Rob’s layout conclusion…

“Here are more from my layout… Just about 33% done… With this half.


“My Big Curve Conclusion.

How it came out and a little fun while doing it.


Heading off to ebay? Hold your horses:the latest ebay cheat sheet is here.

That’s all this time. Please do keep ’em coming!



18 Responses to Rob’s layout conclusion…

  1. it`s better what I`ve ever seen!

  2. lovely video Rob

  3. On holidays n Farland.

  4. Like Dangerous Dave’s vids, this is brilliant. Makes me envious.

  5. Brilliant!

  6. If that’s 33% then I’m still not off the starting blocks with mine. But Well done anyway. Grrrrr.

  7. Very nice layout! Good video and music effects! Are there any future plans to add or change anything in your layout?

  8. Great pics…I salute your detail and talent.

  9. Nice job guys. Rob, I have not seen anyone use the clear plastic under their people figures before… great idea thanks!!

  10. Congratulations on a fantastic layout. May I make a small suggestion. As an ex railway civil engineer, I have had many reports of children being seriously injured by straying onto the track and it is the responsibility of the railway company to provide secure fences. Therefore would you please consider the erection of a fence between the Black Horse Hotel and the railway to add even more realism.

  11. Well done Rob , and James you have done well there should look great when all completed

  12. Hey James, this looks great. Your trees are just so real.

  13. Rob and James, fantastic work on your modeling.
    Regards Ron.

  14. James, that’s a lovely layout, it really does have the air of a real place you might come across tomorrow, excellent job!



  16. thank you both the pics were great and the vidio was fantastic. it has given me so more ideas to help with the huge railroad we are trying to do. My hsband has nearlt finished the rail set ep and i am wondering how to finish the again thank you both

  17. Hi Guys:
    Again you have made my hobby one of the best. Love your sense of humor as you get the job done so precise. Can’t knock great work when you see and hear it. Thx for sharing your works. Take care as I wish you much success in helping all of us.

    Harold Jr.

  18. Cute story line. Neat lighting in your passenger cars too. A truly professional video.

    Jim AZ

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