Barry’s stunning layout

“My entry into railway modeling started in 1978 or so, and I built a large N gauge layout in a shed along side my house. I began with stock from Graham Farish, items that were then made in Poole, Dorset, but after a while found the locos were very noisy unreliable and not very well detailed. So my allegiance changed to Fleischmann, Arnold and Roco. My layout covered the whole shed 8 x 5, and was quite involved with relays electric points a turntable and lots of scenic details and could be left to run itself with a large double loop and a shuttle end to end station.

After marrying in 1980, we began to raise a family and the shed along side to house had to be pulled down to make way for an extension. And so ended my involvement with model railways, until 2011 when because English outline was becoming more detailed with better motors, I once again got the urge to build a new layout and try out the latest offerings by Bachmann.

Meadow Falls

I started building this layout after reading a book on model railway layouts by C J Freezer and although not quite the same is roughly modeled on one of his designs. The size is 6’ x 2’6” and is built in the usual way with 2 x 1 battens and Sundeala board screwed in place on top. It consist of a small terminus station (by Metcalf) and has an engine shed, turntable, signal cabin (Ratio) three sidings, one for coal and one with a cattle dock (Ratio) a line that heads out towards a fiddle yard (as yet unbuilt). And it is roughly based on a small West Country town.
The track is by Kato with electric points, and the turntable works via a small-motorized unit run via a Graham Farish controller.

The landscape is made up from polystyrene covered in grass matting in places and various Woodland scenic products. It is not based on any particular place. I called it Meadow Falls because it has a small waterfall emerging from a meadow at the top of a hill at the rear of the layout and cascades down to ground level in a small pond, near the engine shed. The town meanwhile is situated around the station with a few shops, a Bank and a Square with a Tearoom (all by Metcalf) and is illuminated throughout.

At present it operated by DC but my hope is that I can one day convert it to DCC.

As yet I haven’t built a Fiddle yard as I don’t seem to have the room to accommodate it hence that is another reason I would like it to be DCC so that I would be able to operate more than one engine at a time without all the extra wiring.

Most of my railway stock is either Graham Farish, Dapol and I have one Union Mills loco, and over the years have collected a vast amount of rolling stock together with all the 30 year old Fleischmann/Arnold stock some of which still runs very well to this day, not to mention the fact that most of the German locos have front and rear lights as well as most of the carriages with interior lighting. A fact that I can’t quite get to grips with, as Farish even now does not make lighting for carriages and their Locos are only now getting the detail that the German models had all that time ago.

Vehicles are Oxford and R Parkers together with some Shire Scenes brass etched ones.


61xx Prairie Tank and coach with celestral roof conversion

A view of the Engine shed

All Staints Church

Church_Scout hall at night

Coal sidings





Farmhouse & Barn

GWR Pannier at shed

Sidings looking towards the station

Signal Cabin having its windows cleaned

Station Square with shops

Tea Shop in the Station Square

The Falls at Meadow Falls

The pub at night

The sidings at station end

View at top end of station

Thanks to Barry, and a big thanks to everyone who has been kind enough to mail me about the buildings offer.

Today’s the last day to get all three print out buildings (pics below) for just $6 – that’s even cheaper than the Big Kahuna deal.

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I have to say, my boy was absolutely right: this deal gives everybody a chance to tinker around with them. I’m looking forward to all of your pics!

You can print them out to any scale you want too.

You can see some more pictures of them here. Have a look. He’s done a great job on the detail.

And if you fancy bagging this deal – all 3 for $6 – you can also do that here.



PS If you’re looking for the latest ebay cheat sheet, it’s here.

31 Responses to Barry’s stunning layout

  1. Wow! What an inspiring layout! Well done!

  2. Nice layout you have built there Barry ..well done

  3. I think you have a gift, we’ll done, such a good layout.

  4. Fantastic! What I really like about it is that it has an English theme and it’s very detailed. Especially the engine house. I could go on more, but I want to look more first.

  5. We’re very impressed with your scenery and the integrated backdrop.
    – Bullfrog in Ontario

  6. Stunning indeed! Those landscapes are incredible!! Well done!!!

  7. wow that is nice.Love the grass.I as well could go on about it.Well done.

  8. It is great to see such a high degree of model making. I can only imagine the hours of work and patience that went in to this magnificent layout! Well Done.

  9. Lovely done!

    Since you’re on n with old(er) loco’s you may want to get help with the conversion to DCC.
    Do measure current consumption before adding a decoder. n-scale decoders can typically handle between 500 and 700 mA.
    I have some old Arnold loco’s that easiliy take 1A current!
    Luckily there are modern dc motors available for most of them.

  10. Amazing!

  11. I like the layout a lot, but is it my imagination (or perspective) that the rolling stock is not at the same scale as the building(s)? Otherwise, terrific!

  12. Hello Barry.
    You have built a very impressive layout! I live in the central USA, but have always been interested in British railways, houses and landscape. You have inspired me to finally start construction on a small n-scale layout. I would really like to see an overall view of your entire layout, and wonder if you have even a rough sketch of the track plan you could include. (Alastair Lee: could you please supply my email address to Barry?)
    Kind regards, Ralph.

  13. great layout with excellent detail.!!!
    keep on runnin…..!!

  14. Nice! I really like your “paying attention of small details”. Good work. Art Gibson

  15. WOW!! I did the layout for my father inlaw, all “O” scale and it turned out nice. Now I want to do my own in “N” scale. Looking at your layout gives me some ideas of just how much space I need! You have a bunch of very fine detail in a small space (compared to my fathers “O” scale). I like that!!! Kudos for a fantastic job.

  16. Fabulous layout. Keep up the good work. Love the detail that you’ve put into it.

  17. Amazing detail, great work.

  18. Superb.

  19. Great looking layout! But as all of this is packed into only 72″x 30″, I’d love
    to see a picture of the entire board to judge size and the relation of all
    the sections pictured here to each other. Thanks.

  20. Well done Barry, really nice layout with great attention to detail. Colin.

  21. Very good! I cant believe the detail!!!

  22. Awesome. I especially like the downtown with the city block occupied by a single structure. The lite bicycle light really cook!

    Charles from Kansas

  23. The detailing is superb

  24. Hi Barry – the layout is very attractive and well thought out. Love the countryside theme. The backdrops are well suited to the scenes and blend in perfectly. Nice job.


  25. Nice layout you have Barry

  26. Fantastic layout, really well done. I am building my own N gauge layout at the moment and this gave me some ideas, already have a Metcalf station and several other building by them.


  28. Fantastic detail. Also very colorful.

  29. Hi Barry,
    WoW! Nice job, I forgot how much one culd place into an N-Scale Layout, as I’ve been contemplating building a layout, as I left the hobby in the early 80’s, like yourself. Well I want to thank you for assisting me to make a decision about my future reinvolvement with this hobby. As I like you was very much involved in this hobby back in the 70’s, but my lack of free time due to my family and the establishing of my career and business, I slowly saw my Hobby loose out. But over the past few months I’ve been reading all those old books from the 70’s, about all the aspects of the commencment stages, of the hobby. But after reading your email to Al and veiwing all the photos, I decided to put the books down and go to my local Bunnings store (Hardware) for some benchwork material, pls other bits and pieces to get me started, so thanks for the kick in the A—, I needed.

    Stemar, (Downunder)

  30. Nice to see you are back in British outline – and with an excellebt layout too. Where did you get the cleretories? nice sceneics and buildings too. You really wouold be a loss to the hobby. great work.

    Speak to you soon Barry W

  31. Great job blending the backdrop in with the reset of your layout


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