Rob’s slide show of his layout

“Hi Al,

I was really overwhelmed with the number of people who watched my last submission to you. It was over 7,000. That is pretty impressive. Since I am just about finished with Farland, my model train layout, I put together a slide show with pictures of many areas of my layout. Although I live in Colorado, I have been modeling Britain in the mid-60s to the early 80s. Every time I finished a small area, I like to take pictures of it to see how it looks through the camera lens. Some of the images show an obviously incomplete area and that is because the photo was taken a while ago before that section was complete.

I know lots of your submissions are photos, so here are mine.

Rob McCrain

PS My next project is to model an Interurban line in Colorado. It will be N Scale.”

A huge thanks to Rob, who has contributed a fair bit to the site. Really enjoyed watching that – hope you did too.

He’s done a load of tutorials – if you have the Golden Key, just search under ‘Farland Howe’ for his videos.

And of course, don’t forget the Beginner’s guide too if you are looking to get off the side lines and make a start.



PS Latest ebay cheat sheet is here – still going strong!

52 Responses to Rob’s slide show of his layout

  1. Nice one Rob …

  2. Spellbinding! Takes me back to 1950/60s/ Wonderful work

  3. Good one, like the attention to detail of tyre (tire) tracks through fields and love the street sign.

  4. Great Lay Out

  5. Really Nice Layout.

  6. more fantastic modelling cheers Rob and Al

  7. good job done well done by the way the music was good as well,it sent my budgie to sleep,keep up the good work ,hope to cacth you again soon, all the best from john,

  8. Rob, thank you for the slide show. I did like the music, but what I really liked was being able to study the pictures and see the detail of each scene. In particular, I enjoyed the placement of people in your layout and how, rather than just stand in place, they appear to be interacting or doing something that befits the setting they are in.
    Thanks again.

  9. Very nice job. Lots going on there!

  10. Great work Rob! Thanks for sharing it!

  11. Excellent work Rob, captures our railscene well, including our habit of parking cars up on the kerb edge. Great eye for detail – nice one. Steve R. UK

  12. very nicely done…….love the attention to detail….an inspiration to all of us i’m sure……some of the details in individual scenes, really make the overall scene(railroad) come alive…..and I think that’s what many of us try to achieve….trying to make that miniature illusion look realistic and come alive……nice job

  13. Superb, enjoy everything you send.

  14. First class, a true inspiration for people building layouts. As I am! in an attempt to rebuild from a train set into a realistic layout this is great without being totally overwhelming. I too am using out of the box buildings and card structures as I do not possess the skills in my case to scratch build. This could only be England looking at it too great job!

  15. Beautifully done, great detail, truly enjoyed it ! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Hey Rob, what a superb layout. Mega-impressed here. Is there any chance of a track-plan please. It looks like a huge layout, or a very clever design on a smaller one! Whichever, it’s brilliant. I rather liked the music too, what is it ? Showing my age a bit here !

    Really enjoyed it, thanks for sharing.

    PS Just out of nosy curiosity, what got you modelling British Rail , when you had Santa Fe and many other spectacular lines on your doorstep ? Or is that it, the appeal of what is not at your doorstep ?

  17. Amazing detail Sir. You are a Master Modeler…

  18. Excellent slide show and video presentation. From you very clear and nicely assembled photos, one can get lost in that “make believe” world of your layout. Such an idyllic place….I am sure so many wish, to climb aboard one of your trains, to visit. Oh and the music was just perfect. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Another excellent example of railway modelling, Rob.

  20. Great work, this is the type of layout that we all aspire to complete. I’m new to the railway hobbie and I’ve got a lot to learn, thanks for your help and I’ll soon put my layout photos on here too. ( well mabbe in a year or two ) lol.
    Keep up the good work teacher….

  21. Very nice attention to detail, nice work.

  22. More inspiring modeling. Fantastic. Gives me lots of new ideas. I was mesmerized by the video.
    Wayne. Pittsburgh PA

  23. Awsome layout! Great detail!

  24. Well done, very nice layout. Great detail.

  25. Enjoyed looking at your slides your scenery is very detailed one can see that you have a lot of years in experience thank you for sharing. Nathan

  26. brilliant layout.. loved the cat on the tin roof. it is all in the detail, that what makes a great layout shine.

  27. Hi All, I think someone asked for the track plan. It is in Al’s archives. Just do a Golden Key search. The layout is 13 1/2 x 22 1/2. Thanks for all the wonderful comments, Rob

  28. Rob,
    Outstanding show. I really enjoy watching your videos and slide shows. You have beautifully depicted a place and era where I would like to live.
    Thanks for building it and thanks for sharing it.

  29. Well done again Rob with your epitaph to this layout. Please give it to some deserving kids hospital near you rather than that evil cutter upper I know you have. With your new project ” n “guage you wont be able to use bits as you will need a complete new outlook for your next layout; you may need a bit of input from your old friend ( you showed us his layout ) coz a lot of second layouts seem to mirror your first. Take it from me I know tried to save money and bits and pieces from No1 to incorporate in No2 doesnt work haha or coz I am 67 maybe No 20 and No 21 due to retirement now and little dosh and more grandkids and new( 3years) wife and moved to new house The joy.

  30. Good work very 50s rural great detail takes me back to boyhood because the buildings lay out and scenes. Really well done thank for showing you work Rob.
    Regards Brian.

  31. Great job, really enjoyed the video. Lots of talent there.

  32. As many have mentioned the details are awesome. I was really fascinated by the people and trees. I observed figure I have never found in a hobby shop or on the internet and was wondering if they were bought or if Rob made them? Have the same question regarding the trees

  33. Rob, Good luck with your new project much success.
    “Farland Howe” a place of amazement! Catches ones breath and even though not a real place; replicates many real places around the world with all its glow.
    A miniature of life in Europe in the 1960’s to 80’s jogs maybe a memory or fondness to this era, Or simply puts a sparkle in some childs eye or a bright smile upon their face. Model railroad well done! Thanks for the wonderful slide show well done!

  34. I love the photo’s and the music too.

  35. The detail is really good. Gave me some new ideas.

  36. Great layout loved the slide show

  37. You know a layout is so well done and detailed when you want to step right into it and live there. And I’ve never been to Britain!

  38. Lovely Rob, although I’m sure Her Majesty’s Railway Inspectorate will be wanting a word about some fences between the zebra crossing and the railway lineside!

  39. Only one word to describe that video and of course the railway…..Brilliant

    Max Dosser
    Ferntree Gully, Australia

  40. If I may use the “in word of today” WOW! I could use it for every second of the slide show. Absolutely beautiful in design, detail, and presentation. Thanks very much for sharing. Would you be willing to share an overall plan of the layout? Thanks again. Keep up the inspiring work.

  41. Hi Rob – Very much enjoyed your slide show. It’s been very appealing to see how your layout has developed and grown since your original postings from track plans to realizations. And I’ve always enjoyed your vocal narratives. You have a very calming and attention-grabbing speaking voice and style. Keep up the great work! — Arnie

  42. Well done Rob.
    very nice job your attention to detail is fantastic. gives the impression that we are really there.

  43. Hi Rob, great video and Slides too, the first tune you played could you tell me who they were, my kind of music, could watch your video and slides all day. Keep the good work up. Roy UK

  44. Rob, your layout is brilliant. Everything is done in the finest detail, if I can get my layout anything like yours I will be very happy. Have you lived in the UK once and what inspired you to base your layout with UK models etc ?
    Keep posting the videos of Farland Howe, I email them to all my friends who are railway buffs. You will find some railway photos of mine on Flicker, just search under David Snape13. Best regards; David

  45. Rob, your layout is brilliant. Everything is done in the finest detail, if I can get my layout anything like yours I will be very happy. Have you lived in the UK once and what inspired you to base your layout with UK models etc ?
    You will find some railway photos of mine on Flicker, just search under David Snape13. Best regards; David

  46. Enjoyed the slide show, really enjoyed the music. Did not recognize the music off hand, but still liked it.

  47. Eccellent layout Bob. Lots of inspired touches with the scenery.
    Well done.

  48. Great show Rob!! Really impressive layout. thanks for sharing. Cheers Rossco, Adelaide, Australia

  49. Looks Nice Rob

  50. Great lay out love the slideshow

  51. Truly amazing…your eye for detail is fantastic. It is all so very realistic and a great inspiration. Thanks so much

  52. Rob.really enjoyed the show of the layout. super detail and very well
    Done slide show, good timing so we could really look at the details
    Before the next one came up,
    Roy in lampas as county Texas

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