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“Hi Al,

There were more than a few people who commented that I ran the camera too fast on the Mobius cab ride video. Here is one going the other way round and I run it much slower with some looks to the side as I go by particularly interesting areas on Farland Howe. I think you readers will find it easier to watch and they can certainly see the details much better.

I am working on an N scale project too called the Colorado & North Western. It primarily features Chicago Burlington & Quincy or Burlington rolling stock and locomotives with at some point the Rocky Mountains as a backdrop. I haven’t gotten that far yet but will in good time. When I feel I have a worthy video I will send it your way.

Here is ‘The Other Way’ cab ride.

All the best,


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A huge thank you to Rob. If you missed his last post, it’s here.

Rob really does show how important it is to roll your sleeves up and get stuck in. Don’t ever worry about creating a mess – because that’s what every layout looks like at some point. It’s wonderful to see them take shape – and the results speak for themselves.

So if you’re not scared to make a mess, make a few mistakes and start enjoying yourself, the Beginner’s Guide is here.



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  1. Very very cool I like the camera on the train makes you feel like your the conductor. I enjoyed watching the video

  2. Great stuff!

    Many thanks. Really good modelling that helps me improve my efforts.

  3. Hi Rob,
    I watched your video and found it to be very easy watching. It always amazes me as to how much detail is put into these really great layouts. Makes the ITA RR look like child’s play. Your railroad world tends to inspire me to reach for better things so I guess that I better go and get refocused. Thanks for sharing
    Dave in Eden, NC.

  4. That was beautiful. What a nice layout. You could even go a bit slower for my liking in order to observe all the detail.
    Cheers Werner

  5. what a wonderfull layout and many thanks for your great video presentation. much apreciated for sharing it with us. makes me and many others very jealous of your skills and room to build this large layout. many thanks

  6. what a great video easy to watch I pause at some scenery for ideas thanks.

  7. Absolutely magnificent detail Rob. Loved the caravan park, I don’t think I’ve seen one as well done anywhere else. Your eye for detail is amazing
    More movies please.

    Gary – Australia.

  8. Very nice Rob, sadly you’re sacked for passing signals at danger, oh and if you get a bell in the cab instead of a siren when approaching a red, it’s a wrong-side failure! Other than that, lovely.


  9. Tremendous! 👍

  10. LOVE IT!!! I want to build a setting so bad. My son loves steam trains also. Keep up the excellent work. We love watching these vids.

  11. Thank you so much for a fantastic view of your scenic creations,
    It is truly inspiring.

    My husband and I are new at this fascinating hobby. My husband is taking care of the mechanics and I am into the art end of our hobby.

    Slowing down the train indeed did improve seeing the fine details.

    Excellent! Most Excellent! 🏆

    D & H

  12. thank you for the privilege to view your work .This is with out a doubt the very best level of craft and creativity I have seen to date.

  13. Rob….WOW,,,,Extremely Well Done…!!!!…..Very Nice Compilation……

  14. A very impressive video. Well done. The landscaping on the layout is particularly good and impressive with loads of detail. I feel so upset that mine is nowhere near as detailed but I have to get on and complete more track. Keep it up.

  15. What a wonderful experience, riding the rails over a beautifully constructed layout.
    Thanks for the experience.
    Sal from Long Island N. Y. USA

  16. MUCH BETTER this time Rob! I actually felt like I was on a leisurely train ride being at almost to scale speed. Had time to take in the sights. Nice job!
    Norm in York, PA
    for those of you who have the time check out Miniature Railroad Club of York, PA

  17. WOW! Not only impressed, but truly jealous. Love it.
    Paul in Los Osos, California

  18. Fabulous. I watched it twice. The second time with headphones. So far this morning everyone I’ve showed this to was wowed.

  19. I must apologize for the wobble of the wagon in a few scenes. While filming the camera truck had a horrible clearance accident in a tunnel and by the time I got it fished out, I think a wheel was bent or something, because there is a wobble. Only some shots are affected. Sorry about that. I didn’t notice till just now. Rob

  20. Absolutely fantastic layout. I love the huge drop off going down into small canyon.

  21. Great video with great background music.

  22. Very nice layout, a lot of work well done.

  23. Great ride Rob THANKS VIC

  24. Wow! Good stuff! More, more, more…. How about a feature length film with scale actors? Or maybe a documentary??

  25. I love watching this type of video.The slower it is the more realistic to me.It allows you to pick out more of the details.
    A great vid and a great layout,thanks for showing it.

  26. Amazing! So realistic!! I think I need some Dramamine now! ;o)

  27. Great video. What a wonderful layout. It is inspirational. I shall now stop procrastinating and begin my own layout. I am sure as it will be my first attempt it will not come close to Farland Howe but if I dont start I will never get as far as version 2!!!!

  28. Good one Rob …those Mobius are great for seeing the layout as it is from track level ..Dangerous Dave

  29. What a great layout. I am hoping to complete mine soon, had some huge bump in the road lately but am doing better now. I enjoyed the ride seeing all of the scenery completed what a great job. Just wondering how large is your layout. The one I am building is 10 x 12 HO

  30. Darned close to actually being there! A smashing layout, top-rank in every way!

  31. Superb layout & video! Outstanding details and imagination! I’d like to see it a little slower so that I wouldn’t miss any detail. Cliff, New Jersey

  32. Absolutely wonderful, tremendous. Very professional. Exhibition standard.

  33. Rob,
    Truly remarkable. Must let my granddaughter see this!
    Dick Meyer
    Iberia, Missouri

  34. When you slowed the engine down and moved the camera for the side view made a 100% difference in the video. Enjoyed the ride . scenery detail if really nice . thanks for sharing your layout .

  35. Fantastic!! Loved the Building under construction! So real I thought I was a passenger!! Magnificent Work Thank You for sharing allowing us to view your hard work!!
    Phil Saruk

  36. I like your video. Pretty impressive. Question? Do ever get de-railments at the 6:21 minute mark in the video. Pausing at 6:21 and looking at the track on the right, it has a very good smooth line for the trucks to follow. The left track has a quick transition to your next section of track that either causes de-railments or has a righer risk of doing so. A video is a great way to check your track alignment. Nice job again.

  37. Wow x3. I absolutely loved this, the slower scale speed really was helpful. I will definitely watch this again and again. Well done again, I felt that I was on board the train.
    Gordon Taylor, Scotland UK

  38. Brilliant!

  39. Life is a journey ….. Thanks Rob

  40. Well Rob, IT WAS AMAZZZZZZZING the BEST YET IV’E SEEN> TERERERIFFIC !!!!!!! . I shall watch it again & again.

  41. Great work Rob! I am just getting started and am in awe.

  42. Awesome layout, Rob! Obviously many ,many hours of dedication and love went into that. Your video was top notch and I enjoyed it very much. Thank You

  43. It’s Brilliant what else can be said. Thankyou for sharing it.

  44. Ya know model railways used to be a great hobby from the outside (it still is), but these mini-cams add a whole new dimension, fantastic video, fantastic layout and above all, fantastically stunning scenery. I used to wonder (as a12yo) what it would be like at ground (a flies) level, now I think I might just know😊 cheers for sharing

  45. Very relaxing. Favorite sections were the bridge over an amazing chasm/canyon and small pond on nearby farm. Great job on the scenery. Some nice sound effects of ringing bell and a signal light or two. Excellent video!

  46. Wow, always nice ,really inspiring – have fun moments for all.
    Dirk Durand.
    South Africa – Springbok land.

  47. Great tour. Loved the feel of being in a real train. It has the look and feel of largeness, Great tunes.
    Dave F.

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