4-6-0 steam locomotive video – Arnie’s

My word – this post on Arnie’s 4-6-0 steam locomotive still gets comments – have a look at them all below.

“Hi Al,

Just finished viewing Rob’s “Farland Howe” slide show. And like you, I very much enjoyed it.

Your website has clearly grown in subscribership and the scope, array and creativity of submissions.

I just finished a new video I would like to submit to you and the viewers.

I am planning to hopefully do/add to my small series on steam locomotive videos.

I have some I previously created and submitted to you. I’m always looking for a new ‘slant’ to serve as a story line for viewing the trains.

So I came up with this one for a recently acquired steam locomotive.

This video depicts a fictional journey of a Baldwin 4-6-0 steam locomotive, also known as a “Ten Wheeler,” going once around my free-lanced N scale Susquehanna Valley & Gulf Summit Railway.

This class of ten wheeler was originally built circa 1891.

The video uses the fiction of the loco having been acquired by the Susquehanna Railroad during the early 20th century and is now seen in light freight service during the late 1950s and 60s. I presented it as a tour the scenic layout.

Hope you enjoy it Al.



4-6-0 steam locomotive

4-6-0 steam locomotive

4-6-0 steam locomotive

n scale rockface

n scale road crossing

n scale viaduct

(Latest ebay cheat sheet is here – still going strong.)

Rather than write what I think of Arnie’s stunning 4-6-0 steam locomotive video – I thought I’d leave it up to you. Please do post a comment below.

A huge thank you to Arnie, for posting videos like this and helping out with the Beginner’s Guide. We’re lucky to have him!

And please do keep ’em coming, it’s getting a bit thin on the ground this end. Just hit reply to any of my mails if you’d like to share anything.



PS More N scale layouts here if that’s your thing.

160 Responses to 4-6-0 steam locomotive video – Arnie’s

  1. Frank Costello says:

    Amazing talent. So happy you shared this remarkable work.

  2. John Meehan says:

    Wow. Inspirational! Thanks for creating and sharing it!

  3. Incredible. Excellent video production, outstanding layout. Nicely done Arnie.

  4. John W. says:

    Really great job, the scenery is terrific. Great job on the video.
    You are talented indeed.

  5. Jim Franklin says:

    Saying that I am impressed is an understatement…You did a fantastic job on the layout and scenery, never saw so much realism in an N scale layout before.

    .I haven’t had a model rail road set up since I left Virginia….my last duty stations were in Southern California and Hawaii…….no winter, no train set, I retired to Florida…..still not much of a winter.

  6. KRHarwood says:

    Terrific scenery! Nice to see right up front which scale the modeler is working in. I’d love to see some pics showing the over all size and layout.

  7. Roy says:

    Hi great video quite a size I thought, enjoy watching it keep them coming. Roy

  8. Ron Schultz says:

    very very nice. I love the scenery along the way . I enjoyed my caboose ride . The cab of the engine was pretty crowed as they always are when a lot of “viewers” ride along . Enjoy your RR and as that old hymn goes, “keep your hand on the throttle and your eye on the rail” .

  9. Alan Humphrey says:

    Thanks for a great experience, Arnie. Wonderful scenes, and accompanied by my favouite musician/composer, Lennie Bernstein. Conducted his wonderful West Side Story recently for a theatre run – fourth time in my musical career. Wish I had the train layout to operate whilst I listen to Lennie’s music. Until that happens, I’ll make due with viewing your great creation!
    Kindest regards,
    Alan (East of England)

  10. Mike Mattei says:

    Nicely done the trains are not speeding through the scenery, the video is well done no jitter.
    I like the way this layout is made, well done.

  11. Ben says:

    What a great looking ten wheeler and great sound from the drivetrain to the whistle, beautiful tour of your layout with magnificent scenery

  12. Neil Roth says:

    Very special.This will push me back to Model Rail Roading.Such beauty.I have been over The Starrucca Viaduct look it up in Pennsyvania it is wonderful.The work here is very close to the real feeling.Thank you for posting it.

  13. James Wilson says:

    Simply OUTSTANDING!!, I have a hundred questions! What dcc/sound system is installed in the Loco, what type of “water” was used in the river and falls,are the rocks formed from molds?. If these are secrets and you have to kill me to tell me then just kill me!! LOL. Arnie, please send in a “how to” on the many facets of your layout!! Thank you from a “Wanna be, tryin to be” model railroader!!!

  14. Jim says:

    What an OUTSTANDING layout. Love the panoramic backgrounds your attention to detail… such a really top notch layout. But, more so…. your video technique is remarkable. Great views, great narrative…. very convincing exceptional reality. A huge plus is YOU can NEVER go wrong with music by Elmer Bernstein. I really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Joe Bechtol says:

    This by far is best model video I have ever seen here on this site or anywhere else, magnificent! No boredom whatsoever, superb in every detail! Not just the video but layout fantastic also.

  16. Jim Saccento says:

    Magnificent !

  17. Ron says:

    Absolutely a fantastic layout! and terrific music to go with it. I can not get over the detail in this layout.

  18. John Smallwood says:

    Hi and thanks Arnie,
    I am building my own layout in ’00’ gauge here in the UK. Arnie’s layout is inspirational although it is so inspiring that I am contemplating ripping mine up and starting again! Not really; and I am heartened , once again, by what can be done with patience and vision. My skills are evolving and improving all the time so perhaps one day you will see my efforts on-screen!
    Thanks again Arnie,

  19. Paul Vogel says:

    Hey Arnie, that video got me so pumped up that I’m going out in my shop right now and work on my layout. You have a wonderful layout and I really enjoyed the way you presented it. Thanks Paul

  20. Chuck Bartunek says:

    You could make a full length movie using this layout for senerey ,simply amazing detail and art work,
    Kudos to you

  21. Roland Burch says:

    WOW!!!! I ready enjoy the video and sound.

  22. Rick says:

    Arnie, what a great job; both in the video and also your layout. I really like the blend of backdrops with your scenery. Can you give me a rough overall size of the layout and I would love to see a layout plan.

    As a fellow ‘N’er , I am stunned by the quality of scenery. I noticed that the route loops to the same area several times but with your scenery it looks like a totally new area.

    Great work.
    Rick (KV&EC RR Club)

  23. Rodger Williamson says:

    Fantastic layout. and all in “N” Wow.

  24. where is this layout located? near philly?

    tont cheslock

  25. Peter Feiler says:

    What a wonderful layout and video. I am much impressed. It would be nice to know the overall size of it.. If only mine looked half as good.

  26. Don USA says:

    Beast Video I have scene on here and the (The Magnificent Seven sounded great. Great job on your layout.

  27. Simon Zeoli says:

    It is one of the finest videos that I’ve seen.Production was great and the layout fantastic. It reminded me of the Lionel tv show that used their trains to tell adventures stories, back in the 50’s. Continue your efforts,. They are well worth it.

  28. terry says:

    Great layout and excellent scenery. One problem is the featured box car did not exist during the period depicted. Other wise real great job and video.

  29. eric7 says:

    Superb, not often you can find such good detail in an N scale layout, the cliffs are a masterwork. Great Video too thanks.

    Eric (Leeds. England)

  30. Mark Loos says:

    Excellent!! Well done in every aspect. Really enjoyed watching it. I’m impressed! Thanks for being a part of this great hobby. Mark Loos

  31. Bear Left? says:

    All I can say is magnificent ! However, I did note the indication, Bear Falls, at 5:09 on the video, I have watched the video several times and I did not see a bear falling..

  32. DARRYL CRESS says:

    Thrilling to watch. Inspiring “N” (space saving) model rail enthusiasts. I wanted to see more!!!

  33. paul says:

    Magnificent !, Terrific scenery! outstanding these superlatives do not do Arnie’s work justice, Attention to detail is amazing and shown off in an excellently made video.
    One of the best layouts I have seen. Thanks Arnie for allowing us to see it

  34. Craig1217 says:

    Outstanding layout. Excellent detail. Very nice video and music choice. I am really impressed.

  35. Steve Yochim says:

    Very nice. Wish I could learn that much patience.

  36. George Litzenberg says:

    Great job….I taught school at Susquehanna High School Sept.1959 till Oct. 9, 1964….Brought back great memories as the Eire was very active at that time….I spent time walking across the Strucca Viaduct, Fighting field fires up gulf summit hill when the engines spie fire and oil out next the tracks and enjoying the hills and the river….I would love to know how to contact this builder and find out what his connection is with that area….Please advise of contact info if he is willing…..Really enjoy your postings ….Keep them coming, Thank you, George

  37. Pete Evangel says:

    My only complaint (lets start with that) is the video was to short! I could have spent lots of time looking at detail on this layout. Simply stunning. I had to watch a couple times to see things I missed the first time around. I was left with the feeling that I could step off the train and into simpler life of your made up town. The look is very realistic. I really like the rock formations around the river. It looks like it was really cut out of the mountain. I do like your video technique. Not to long on one shot, not jerky as you move to pan a little. I really appreciate that you didnt zoom in zoom out. I get motion sick with that. Like I said, I could have watch a longer video. Very well done.

    Pete-Drought stricken Calif.

  38. ian impett says:

    ARNIE.. fantastic, wonderful, superlatives fail me the best Iv’e ever seen keep em’ coming you make it all worth while even this site thank you thank you Al for brining Arnie’s YOUR GREAT EFFORT TO US regards IAN.

  39. Ron Zimmerman says:

    After viewing many pictures and videos, there are many compliments which can be made BUT one that sums it all up. WOW!!!

  40. Terry McNemar says:

    Absolute stunning layout! I’m starting my first big layout and I hope that it turns out to be half as good as yours. Thanks for sharing.

  41. wow wotta nice video
    downloaded it to watch later
    nice layout Arnie, I dont know how you guys do that N scale
    lotta patience I would think
    keep em runnin fellas!!
    StJohn in Long Beach Cal.

  42. Bill Palmer says:

    Just FANTASTIC, First, thank you for making this available. Great layout, beautiful scenic panorama, super sound and thanks again for a great ride!

  43. JAY T. says:


  44. Bill Palmer says:

    Just darn good

  45. Richard Hogebaum says:

    Oh, such a wonderful thing to see. I agree with all the posts above. How great is Arnies workmanship in all areas. I wish I could do that kind of detail. I do have one question for Arnie, it appears that some of the homes in the background are incorporated into the backdrop. If Arnie or someone else could let me know (if the homes are in the backdrop) as to where I might locate some like that? I will be moving in a couple of months and will be rebuilding my layout afterwards. I just want to make it better than ever.


  46. John Deamer says:

    absolutely fantastic layout thanks

  47. ABSOLUTELY MIND BOGGLING!!! With the superb detail combined with the Mag 7 music, I actually got GOOSE BUMPS! BRAVO! KUDOS!! CONGRATS!!! Best I’ve seen in a long, long time!!!!!!

  48. Eleazar Gonzalez says:

    Thanks for sharing Arnie. Magnificent layout and great video!! Keep up the great work.

  49. Tom Robinson says:

    I very well enjoyed the video. The sound of the engines and the music brought back old memories of when I was a young boy, riding with my dad. He was an engineer for the Santa Fe rail road. We lived in San Angelo Texas. I road with him on trips to Ft. Stockton and Presidio Which are small towns in west Texas.

  50. steven stclair says:

    Just Brilliant!

  51. Patrick says:

    I second everyone else’s comments. WOW & let’s see more. A trackplan, DCC system type, & anything else that you would be willing to share…

  52. Nathan Perreira says:

    Arnie, your video and layout is just amazing. Nathan

  53. MIKE HOOPER says:

    Just a very lovely layout, along with the great skills of a great model railroad person. I would like to see the plans and get the time it took to build this spectacular layout. Congratulations!!
    Mike, Ottawa, Canada.

  54. Randy Blankenship says:

    Outstanding, fantastic detail!

  55. Graham says:

    I prostrate myself before you! What a superb video of a fantastic layout – in a word “inspirational”.
    Thank you

  56. Ian Mc Donald says:

    what an amazing video so much detail thanks for sharing I love your passion for steam trains would love to see a video on another of your trains.

  57. David V. Corbin says:

    Great stuff [I wish submissions like this included track plan and sazie….so many ideas but without this information so hard to leverage…

  58. Brian Messenger says:

    Thanks for sharing a fantastic video of your layout. Extremely hard to believe that it is ‘n’ scale as the detail is really great. Keep up the excellent work. Brian RSA

  59. Jim says:


  60. Edward Allen says:

    I’m very impressed with the details of this layout. As a beginner I can only hope to achieve this level that kind of layout great job.

  61. david howarth says:

    Good one Arnie , we love these old western type vids which include the railroad …Dave

  62. Ivan morales says:

    This what it’s all about excellence in railroading it looks so darn real keep on posting more I wish it was longer thank you Master Arnie!!!!!!!!

  63. Don says:

    One question Arnie if I may: Is there a reason for needing TWO re-railers at Susquehannah station? Thanks…

    I’m really inspired now, thanks so much.
    Don (Philippines)

  64. paul Otway says:

    Thanks I enjoyed the video.

    Paul Otway

  65. Craig Dokken says:

    Was very impressed with your layout Arnie and video. If I didn;t know it I would say it is full scale and not N scale. Liked the trout fisherman, you need to add some mountain climbers to your cliffs. JK !

  66. Ralph in Eureka, Missouri, U.S.A. says:

    Fantastic! I’m getting ready to start on a small n-scale layout and you have shown me that I will have a very long way to go in creating a masterpiece. As many viewers have asked, can you please show an overall shot of the layout, giving layout size, etc. Are all the houses along the backdrops commercially available materials?

  67. Ron Nelson says:

    By far the best layout that has been put on this web. Everything was A+++. Ron

  68. Steve.O says:

    Absolutely spectacular !!!! Well Done.

  69. Grant Barrows says:

    Arnie, Wonderfull video. Really enjoyed going back in time..Spent lots of time in the Susquehanna area..have pictures of the Strucca Viaduct . Spent some summers in the little town of Brant..Keep up the good work

  70. Mike says:

    Great layout. Where did you get that back drop for your layout?

  71. Robert Rigter says:

    This masterpiece belongs in a museum for (model) railroading!

  72. Bud says:

    Fantastic and Entertaining. The work of a master modeler.

  73. Franco says:

    Unbelievable in all aspects. A genius-level talent to make such a beautiful layout and presentation! This gives me a goal to try to get close too. Well done Sir!

  74. John F Hughes says:

    Thank you for the video. It is very well put, and I like the scenery. Good work.

  75. Ian Brown says:

    Wonderful video of a wonderful layout. I am bowled over by the sheer volume of scenery. I want to build in N-scale, because every layout I have done previously, and the vast majority I see in magazines etc, are clearly limited by size. N allows much greater detail of scope, while maintaining appearances, which smaller scales lose. Ian

  76. Ed Ireland says:

    Stunning is not enough to describe this. As magnificent as it was, my eye caught one tiny detail that just put this over the top for me. I LOVED the downed tree at Bear Falls! Great work here!

  77. jim from north carolina says:

    Absolutely astonishing! great job!

  78. Thomas Haden says:

    “rippa bueddy” mate! Greatest cross section of ingenuity,scenary and latout I,ve looked at.i have been going on my layout for four years now and if I,m to get any where near to your standard it looks like I,ll be another four years to do it!! but it gives me something to aim for.great job mate .all the best,Huck Haden Brisbane, Qld. Australia………..p.p.s. Great job to You to AL. some fantastic posts and imformation. thank you..

  79. Don Roos says:

    I found myself lost in time going around the layout….I felt like I was actually there.
    You have made a masterful layout…even the backdrops add to the realism…and I know with N guage it is hard to do!!!

  80. If I didn’t know better, I would have been sure I was in a real train passing through real scenery, Marvelous job.

  81. Mike Hogan says:

    Fantastic! I love the “Little Engine that Could”

  82. tom says:

    Where can I find an over view of the entire layout? Great job with the individual scenery.


  83. Kenton says:


  84. carl jackson says:

    great video would like to have list of free sites so I could start working on my n scale lay out the sites for planning a 4×8 layout with 1 or 2 rolling trains possible

  85. Sundaram says:

    Absolutely stunning!!

  86. Ken G says:

    Apart from the excellent video I was really impressed with your rock work and the waterways. Wouldn’t mind seeing a follow up tutorial on how you achieved such realism.

  87. Henry Newbold says:

    I follow your messages daily but nothing has pleased me more than this video. My Dad and his father , though farmers in the Paterson NJ area, were both involved with the NYS & W their entire business careers, Dad from 1929 thru 1975. My maternal grandfather with Rogers Locomotive Works in Paterson. ai have modeled some to the road and have a fair amount of rolling stock but nothing so elaborate. My focus has been on the mainline Jersey City, Susquehanna Transfer up to Ogdensburg and the Franklin Mine and the D & H transfer. Some of my favorite memories as a child were with dad in the engineer’s controls of the Budd cars being allowed to pull the whistle at crossings on the way from Market Street to the Transfer on trips into the city or riding the switcher hanging on on the track from the Little Ferry crossing down to the roundhouse. Good memories watching the Coal dock and the Sea Train dock in Secaucus on the Hudson = opposite Riverside Church. Railroading was a wonderful childhood. Obviously this was a different end of the tracks from the Pennsylvania area, so its great to see a different aspect of the company. Thanks for the memories.

  88. allObjects says:

    Marvelous! – everyting!

  89. Robin Hallam says:

    anther outstanding layout.
    I am still on getting the track laid on a OO scale. and summer is here in sunny New Zealand.

  90. John says:


  91. Robert Coe says:


  92. Garry says:

    what a great video really enjoyed it well put together keep them comming

  93. Keith Willoughby says:

    Awsome! …… truly Awesome!

  94. Mark Piznik says:

    Nothing could be finer…thanks to Arnie Steiner. Great job!!

  95. Gavin says:

    A brilliantly produced video of a great layout. Well done Arnie.
    It would be very interesting to see a track diagram, if you have one.

  96. Len says:

    WOW!!!!!!! What an incredable video. The whole package, the railroad, script, the shots, the fades, sound and story line are absolutely fantastic and right on
    – if it was not stated it was a N-Scale model railroad at the beginning you would think you were on a travelogue on a real full size railroad. Absolutely a great presentation. I’ll give it an Academy Award!!!!! A top notch video!!!!!!

  97. Wayne Pursh says:

    Sheesh! If I could shrink myself down, I would hop aboard and stay on this line forever.
    Wayne – Pittsburgh

  98. Steve Roberts says:

    Brilliant video, enjoyed it immensly, Great detail on the layout, difficult to believe this is in ‘N’ Great job Arnie. Steve R UK

  99. Ed Anderson says:

    This should be an inspiration to anyone who is at any level in the hobby. This is uplifting and helps me as I return to what I love after a long separation due to my health.

    Ed Anderson, Cincinnati, Ohio

  100. robert a feehrer says:

    awesome! I live in central pa along the susky river and am planning to do an n scale layout also. you’ve set a very high mark to shoot for.

  101. Lawrence says:

    A most excellent video, but above all your landscape is amazing combined with the rock formations and matching background
    Thanks for sharing your railway with us

  102. Bob Townsend says:

    Brilliant video throughout. Thank you and well done.

  103. Edward says:

    Fantastic scenery….love all the bridges and tunnels too!!!!!

  104. Paul says:

    Great Job and thanks for sharing. I would like to know where you got the first back drop in the video if you don’t mind.

  105. Bob says:

    Everything about this video and layout is great.

  106. Ross Johnston says:

    Fantastic Arnie! Like others I have questions. What size is your layout? Have you a track plan to show? How long did it take to construct? Thanks so much for sharing your layout with us. Cheers Rossco Adelaide, Australia

  107. Richard Sommery-Gade says:


  108. William Roberto says:


  109. Ken Finley says:

    Beautiful layout and fun video. Only thing better would to have one of those cameras mounted in the locomotive to see the layout from the engineer’s perspective. That, or mount a camera in a caboose to show the perspective from the rear of the train.

  110. Danny says:

    Utterly incredible,there is nothing else i could even say.
    I agree with everybodys coments. I do HO scale myself and always thought of N scale being almost impossible to really get a lot of detail out of it. You have done an incredible job unbelievable. I was caught up in this video listening to the music and completely forgot where I was.

    Danny in Virginia

  111. Bob McCoy says:

    That is one Beautiful Layout I Really respect what it took to build this layout Great great job And the viedo is really as great as the layout Enjoy Bob Mccoy

  112. ROBIN says:

    absolutely fabulous scenery! the rock faces are as close to real as you can get..the entire video is a credit to the owner/builder. terrific job!

  113. stephen masters says:

    Awesome and one of the best things I have ever seen on model railways! the time and dedication deserves a medal. Superb realistic scenery throughout and as other members say a scale speed of the train running through stations and over bridges especially gives a sense of realism. Hats off!

  114. Todd says:

    Thanks for sharing. I love the video and sond effects. Can’t wait til I get my layout up and running! I greatly enjoyed the cinematics!!! Exellent,well done indeed. Sounds are exellent. I was actually waiting for the Duke to popup on his horse chasing badguys. Once again very well done. Looking forward to seeing more of your work. Have a great day.

  115. chris D says:

    amazing! I love the layout and that viaduct is great!

  116. Tod R. says:

    Superb, Arnie.
    Thanks for sharing.

  117. Mike Ingenito says:

    Amazing Detail ! If I was to attempt to build a layout, I would have to build in “Z Scale” I live in a 1 bdrm. Condo, 1 room that’s my dining room, bed,& kitchen,the other room ,(Room of Doom) has my small work bench,tools,closet space,storage,Gun safe, Big screen T.V.s Video games, & other implements for getting into trouble. Love your video & layout ! My theme would be the (Hell on Wheels)

  118. Geoff Britland says:

    What a fabulous layout! The scenery is really well done so clearly involved a lot of thought and effort. There is a vaguely similar ten wheeler at the Wilmington (NC) railroad museum. N gauge isn’t for me, but Arnie’s layout shows that 2mm scale has really moved on since the early days. Even so, it required a talented modeller to achieve this standard.
    Congratulations, Arnie!

    Geoff “B” Manchester, UK

  119. RevDrRon says:

    Amazing is an understatement! Takes me back to my days as a kid sitting by the train tracks watching REAL trains go by any waving to the workers on the trains.

    One question, actually two: how big is the layout, and would it be possible to post a few pictures to get a perspective of the size?


  120. Ira G says:

    Awesome display. Thank you for posting.

  121. Jeff says:

    All of the above … wonderful…but the music is too loud and the reason is I want to hear that little N gauge huff and puff along the track..
    Nice work. One of the best I’ve seen.

  122. Raymond Appenzeller says:

    I enjoyed your layout, the video of your layout and especially the added music effect. Big fan of the M7 with Yul Brenner and gang. Going back quite a few years but I thoroughly enjoy it! Excellent production! Bravo!

  123. andrew says:

    Thank you
    Really enjoyed to ride around the layout . Great to see the fine detail

  124. Stunning ! The video views capture the element as a real rail road if seen by a passing novice. Nice close up views that keep the eyes on the engine as it appears into a scene. The size of the layout is masked to the viewer by the flowing close up views. Except for the bridges that come together an overall observation of the layout is a mystery, giving it a more prototype rail road feel. The notes appearing on the screen in views are not overwhelming to the viewer, Music scores were expertly chosen for this film. Hope to see more in the future.

  125. Jim says:

    Nice. Always great to see your fantastic layout. Your detail and realistic scenery is truly outstanding. Thanks for sharing.

    Jim AZ

  126. Steve Gregory says:

    Thanks for that inspiring video. A lot of people will try to emulate what you have done in N-Scale. I’m curious as to the size of your entire layout. Just to get a perspective of what can be done in that amount of space. Thanks.

  127. Donald Lango says:

    Nice layout great detail , N – scale , nothing else works and great video

  128. Peter Waring says:

    A great video production, complementing a fantastic model railway layout that is so detailed and so realistic. It gives us journeyman modellers something to aim at, thanks very much for sharing. Peter…

  129. Richard Sappelli says:

    A really wonderful railroad with many fabulous details for an N gauge pike. Video was great and professional produced. Way to go.

  130. Cary B says:

    Very well done video. That’s a beautiful layout and the locomotive is awesome.
    Thanks for the tour
    Cary B

  131. Ray Dranoff says:

    Great, a joy to see, very realistic.

  132. Jim Taylor says:

    I could hardly tell if that was the real railroad or work that had been done. It was truly amazing. Everything was so realistic. The water, trees , & rock formations were just perfect along with the towns.

  133. Warren Ferguson says:

    Arnie, there’s nothing I can say that hasn’t already been said.
    The detail work is the best I’ve seen, ever.
    Almost unbelievable that it’s in N scale.
    Thank you for posting!

    Warren AL USA

  134. Jon Jensen says:


  135. Howard Schultz says:

    It’s great to see America at the beautiful N gauge layout. It’s wonderful to see the work at his very best. The Magicant Seven was great, thanks to Elmer Bernstein for his score.Hpe there are more videos Arnie it was great.

  136. Jim says:

    Great sound track, “Magnificant Seven” for a Magnificent Model Railroad.

  137. Ron Paul says:

    Could not find a word that was more positive over stunning, so this layout was stunning+++. And the video was also great. Made my day. Although I did feel like I needed to find a horse to ride.

  138. Hemi says:

    GREAT layout but whats even better is the low music in the background. its GREAT to hear John Wayne music” in the back ground. is that from True Grit? I’m not sure or Sons of Katie Elder? I KNOW its John Wane either way……

    NICELY done!!!!! ~Hemi

  139. Thomas says:

    How can anyone think that the sound blasting away from these trains is fun ? I threw away all mine because the constant racket gave me horrible headaches !
    Just run your trains and enjoy them with out the made up horrible loud sounds !

  140. Warren A Bessling says:

    I am new to model RRing and have just started to accumulate my N scale inventory, This is a remarkable achievement, both the layout and detail, if my project is 5 percent as good as this I will pleased.

  141. Joe Saunders says:

    Beautiful layout: I immediately went and subscribed to your videos.
    I do have one question — where did you get the background mountain forest mural; its just what I need for my beginning layout. TIA

    JoeS ( in Maine but from VA)

  142. Brian Rockey says:

    What can I say – absolutely fantastic!
    Immaculate modelling of scenery etc, very professional video, nice backing track.
    Brian, Wokingham, UK

  143. John Kane says:

    This is one of the best! It leave you with a feeling “Boy I wish mine was as good”! You have spent many hours and I lot of patience to build this. Thank you for sharing.

  144. John Kane says:

    This is one of the best! It leaves you with a feeling “Boy I wish mine was as good”! You have spent many hours and a lot of patience to build this. Thank you for sharing.

  145. Paul says:

    Wow what a fantastic layout

  146. Mike schulze says:

    Fantastic layout and scenery but a steam engine with no steam comes up short for me. sorry. Also, two cars and a caboose is hardly worth running the train.all that distance.. need more cars.

  147. Rod Mackay says:

    Smashed it! Very well done, what a beautiful runner that loco is, N gauge has certainly come of age.

  148. Tom Osterdock says:

    Amazing video of N scale. I never imagined anyone having that much realism in the N Scale. Lovely layout. One back drop could of been a little further away and the scale looked a little out of place, but still very good. The only thing I would sugges that to me was glaring was the lighting made the coal in the tenders look almost like diamonds at times. You might want to put a dab of flat dark black paint on the coal in the tenders so they don’t shine so much. Still a very good video.

  149. Colin edinburgh says:

    Great layout. Nothing pops out as being wrong or out of scale. Sign of a great layout. Everything to scale great scenery and the track design so well designed to keep you’re interested all the way through. One of the best layouts and videos we have been presented with. Is it possible for you to send in a track plan. Thanks

  150. Ben Doto says:

    scenery was great engine was beautiful,mag seven fit right in ,but way to loud and overpowered the sound of the 460,which was dissapointing, not till the last 20 seconds did you actually hear the beautiful sound of the engine

  151. Michael Bauman says:

    I’m also impressed with your ten wheeler! Who’s sound decoder do you have in the 4-6-0? It sounds real good! I have a Bachmann N scale ten wheeler with a HO “WOW” sound decoder installed by a freiend of mine who happens to be a great decoder guy and it also sounds real good.

  152. George Clendenin says:

    Terrific layout and video. Recommend truss bridge at 4:40 in the video be reworked to be more realistic.

  153. Bruce. Y. says:

    My Dream layout……Thank You

  154. John says:

    Al, again, thank you for presenting all of this amazing content every day. Highly anticipated!
    Thank you; beautiful! And refreshing read with your punctual command of the Enlish language. Enjoyable missive to match oustanding railroad. How do you find the time?!
    John, Phila. USA

  155. Ron S. says:

    Stunning was the right word. The video is beautiful as is the layout. I join John in thanking Al for this website with all it’s wonderful content and Arnie’s stunning video. God bless!

  156. Randy Ferk says:

    Wow….I am jealous. This is beyond belief!!! Congratulatons on a job well done!!!

  157. Dave Karper says:

    Thomas has never been around a real steam engine. The sounds of a model railroad are so much of a fake sound to me that no sound is less distracting. I grew up two blocks from a railroad yard during WW2, when steam was sttll the main supply of railroad power, and believe me,you would have gotten a headache that would have been eternal. Thom Osterdock, my home was heated with coal, and living two blocks from a B&O yard,I’ll say that coal fit its description as black diamonds.

  158. Brian Olson says:

    WOW! And that’s an understatement. Beautiful layout and video. Thank you!! OK, I’m going to my train room and cry now.

  159. Bob says:

    It’s a great layout… But why don’t they ever include even a schetch of the layout..along with what they like and what they would like to change… So others can lean about the track planning stage

  160. Matthew Johnson says:

    Stunning layout! Brings back fond memories of my college years very near the Susquehanna River in Lewisburg, PA. While the topography there was a little different, it is irrelevant when viewing your masterpiece!

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