop, the backhoe and shovel,…. truly amazing. The very BEST I’ve ever seen. Thanks for sharing your layout with the world.

  22. Loved the construction site…

    Great Layout…

  23. I am an American who has not been anywhere but here in the good ol’ U S of A with the exception of going to St. Croix in the Virgin Islands in 1971. I have no idea of where this is.
    In regards to the layout, exceptional, good balance with the buses running on the streets. Keep up the good work.

  24. Absolutely AWESOME and inspiring to get busy. Many thanks!

  25. Stunning. Well done.

  26. Something to set your goal too. I am just blown away by detail.
    Add my WOWS!

  27. Great job!

  28. One word Ken ………..STUNNING

  29. Great model. Are those road vehicles on the magnetic wire system?

  30. You displayed wonderful photos before, but this is absolutely smashing… Well done sir… Would love to see more…

  31. Well said folks!!!!

  32. Trains run very well, smooth operation equals realism! How about a HD film on you tube, I bet you would get a lot of hits!

  33. wow just amazing this layout..the detail is breathtaking.when i go traveling next i will look this place up. where do you go from here with your layout, is it finished. this layout is just a master piece thank you for sharing, got to go and watch the video again, just inspiring to do better on my layout.

  34. Awesome! Probably the best layout video I have seen posted by Allistair.

  35. Makes me want to visit their someday!!

  36. Both are very interesting. I like the tree tunneling effect in the first photo. Very neat image, sort of endless look. I did like the video, the equipment and trains in motion were very interesting to watch. Gave me some inspiring ideas of my own. Thank you for sharing.

  37. I believe the picture is the tunnel of love in ( i belive) Czech Republic, part of an abandoned railway

  38. I liked the picture I do not know where it is… it is beautiful … quiet and serene … a natural tunnel. I am using it for a background picture on my PC

    The video was great showing your layout Ker … thanks for sharing. My favorite area the ski lift.


  39. Hi,
    I received an e-mail this morning of twenty outstanding photographs from around the World one of which was your photograph of the railway track passing through a wood. The caption states that it is in the Ukraine.

  40. I applaud this creativity. Must have cost a bundle but is probably well worth it as it brings joy to those who get to see it. I love the bus and trolly and the construction site. All that you need are moving people especially in the red light district (just kidding). I was looking for sikers on the mountain or the abominal snow man (just to add some humor). Great job. I am so impressed.

  41. Great network and very good videography. Only one detail is problematic. The Dutch flags are upside down. Oranje boven.

  42. Beautiful work, very nicely kitbashed buildings, they really look the part. Good luck with the real water, having seen Dave Rowe’s dock layout at an exhibition I’m inclined to think it’s more trouble than it’s worth, but it’s got to be better than my effort at the Mediterranean which was just blue paint and varnish! I was told you could blow ripples into it with a brush or hairdryer as it set – absolutely no luck at all. Be very interested to see how it looks.

  43. That’s one of the best I’ve seen. Wonderful job. How much money was put into it?

  44. Awesome!

  45. Brings back memories 😉

  46. fantastic layout wish I had the space and time and knowledge to do this

  47. Thanks Ken! FAN-bloomin-TASTIC!

  48. cant make my mind up which way to go at mo but loving the layout

  49. what a superb layout and one which shows us all how to really get that professional look and feel to a real model railway. One of the best I have ever seen. Steve

  50. great layout and great ear, Alice in Chains, YES. NICE FXS

  51. Very nice well done can’t wade two see the real water running

  52. Such amazing talent and work you have created. I am at a loss of words to express just how great this layout is. Just WOW !

  53. Great layout. Well done. Love the street scene and moving vehicles.

    Jim AZ

  54. I wish our Faller cars worked that reliably.
    For those that don’t know the busses and cars you see running are made by Faller. They run on batteries and are steered by a magnet on the front suspension that follows a piano wire in the road bed.

  55. The moving bus are probably the tomytec moving bus system

    The bus has motor batteries, the road has a metal wire, the bus has steering with a magnet that follows the wire

  56. Fantastic layout. I especially liked all the automation. Adds so much interest.

  57. Loved the video along with the background music, Floyd, AIC, Ect. ( 69 and still rocking) Great layout. Thanks Al/Ken

    Cary B

  58. Absolutely incredible, I hope one day my upcoming project will even look half as realistic and accurate as what you have constructed. I visited Amsterdam when we were doing projects in Belarus and Ukraine. As a tourist and rookie pedestrian I managed to disrupt the bike lane numerous times (nobody injured).
    Again what an inspiration for a layout!
    Lionel Ray

  59. Having just returned from three days in Amsterdam, I must say, you have captured the feel of the city. The neighborhoods, the activity, the antiquity, all incorporated in your own home to enjoy at your whim. All without having to buy an airline ticket. Your only competition is Minatur Wonderland in Hamburg but then they have 270 people on their staff. If there were an award, you would be right up there.

  60. Going to show this to my neighbor who is from Holland, and knows Amsterdam well. He goes back 4 or 5 times a year to visit family and friends. He is now an American citizen and a welcome addition to our community. As for my reaction to your layout, WOW! It is beautiful, captivating, awesome. What Imagineering! Keep up the great work. Can’t wait to see your water. Thanks, Frank.

  61. I’d never heard of the Faller car system until now. I’m hoping someone can write/show and explanation of how its inserted into a layout and constructed. The Faller web page doesn’t explain how much work is involved or how to set it up.

  62. If there was an academy award category for model train layouts, this magnificent layout would win the award, not for the year, but for the decade – and beyond.

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